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#ElieSmolkinCSC In season 1 of #themagicians, early in the season, Quentin gets stuck inside his own head. It is a really good episode directed by the fantastic @jameslconway and it even has a #TaylorSwift musical number... but my favorite part of this episode- and I think the moment that cemented in my mind how cool working on this show would be- is when we made a “cage of light”. In the script, Q gets so deep inside his subconscious that he ends up in a black void. We were talking about the episode and I asked, “what if in the black void he was literally stuck in a cage of light?”. @jameslconway and the show runners were on board and then I realized... I have to figure out how to actually do that... I think gaffer @billkassis , key grip @artistgarrybrook rigging gaffer @guypaterson52 & rigging key @andrewmackie7001 thought I was nuts. We hadn’t been working together very long, we had 6 days or so to figure it out and it was a kind of obscure idea. I sketched out the concept and we found some very punchy mover lights - I think they were sharpies. The grips rigged up a circle truss suspended from the ceiling and we evenly spaced the movers around the circle. Then production designer @rachelightandark put a shiny black floor down for maximum effect. Board op Andu Tollasepp programmed the lights into the board and we got the rig ready just in time. We started with the wide shot. the screen was completely black. The lighting rig illumintated. And BAM Q is inside a cage of light! After that experience, the incredible G&E team and I learned that this would be an average day on The Magicians and their ideas started to get wackier than mine. I’ve truly enjoyed the last 4 years brainstorming the improbable with them. (When we wrapped Andu gave us a colorful light show seen in the last pic) #csc #bts #cinematography #lightingrigs #griprigs #canadiancinematographer @elie_smolkin at Vancouver, British Columbia

17 hours ago

When we rolled out the first meltric system there was a lot of problems, these guys made it work every time. The three fathers of Meltric Randy Hart, Bobby Alexus, Brent Poe R.I.P 🙏🏻 REPOST @perry_alexus at Los Angeles, California

23 hours ago

I know I have been posting alot of pics of this #vegasgripbuggy but it is a GAME CHANGER! It was SICK before but now with the new suspension it is incredible. This car handles so well and FLAT GETS IT. I designed a crane mount #truggystyle that would take my foxy crane in a 7’ jib arm set up. The way the car is set up now I can put a 22’ technocrane on there while still making a move. The best DONNIE MOORE @moorefabrication built the suspension for me and set it up as if it were a 64’ Impala or 55’ Chevy Truck. (2) onboard compressors and dump tank. (4) 6” airbags all on 1/2” lines and valves. Independent (4) corner adjustability or auto leveling. Car literally has 12” of travel. Independent electrical brain for suspension separate from power supply on car. Not to mention the car has on the fly 4WD. I said it before and I will say it again but this car is BADASS. Not a Bad Way to wrap out the season with this new ADDITION🎰🏁 @tiatasha @griprigs @filmthusiast @filmmakersworld @filmmking @filmrmedia @filmakrs @onlyfilmmaker @behindthescenegram @behind_the_cameras @american_cinematographer @cinematogr #ecar #electriccameracar #vegasgripbuggy #vegasgripmobile #clowningthecompetition #griprigs #vegas #vegasgrip #vegasgripcorigs #grips #makingmovies #filmmakers #filmmaking #filmmakersonly #nowaiting at Atlanta, Georgia

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Arri SRH3 on the MotoCrane ULTRA arm... the most versatile remote arm in the world. @motocrane_team ULTRA mounts to cars, trucks, UTV’s, boats and custom rigs via x4 TÜV-Certified 2" Speedrail clamps. The Suction Speedrail Grid (SSG) Kit creates a temporary speed rail grid anywhere you need it. #gripsupport #griprigs #motocrane #cameracar #filmmaking #movieset #filmset #arri #filmmaker #keygrip #behindthescenes #cameracrane #cameraoperator #cinematography Learn how to make your own movie at #filmskills_official

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The grip challenge was to somehow rig a Leko for a follow spot into the ceiling of a set so an operator could follow a dancer. It was a 360 degree shot so a platform couldn’t work? “Who knew?” Key Grip Richard Mall had to make it work so they used some speedrail pipe, a few fittings , a Chapman Seat, some rope and a little trust on the side of the electrican, Zachary Dunn @zachary_dunn The rig even had arm and a foot rest for comfort...It worked so great that they hung another one! The Gaffer was Jeremy Launais @jeremylaunais . . . @im2phrank @griprigs #keygrip #setlife #makeitwork #rigging #dowhatyouhavetodo #filmset #gripology #setlighting #rig #filmmaker #behindthescenes #movieset #griprigs #gripsupport #lightingrig Follow @griprigs and Subscribe to for more👍🏼 Learn how to make your own movie at #filmskills_official

