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3 hours ago

My plants finally have a greenhouse home!!! Inside we now have an avocado seed we are hoping will sprout, two logs of capsicum seeds one of which has sprouted, tianas new tomato plant, some cottage flower seeds which have sprouted, some dill which is beginning to sprout, a new strawberry plant that has two strawberries and a bloom for a 3rd already, some sage seeds waiting to sprout, some rocket which has began to sprout, and two trays of passion fruit seeds waiting to sprout! #growingourownfood #tinygarden #teachingtiana #takecareofyourplants #greenthumb #greenhouse #veggiesandfruitandherbs #seedlings #plants #backyardgarden

23 hours ago

As much as we both love our freedom lifestyle as permanent petsitters and travellers one thing we do miss is being able to grow some of our own food. However with a few months exploring NZ in our little home on wheels we thought we’d give it a go. Meet our little travel companions - Mr Basil (who we bought in Clevedon, Auckland and he’s clearly loving the road), Mr Chives (who we got in Nelson) and our latest addition... Little Tomato plant who was gifted to us here at Gentle Annies in Westport. After a little treasure hunt in the Takaka, Golden Bay op shop we discovered these cute little pots for them. Our compost bin comes with us everywhere too because when I became more informed about what happens to organic waste in landfills (it’s pretty bad!) I knew I had to find a way to compost despite the challenges of not always having one handy to us. That’s why it’s so refreshing to arrive at a camping spot like this amazing one where they have such a good system for rubbish, recycling and compost. Well done Gentle Annies! 💕🌸🍃 #compostlife #compostbin #compostingontheroad #growingourownfood #caravanherbs #plantsthattravel #travellingherbs #ourlittlevegegarden #livinglightly #ecolivingandgifts #grownwithloveandcare #homeonwheelswithaview at Westport, New Zealand

1 day ago

After 2 months of pretty much no rain, the garden is looking lush and happy this morning. Steady rain most of the night, and clearing up this morning- perfect! 👌 Should be a good day to get some of our winter veggies in the ground 🥦 at Mount Maunganui

1 day ago

We’ve all had a lovely day in the garden 🥰 Betsan napped on my back whilst Gwen and I did some weeding, planting new trees and sunflowers seeds in our small planters around the house. Love seeing Gwen getting her hands dirty, she loved it! We talked about growing and about the insects we found. Greg was hard at work getting out planters ready up the top of the garden so that we can start growing our own vegetables 😊 looking forward to this summer 🌈 #growing #growingfromseed #planting #gardening #growingourownfood #outdoorlearning #learningthroughplay #gettingourhandsdirty #dunssweden

4 days ago

I have been getting a lot of questions from followers lately wondering where I went to? Some are just now finding me with my new name change. I changed from @chemicalfreegirl to @embracing_the_simplier_ways a little over a month or so ago. I just felt this name suited my lifestyle and the direction I’m headed. As always I will be sharing recipes, ideas about becoming more self sufficient, living with less and frugality. All while embracing life with a more simplistic approach. And hoping to sprinkle a little bit of inspiration into your day✨ #namechange #frugality #selfsufficient #simpleliving #selfsufficient #oldendays #oldfashionedways #plantbased #simpleliving #debtfreeliving #backtobasics #sustainableliving #growingourownfood #foodpreservation #livingwithless #frugalliving #frugallivingtips #gardening #rootcellar #foodstorage #foodstoragetips #plantbaseddiet #cleaneating #cleaneatingrecipe

4 days ago

👋🏻Hey y’all. We are Tom and Holli, from Lexington, Kentucky. We live in an urban/suburban neighborhood with an 0.2 acre backyard that’s being drastically underutilized. We’ve decided to take on a big challenge over the next few years—to grow as much food as we can on our little plot of land, to do that in a way that’s sustainable and life-giving for both us and the land, and to document it here. This is a huge project and we will need so much help! Look for more pictures and dreams as we get started with our first phase. #urbanfarming #suburbanfarming #urbanhomestead #growingourownfood #gardeningtips #sustainableliving #bigdreamssmallspaces

5 days ago

Well, leave it to me to screw up the easiest thing in the world to grow. We had a busy day on Saturday and then we went to bed early, so I didn't do my regular afternoon and evening rinses on my new sprout batch. Woke up the next morning and found them covered in mold! Guess regular rinsing is important! It's amazing how fast mold can grow, even in our dry Colorado climate. Live and learn! #mold #sprouts #sustainableliving #growingourownfood #vegan #plantbased #wholefoodsplantbased #amateurgardening

