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Sonu, 11

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• The Eiffel Tower We grabbed some ice lollies and a picnic from the local shops and sat in the park for a few hours admiring the view at Eiffel Tower, Paris

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Previously a corn mill-The Gunpowder Mills at Camilty, south-east of West Calder produced explosives mainly for shale mining. Shale is a hard mineral: unlike coal it could not be easily worked with picks and was mined with explosives. Around the site are the gunpowder works buildings, the ‘danger buildings’ had flimsy wooden roofs so that they would blow away in the event of an explosion. The location was ideal for a gunpowder works-it was surrounded by steep banks and close to the Camilty water in case of fire. Also close by was Harburn Station on the Caledonian Railway line. #historicscotland #secretscotland #hiddenscotland #ordnancesurvey #icu_scotland #thisisscotland #gunpowder #shale #westcalder #scotlandmagazine #mytelegraph #visitscotland #mining #scotland_greatshots #explorescotland #visualsofscotland #bbcscotlandpics #guardiantravelsnaps #unlimitedscotland #scotshots #instascotland #ig_scot #walkingscotland #bestscotlandpics #unlockscotland #loves_scotland #outandaboutscotland #wonderlustscotland #scotspirit #secretplaces

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Nural and her mother💛 Nural and her mother sit picking stems off tiny chillies at one of Kota Kinabalu’s many morning markets. Chilli is in the blood of Malaysian cooking. Sambal, curries and a condiment on every table. “Our favourite part about working together is sharing our lunch”, Nural’s mother told me. “So what’s your favourite lunch then?” One of my favourite questions to ask anyone. “KFC” she swiftly replied. “It’s so goooooood. Also my daughter is single”. Nural buried her head, her cheeks turning a chilli red...then she bursts into laughter. Then does her mother. Then does the woman in the stall beside. Soon enough all four of us are laughing and I don’t know if it’s at my expense or eachother’s but I do know that we all enjoyed it. 💛I asked Nural’s mother her name four times and still didn’t get it but couldn’t bring myself to ask a fifth time! Enjoy the zingers gals!! at Kota Kinabalu

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Soni, 11

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Dear Instafriends, When I’m Paris, you must visit @pinkmamma_paris for lunch. The interiors are absolutely stunning! Completely over slept my alarm this morning and missed my gym class. I’ve been feeling a bit off since Saturday. Almost certain I had food poisoning. Left a friends leaving drinks early (3.5 drinks later) because I felt so rough. So lucky to have an understanding bearded man who is there to pull my hair back. Finally feeling rested and a bit more human. Hope your Monday is going well! Love, @Clairebearlondon . . . . . . #pinkmamma #parisvogue #parisfrance #itssoparis #passionpassport #beautifuldestinations #topparisphoto #thevisualscollective #anthropologie #elledecor #voyaged #parisjetaime #timeoutparis #topeuropephoto #topparisresto #accidentallywesanderson #frompariswithlove #traveldrops #mytinyatlas #tv_living #europetravel #europe_pics #suitcasetravels #guardiantravelsnaps @curbed #curbed #mycityloves

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Where the King George river meets Koolama Bay and the Timor sea in a spectacular 40m twin drop after a 112km journey down from the inland plateau of the North East Kimberley. Have you been out along the far north west coast line yet? It’s rugged beauty is something to behold! 📸 @sarahduguid33

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Quanto sei bella Roma quann’è er tramonto quando l’arancia rosseggia ancora sui sette colli e le finestre so’ tanti occhi che te sembrano dì: quanto sei bella!

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Carnival costumes on Königsallee. . I’ve finally managed to work my way through the hundreds of photos I took during Kö-Treiben, the Sunday parade at Düsseldorf’s carnival. I’m not sure what to do with them all. There’ll be a photo gallery going live on the blog tomorrow but for now, here’s a few to keep you going. at Königsallee Düsseldorf