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That time Spencer got stopped for speeding through New Westminster on the Taurus Camera Crane base. Head in hands Spencer!!!! To be honest this is a totally staged shot as we had a police escort to drive through the centre of town, Spencer felt we couldn’t miss the opportunity and thankfully the cops were happy to oblige us. . . . . . . . @cinematogr @canadiancinematographer @wse.west #technocrane #taurus #police #newwestminster #setlife #bcfilm #cameracrane #instagoodmyphoto #photooftheday #hollywoodnorth #griprigs #grip #camera #ticket #speeding #driver at New Westminster, British Columbia

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I loved being on the X-Files with the Technodolly; makes you feel like you’re a part of tv history. I remember watching the show as a youngster, the first time around and playing that really weird video game. . . . . . . . #technodolly #motioncontrol #instagoodmyphoto #photooftheday #griprigs #hollywoodnorth #cameradepartment #cameraoperator #camera #xfiles #moco #vfx #visualeffects #friday @wse.west @canadiancinematographer @cinematogr #bcfilm #behindthescenes #cinematography #history #tvshow #setlife

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#ElieSmolkinCSC In season 1 of #themagicians we had a sequence where our characters are playing a game called Welters. During the game, Quentin played by the awesome @rasonjalph opens a black hole in the ceiling that creates a storm that swallows the sun. Alice, played by the incredible @oliviataylordudley comes in & saves the day vanquishing the black hole & the team wins the game. This sequence was absolutely cool but also quite a challenge. Our stellar location manager @pieladymojo found us a beautiful gym with gigantic windows. Knowing the space I had to figure out how to start off sunny, feel that the roof was tearing open, see the effect of the black hole swallowing the sun on the floor & then make it sunny again. Gaffer @billkassis key grip @artistgarrybrook rigging gaffer @guypaterson52 and rigging key @andrewmackie7001 & I were scratching our heads on how to do it & on our budget sort of. I say sort of because Magicians production is pretty amazing at finding us what we need when we really need it. The first step was creating the base lighting for the game, large beams of sunlight pushing through the windows. We used a Starlite crane with 6 dimmable 12k pars. Then we used a construction crane with a 60x30 solid sail on a rig that allowed it to drop in front of the massive windows to create almost total darkness in the room. Next, Guy found an 18k rock & roll projector in town that is used for live shows. Through it we designed a sharp beam that came from the ceiling & would grow as the roof is torn apart. Then we projected the shadow of a swirling black hole growing bigger & eventually blotting out the sun. As this was happening our SFX team used wind machines to blow debris around. Then we reversed the effect as Alice saves the day. The black hole gets smaller, the sail dropped down to reveal the sunlight & the game was won. I remember after the first take looking over at Bill with the biggest grin. We were laughing. It truly felt like we were in the storm. We couldn’t contain the joy! (The videos are from the rehearsal that had a small snag in the sail & a delayed sunlight cue, but you get the idea!) #bts #csc #canadiancinematographer @elie_smolkin at Vancouver, British Columbia

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A Series of Unfortunate Events. Arguably the story of my life, but in this case it’s the network tv show. I couldn’t ever get into watching the show but to work on such lavish and detailed sets was quite fun. A walk around the studios would leave even the most cynical film worker open jawed at the sheer scale and quality of the set design and build. . . . . . . . #technocrane #ipadpro #smallhd #servpro #camera #sony #cameraoperator #pickle #hollywoodnorth #instagoodmyphoto #photooftheday #asoue #vintagecar #car @wse.west #griprigs @canadiancinematographer #behindthescenes #bts #studio #setlife #bcfilm

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Canvas Grip is a father and son business that makes custom Rags, Bags, Flags and pretty much anything you need sewn for the film industry with quality material and the best prices! They’re located in Van Nuys,Ca... order online at and or @canvasgripinc #canvasgrip #griprigs #gripsupport @victorcruz8o #keygrip #gripequipment #gripgear #setlife #local80 #sandbag #filmset #filmindustry #griptruck Learn how to make your own movie at #filmskills_official