6 days ago

Am I boring you yet? Hope not ‘cos I’m loving my garden so hard right now. Finally after the super slow start we have here in the central highlands she is blooming and fruiting. Look at the glorious purple of the bean flowers and the marigolds. The shapes of all the plants. The diversity in green. So much to love - and eat 🌱 #organicgardening #growingourownfood #gardenflowers #woodland #purpleandgreen #colourmehappy

6 days ago

Feeling pretty stoked with this years pear harvest 🍐It’s such a great feeling to grow your own anything. The feeling of self sufficiency, even if it’s only one crop, is so rewarding. And pretty addictive too! These pears are from our eldest girls whenua (placenta) tree. So she is super proud of how well it’s doing and how yummy “her” pears are 😊 at Mount Maunganui

7 days ago

So I figured since I was just hanging out this morning while everyone else sleeps, I would tell you all a little about our family! I have thought about doing a vlog, but that really makes me have anxiety. So we will start here. My name is Whitney and my husband is Stephen, we met in October of 2008. I had Khloe 7, Skylar 3, and Drako 2. Stephen had Audie 5, and Ali 2. We have such an amazing blended family. Each child is absolutely unique and so talented in their own ways. All so super smart, we are very proud of them. They are now; Khloe 17, Audie 15, Drako 13 next week, Skylar 14 next week, Ali 13. My dad also lives at home with us, his name is James, he has early onset dementia at 53 years old. It's been tough, but being with the grandchildren really helps him. Ok, so that's everyone. Now a little about myself. I was raised in a small farm community in North Louisiana. I remember being a kid and having this huge garden, and boy was it beautiful. I remember my mamaw canning all kinds of awesome things....pickles, tomatoes, peppers. So this year I have already gotten a mini garden going. I was hoping for a small early harvest for the chickens, so I have cabbage going, kale, corn, and some pickling cucumbers at the kids request. I would love to have you along for our journey of growing our food and raising our beautiful chickens. Each day I will tell the story a little further. Thank you for reading. And please, come back and enjoy some more!!! #Darbonneridgefarmstead #farmlife #homestead #farmstead #familyfarm #smalltownfarm #familylove #garden #growingourownfood #plantingfood #nature #fanily #love #familylife #dailylife #followus #myfamily #myloves #growinguponafarm

8 days ago

Growing a little #garden with my boys who were soo excited to watch all the steps. Today, finally, we found a baby cucumber 🥒 Out of all the corn 🌽 we planted 2 are going strong. At 4 and 2 they already know how food #happens, it's not just through the magic of the store, it takes time, water, sunshine and mummy getting attacked by mozzies 😂 good thing I have the perfect oily stuff to fix the bites #cleanliving #backtobasics #mumlife #gardennoob #growingourownfood #theivesoil #oilsavestheday #mozziessuck

8 days ago

Planting set up for my tiny garden! Today we planted another avocado seed (And lost 3 others), a second set of capsicum seeds as we had one lot sprout inside already, a pot of sage and thanks to dad giving tiana a passion fruit off his own vine I got to plant some passion fruit seeds! Hoping if the passion fruit seeds grow I can plant them along our fence 😊 #greenthumb #plants #tinygarden #growingourownfood #sage #capsicum #avocadotree #passionfruit #seeds #dirt #goodplantvibes #hopetheygrow #🥑 #🌶 #🌱 #🍈

9 days ago

Last night we called a successful completion to our first attempt at growing our own broccoli sprouts! The first night was soaking and the next 5 days were simply rinsing a few times per day and allowing the jar to drain. I'm still unclear as to how much light to use and when, but the light didn't seem to matter very much. We now have an endless supply of one of the most nutritious and cost effective foods on the planet. There are tons of other types of sproutable seeds so I might experiment with some other varieties. Next major project: microgreens! YESSS. #sprouts #sustainableliving #growingourownfood #vegan #plantbased #wholefoodsplantbased

11 days ago

My amazing husband (finally) fixed our, curbside find, folding table and rigged a light hanger for my seed starting room....which is actually a corner in the dining room 😂 we have a couple red/blue led panels coming Friday and I’ll be set. . #seedstarting #herbgarden #herballife #garden2019 #seedstarting #medicinalherbs #sleepycreekfarm #homesteadersofinstagram #instagramhomesteaders #growsomethinggreen #herbsforhealth #gardengoals #organicallygrown #organicgardening #farmlife #seedlings #organicveggies #zone5a #seedstartingsetup #growingourownfood

12 days ago

During the night our plants stay under the screen in porch, and during the day we move them outside to get direct sunlight 🌤☀️ Just be careful we have noticed in direct sunlight they dry out quicker so you have to water a little more 💦💦 #greenthumb #floridagrowers #evanandmandygarden #growingourownfood