Haircutfail Photos & Videos

2 days ago

Decided to shave Taz down again and forgot to make sure the clippers were charged before I started. They died shortly after I started. Poor kitty looks like she got in a fight and lost 😂😂😂 #haircutfail #persiancat #catsofinstagram

2 days ago

WHAT. DID. THEY. DO. TO. ME?! PetSmart, why??? #haircutfail . I'm crying what did they do to her

4 days ago

Fixed up Danni’s haircut today after she had been to another salon and received a service that wasn’t up to scratch. On the left is the before and on the right is Danni’s new style. Danni had originally asked for a concave bob, we decided to go with a shorter blunt bob with a little bit of layering. It looks sooo much better and Danni left happy! Please research your stylist before booking in to any ol’ salon to get a fashion style cut. Check out stylist and salon instagrams and ask friends for recommendations. Unfortunately I fix a lot of badly executed concaves, so much so it’s become something I specialise in. If you are considering a concave or just wanna try out a new hair stylist contact me on here or hop on over to the @expressionshnb fb or Instagram page to book now :) #concave #concavebob #hairbyashtonm #gotyourbackgirl #haircutfail #haircutfixup #lovemyjob #lovinglife #expressionshnb #hairdressersofaustralia #hairdressersofbrisbane #hairdressersofsunshinecoast #brisbanehairdresser #sunshinecoasthairdresser

7 days ago

Someone watched Thor Ragnarok last night and tried to re-create Thor’s haircut at his grandparents house.... @avengers let’s hope Cap keeps his beard or the kid may try shaving lol. #haircutfail

7 days ago

The hubs had a fabulous idea to have me trim up around his neck and hair line before church today....✂️✂️. Well that turned into a full on buzz cut 😬 *** I'm not claiming to be perfect. Here's the proof 😂🤣😂 **** He didn't think it was very funny. There's always got be something making it harder to get to church right?? If it's not the kids it's the spouse 😂😂😂

9 days ago

When you're in a different country and you forgot to bring your Self Cut System 3.0 Travel Version 😂 Repost by @9gag ・・・ What did he say to his barber? - - - #9GAG #HairCut #Salon #HairCutFail

11 days ago

The shortest my hair has ever been! Definitely hating it. 😅🙈💇🚫 Side note, in an effort to show I WAS wearing a top, I was forced to cut off my "ears". People always comment otherwise. 😂 #hashtag #shorthair #mistakesweremade #haircutfail

12 days ago

Self repair wasn’t much better 🤣🤣 #haircutfail

12 days ago

haircut fail 😂 maybe i'll shave my bangs ,maybe i'll shave it all...its just hair and it can be just better😛 #dreadbang #haircutfail #shave

27 days ago

So I got myself a new fresh hair cut today! But not intentionally 😂 It started off by thinking I could save myself some time and some money 💵 by trimming my hair myself. Now I cut all my guys hair and they get tons of compliments. But my confidence was much bigger than my skills when it came to cutting my own hair! I thought I would just trim it.....but I ended up hacking off three inches of hair in a big uneven clump! 😲 Frugal fail= pricey trip to the salon. I mean what grown women has to make that call for an emergency hair appointment for herself 🙋🏼‍♀️ yep this girl! Sometimes our best frugal attempts fail..... this wasn’t all fail though because I’m loving my new short hair! #frugalfail #athomehaircutfail #haircutfail #momfail #shorthairdontcare #shortcut #momonabudget #budgetblown