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I love this hoe, I need a noticeeee 💛💛 @kenzie

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I love when my parents tell me I’m worthless

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she truly is a beautiful creature cr:sourcezieg

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i love her and i love red ❤️🙃 @indiana <3

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Who’s going to see Johnny on tour?? @johnnyorlando 💙 I got Ultimate VIP for one of his shows 💜

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Ashers pov We ended up searching jack up on google and finding out he is now pretty famous "woah" hayley said "what im confused Who's jack?" Johnny said confused "annies first love" hayley said "holy shit" avi said i snapped my head towards him "avi" I muttered "what? What did i do?" he asked causing us all to laugh "anyways let's discuss this after the movie" hayley said we all agree and continued watching it, although annies mind was somewhere else completely "hey annie are you okay?" I whispered she continued staring at the screen "ann-" I started but she jumped as pennywise came on screen "huh?" She stuttered facing me "you okay?" I asked she nodded a small smile on her lips then continued to watch the movie. "That was so scary!" Avi exclaimed as the credits came up, annie was sound asleep on my shoulder “shut up avi” i snapped “soRrY” he replied putting his hands up in defense “shall we go sleep now?” Will asked “yeah lets go” i replied moving to get up once i was up, i picked annie up she wrapped her legs around my waist and nuzzled her head into my shoulder “hayley with london as usual avi stay with them” I whispered giving instructions “johnny and lauren you can take avi’s room. hayden and will can choose between lauren and johnny or annie and i” i said “i dont wanna third wheel so i’ll take lauren and johnny” will chuckled i laughed “okay thats fine with you right hayden?” I asked he nodded and we all made our way upstairs. I set annie down in my bed “i have a air mattress if you wanna use it” I offered I didn’t really know this kid at all so it was a little awkward “um no im fine with just blankets” he replied I nodded then went to get some i came back and set them down making it as comfortable as possible “here” i said standing up straight I turned around and he kissed me I quickly pulled him off “woah woah bro” i said “i-m so sorry” he stuttered “its fine lets just get to sleep” I replied tapping his shoulder then getting in besides annie. We turned the lights out “hey asher” i heard coming from the floor “yeah?” I said “please don’t tell anyone about that” he pleaded. I felt bad for him “i wont”I replied then drifted asleep. MIC

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So I just finished season 3 of #onedayatatime and honestly this show has (not to be dramatic) changed my life. It tackles so many issues in such a tactful and thought out way, carefully highlighting to the audience the pros and cons of each topic. It includes everything including mental health, lgbtq+, gun control, military pts, non binary identification, drugs, addiction, climate change, consent, immigration, the cuban/spanish culture, patriarchy to name a few and it has completely opened my eyes I am honestly so grateful that I have chosen to start watching this masterpiece of a show and to the creators for giving us this gift. And to @isabella.gomez for giving Elena Alvarez the most incredible portrayal. I heavily relate to Elena and what she goes through with her sexuality, watching that coming out scene really helped me come to terms with the fact that I may myself am gay and that it's okay and that it isn't something to be ashamed of. It's opened my eyes and has helped me to find a way to one day come out to my parents, despite what I their reaction might be. I love how at the beginning she's wary about what she might think but in season 3 she is proud of herself, it inspires me how far she has come in exepting herself and I hope one day I can do the same. I am in awe of absolutely everything Elena Alvarez stands for and I don't think I have related to or loved a fictional character as much as I do her. Everything she stands for shown in the images above are so important and I will forever be grateful to be able to watch her and her story. Everyone needs to see this show

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Annie Leblanc it’s your turn sis (literally every girl in LA is doing this rn so)

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new user and account makeover ig dt : @johnnyopower @delightfuljohn @johnnycolors my fav accounts ever - - - my old user was trendingfandom but it changed and i’m now a johnny fanpage! i used to have multiple johnny accs but like i changed them to wdw lol! can’t wait to meet johnny in may! TAG JOHNNY! @johnnyorlando #johnnyorlando #johnnyorlando #johnnyorlandoedit #teenagefever #kenzie #kenzieziegler #laurenorlando #laurenorlando88 #maddieziegler #annieleblanc #haydensummerall #hannie #johannie #jannie #jenzie #austannie #nadiaturner #ashannie #ashtonarbab #edgeslessfan #rubyroseturner #orlandos #malibooziegler #chickengirls #chickengirlsmovie #totaleclipse

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Casey is me in every day of my life. Bryce Xavier's reaction is everyone who has to deal with me. 😂😜🖤

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i wish phora followed fanpages :( (arri liked)

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Dont ask Casey what he brings to the table... Casey IS THE TABLE. 😂😜🖤

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Casey those dance classes are paying off 💃😜🖤

