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5 months ago

A year ago on this day we finally got this running, all that hard work paid off when I heard it turn over for the first time. For anyone doing a project don't give up and part it out cause the end result is well worth it.

1 year ago

Forgot about this until a friend asked. Candy red back because why not and hearts where ya least expect #gtrefinishers #hok

1 year ago

That time you were naked and all your friends had clothes...

1 year ago

Matt's EVLS2K just keeps getting better and better with age. The most recent rendition featuring Circuit Garage widebody, SSR Sp3's, Air Lift Air ride, and not to mention that turbo sitting under the hood. Full feature coming right on up. #nzpc #autostance #s2000 #gtrefinishers #honda #bagged #shotbycroy