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4 days ago

내동생 뭐임 ..... 머리 이상하게 잘라놓고 당당하게 사진보내다니 😤 #haircutfail at Chungcheongnam-do

6 days ago

😢 Tried a new hair salon that opened nearby, but I hate what they did to my hair 🙈 Going to have to put on some distractingly bright lipstick and be bold about it until my hair grows long enough to cut decently again 😳 #haircutfail #pleasegrowquickly

7 days ago

Sooooo... I was feeling inspired and the boy needed a haircut. 🤣🤣🤣 @jebraund, come home & save your son STAT. Also, @alexisbear.shearmagic, don't judge me too harshly; we'll come see you next time. 🤣😘 I can't look at him without laughing. Poor kid.🤣😍😍 #haircutfail

10 days ago

When your mom f's up your better way than to just shave it all off #haircutfail #fail

13 days ago

When your child has just become the hottest new meme! Yeah she hates me. #newmeme #haircutfail

16 days ago

Mom was just trying to save money and thought it was a good idea to give me a hair cut at home.. it most certainly was not a good idea!🤔😳🤦🏻‍♀️ She thinks she can make a little extra money this way and is booking appointments now. Any takers?! 😂😂 #carsonlee #kingcharlescavalier #haircutfail

19 days ago

I’m not sure which is worse? Too long or too short. My sweet husband decided to take Archer for a hair cut at a new place in Happy Valley. I’m not going to say where but she asked my son to stand up while she started, then gave up and threw her arms up and said “I quit” after 5 minutes. Then told my husband to come back in a week and finish it after handing him her card. We are sad she gave up and disappointed we have to wait for his hair to grow again. We just wanted a trim and clean up. #archerhartmann #archeradventures #haircut #bowlcut #sadcut #help #notfinished #haircutfail at Damascus, Oregon

20 days ago

Half eaten croissant in one hand, bags of attitude and sporting a new doo........ it’s only day 3 of summer holidays. She may kill me when she’s older for this picture! 😂 #kids #haircutfail #hidetheacissors #summerholidayfun

22 days ago

When mom gives you a crummy haircut and you need reassurance you’re still a handsome puppy! #aussiedoodle #haircutfail

24 days ago

Someone I know has ended up with a shaved head in the middle of winter! Guess that’s what happens when you decide to take your hair cutting in to your own hands! 🙊🙈✂️💇🏼‍♂️ #haircutfail #whoops #kidswhodhaveem @pocockscott

25 days ago

#haircutfail # when u end up doing a bad hairstyle 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

25 days ago

This morning my parents in law came back to Jakarta for good after almost 40 years lived here in NYC. Now it’s just us four surviving in the big city 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦. After hubby dropped his parents at the airport we took Jade to Doctor. Jade had some rashes on her body and she is very cranky. Doctor said she’s allergic to something, but not sure what it is. If you wonder what happened to Jade’s hair, ask hubby @wsoenarjono ✂️😂🙈🦋🌷 • • • #our_everyday_moments #cameramama #momswithcameras #clickinmoms #letthekids #joyfulmamas #momlife #motherhood #kidsforreal #kids_of_our_world #motherhoodlens #haircutfail

25 days ago

Apparently it is impossible for this girl to do something OTHER than a short cut. UGGHHH. guess I'm moving to the other local place for trims now. Maybe they'll understand "no more than an inch" :( #haircutfail #isaidjustatrim #sadhair

27 days ago

Cuando llegas a casa de tu novio que es un mango y tú suegra hizo agua fresca de mango y tú así de "congratulaciones suegris" #haircutfail

1 month ago

keep scrolling! when i said i’m HOLLERING 💀💀

1 month ago

When your dad tries to give you a hair cut and you end up with no hair at all! Guess mom is buying some hats (and will be putting lots of sunscreen on that scalp)! #haircutfail #athomehaircut #momlife

1 month ago

Poor Declan :( daddy decided to give him his first haircut 💇🏼‍♂️now he’s rocking the whole “I have a chunk of hair missing” thank goodness it’s winter and he can hide it under a hat 🎩 . . . #firsthaircut✂️ #haircutfail at Havelock North, New Zealand

1 month ago

that time when you decide to cut your own hair... the very next morning after yo momma gives you a perfect cut & fade. I had to take it so short & line it up to cover his chop marks 🙈 son, why. Swipe to see the new cue ball, a halfway cut, and the original full shag. Hair evolution at its finest. Not exactly the work I had set aside for today 😆

1 month ago

Today I mourn the loss of my hair. My mom is trying to fix it which is making it worse. Drop a line if you know a good stylist in Blo. #haircutfail #growfasterplease

1 month ago

Sorry about the dirty mirror but I got my hair TRIMMED today but the lady decided to shave my neck and chop MORE than an inch off...I have the 90's boy haircut that mostly every single boy had in a teen movie made in 1996. #haircutfail #beverlymarsh #lgbtq #lgbt #like4like #shorthair

1 month ago

Nasobrahan po sa iksi KOYA! 😢 oh well presko sa feeling kaya keri narin #haircutfail #tomboylook

2 months ago

Dad took her to get a trim, how do you mess up a trim? About 6” is not considered a TRIM 🤣😢and yes I understand that she went to Great Clips. #greatclips #haircutfail at Great Clips

2 months ago

Help!! I took Oakley to Great Clips and they cut her hair like a boy. 😭 How do I fix it?! Or just let it be and hope it grows fast?! 💇🏼‍♀️💇🏼‍♀️💇🏼‍♀️ #ahhhh #help #sos #haircutfail #momof4girls

3 months ago

Retrato-Resultado de las ocurrencias de una mujer impredecible e impulsiva que decidió de un momento para otro cortarse el fleco. SOLA 😐 [Atrévete decía su corazón. No lo hagas decían las personas cercanas a ella] Acompañenme amigos en esta triste historia de #mujercasosdelavidareal ✓ me atreví después de tener ese deseo escondido desde hace años. × no pensé en que fleco y chinos no hacen Match √ fuí feliz el tiempo que duró el peinado (osea medio día) × ahora tengo mini chinitos indomables ✓ me sentí por un momento con la dosis perfecta del look entre #ameliepoulain y "Tokio" de #lacasadepapel (ambas las responsables de mi #crush con este look) × entendí que cuando me decían que "no me iba, no me quedaba, que mi cara, que mi cabello chino etc" no lo decían por llevarme la contraria sino porque de verdad que no me va! ✓ me arriesgué a un cambio radical ✓ deje de un lado mi temor al cambio √ gracias a dios el cabello crece! ( A mí me tarda mucho en crecer pero finalmente crece. √ recordé y verifiqué la veracidad de la frase "Todo tiene solución menos la muerte" La neta del planeta fueron más las palomitas que los taches ahora que analizo el #recuentodelosdaños del holocausto entre mi fleco y yo.. Total como acabo de mencionar anteriormente: Crece! . #newhaircut #tbt #fail #haircutfail #failure #worthit #takerisks #curlyhairgirls #curlyhairissues #fleco #flequillo #coiffure #words #wordporn #rizos #cabellorizado #truestory #confession #hairstyle #cortedecabello #womenissues #lol #happyme #girlswithcurls

4 months ago

Deadass what my haircut looks like -M #neveragain ———————————————————————— ———————————————————————————————————————————————— ———————————————————————————————————————————————— ———————————————————————————————————————————————— #Regrowingmyshit #Sadasf #neveragain #regret #barber #barberfuckedup #fuckeduphaircut #haircut #haircutfail #relateable #relateablememes