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2 days ago

Hanna Andersson ✨ one piece pajamas Size 90 cm| 3 EUC $18 or $14 as an add-on

15 days ago

Pay no attention to the fudge pop in my daughter’s hand obscuring my face and my freshly blonde hair...do I have your attention? If someone said jump off a bridge, you obviously wouldn’t do it. Duh. BUT... If someone said try this workout program & focused nutrition in a supportive environment because I have witnessed the results first hand and it works...you’d give it a try, am I right? Seems like a no brainer and worth your money and effort. I’m not asking you to join a cult, give up your first born or pack on the pounds like Christian Bale in Vice only to turn around and have to work it all off. I’m saying that if you’ve been exercising consistently and not seeing results, eating “healthy” and not seeing results OR this is your first time that you’ve really had to make a concerted effort to tone up and lose some weight, I know I can help you on the path to get results. Let’s ensure the habits you have in your life tool box are healthy ones from now on. Think of it as healthy lifestyle school. Time to get schooled. #heathylifestyleschool #getschooled #bobbypins #crateandbarrel #fudgicle #hannaanderssonpjs

2 months ago

Every year Santa delivers gifts to our pediatric cancer patients who are on treatment. For some, it is their only chance to get to have a “Christmas” as they are away from their families for the holidays. I love that we get to be a part of this (me- for 3 years now!) and get to dress up too. It is our annual polar express party. #polarexpressparty #pediatriconcology #hannaandersson #hannaanderssonpjs #happyhannas

5 months ago

It’s a BOO-tiful month! 👻🎃🍁 . ¿Quien más ama esta época del año? 🍂🙋🏼‍♀️ y es que para mi la festividad se siente desde las pijamas 😂 de Halloween hasta navidad🎄🤪 y si hubiera pijamas para cada época del año también me tendrían locaaaa jaja. 😆🙈 #hannajams

5 months ago

Un, dos, tres, ¡CALABAZA!🎃👻 . Empieza uno de los meses más divertidos del año, donde tienes el pretexto perfecto para disfrazarte, comer dulces y hacer travesuras. Jaaaaaaaa 👻 . Me emociona al máximo porque ya nada más arranca Halloween y automáticamente me saboreo el pavo 🦃 de thanksgiving, el pan de muertos y que ya es navidad, jajaja ¿alguien más? 😂🤷🏼‍♀️ . . . . . . #magicofchildhood #unitedinmotherhood #madresreales #uniteinmotherhood #mamalife #umh_kids #pixel_kids #halloween #halloweenpjs #happyHannas #hannaandersson #hannaanderssonpjs #ilovemyhannas #happyhannaspajamas #hannajams