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ch 1 Annie p.o.v A- I love him ! K- no you don't! you love Hayden ! A- how could I love someone I hate K- cause no matter how much you guys hated each other in the past you love each other now A- y-you're lying ! You're a liar ! K- no I'm not, you love Hayden. Not Rush ! R- don't listen to her love ~ Ok pause...again. I've gotta learn to start the story from the begining. So where did we leave off...um oh yeah. Hayden and I had just got to my house and we saw Rush. R- hello Annie, Hayden A- mom, dad what is he doing here ! MK- Annie where are your manners. Come sit down. A- wh- MB- Julianna. Listen to your mother. Hayden and I walk over to the table and have a seat. H- ok can someone explain what's going on R- ok. Katie, Billy go into the kitchen and get the drinks and please take your time My parents go into the kitchen. Rush starts speaking. R- well our last showdown was exciting wasn't it. And I've realized that it was wrong of me to do what i did. H- so this is your way of apologizing. You manipulate my girl friends parents. R- girl friend? Interesting. Anyways I wanna make a deal A- what R- I want you two and your friends to team up with me and my crew H- why would we do that, after everything you've done Then my parents come back in with drinks and hands one to each of us. I take a sip. A- what is this R- just a special blend of mine My head starts spinning. H- Annie you ok A- my h-head #hannie #hanniefanfic

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Chapter 20 Annie’s POV I wrote my essay on Hayley. It’s not all sad though I wrote happy stuff about her, I just realised how awkward it’s going to be when I have to tell everyone who is about {AT SCHOOL}in class Ja: Hey Ann’s who’s your essay about A: Ummm...secret Ja: Oh ok.. Teacher: Ok class we are going to start off with the essays and if we have any time at the end you can talk to your friends Class: Ok {AFTER EVERYONE} Teacher: Last is Julianna A: *whisper* great *stands up* A: uh um hey... Teacher: the essay miss Leblanc A: Um yes of course... She was my sunshine, she was my happiness, my best friend, my world, then one day my ray of sunshine was too good for this world, god said she had to leave, it’s not all sad that she is gone yes I’m hurt but she left me with the happiest memories of my life and for that I’m thankful for my little ray of light... Teacher: That was beautiful Julianna probably the work you’ve ever done for me A: Thank you Teacher: May I ask who she is, it seems kind of personal A: It was about my little sister Hayley, she passed away last year Teacher: Oh I’m so sorry for your loss A: It’s fine I guess..*sits back at her desk* Ja: Oh my gosh Annie I’m so sorry Ke: I can’t believe it Jo: *walks over* I’m so sorry Ann’s I hope you and your family are doing well A: Thank you, all of you but really it’s fine... {AT LUNCH} Hayden’s POV I-I can’t believe it first Annie is back and we didn’t end whatever we were on good terms and second I just find out that my little Hayley has been gone a year wth! I need to talk to Annie but I don’t even know that to say she hates me and we haven’t talked in two years That’s the end of this chapter comment down below for more! Happy birthday to me lmao🥳😂💖 #annieleblanc #haydensummerall #hannie #hanniefanfiction #hanniefanfics

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Chapter 9💫 Spam(3/4) K:tomorrow is ur birthday J:yup K:u are gonna be 18 J:finally! K:hahaha u are old J:omg I’m old and I don’t even have a girlfriend. K:it’s ok*messes up his hair* J:wow I look so much better like this K: haha ikr *after the movie* K:*calls Annie* -phone call- A:hi K:are u guys ready? A:yeah, we’re at Lolo’s house K:ok, bye, we’ll be there in 15 minutes. A:ok bye*hangs up* -End of the phone call- K:Johnny-boy J:yes boss K:haha J:haha K:let’s go back to the house J:whatever u say boss K:haha *goes to the Orlando’s house* J:what are we doing in my house? K:let’s just go in J:sorry boss, ok boss K:omg this guy hahaha J:*messes up her hair* u look cute now. K:excuse me J:I’m kidding haha K:well let’s go in J:MackZ K:MackZ? J:it’s a nickname for u boss K:haha ok Juan J:oh God Mckenzis *they go inside the house* Everyone:E E:SURPRISE J:wow K:surprise Johnny-boy *smiles* J:thx guys N:np L:well let’s party!!! J:haha ok *they were dancing until someone came up to Johnny* ??:hey cutie J:hey ——————————————- •End of the Chapter - - #noahschnapp #mackenzieziegler #haydensummerall #hannie #loah #jenzie #johnnyorlando #laurenorlando88

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newwww - I tried a new sTyLe or whatever Ib & ac liiann.x Dt tagged :) ( ik I said I was moving accts but whatever sksjjs )

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comment for a dt 💜

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hi sorry for the inactivity 😩 - perdón por la inactividad 😩

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hah okay why is maddie such a baddie??? i dig 😍😍 anyways tag this beaut @maddieziegler