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We are very exited and honored to be partnering with not only great friends, Chris Dambalk and the @industrystandardusa 🇺🇸 team, but also a company that is a leader in the industry 👍 We will be installing the Green Roof at the National Veterans Resource Center at Institute for Veterans and Military Families on Syracuse University this summer 👌💪 • • #greenroof #architecture #landscape #design #landscapearchitecture #gardendesign #greenwall #greenarchitecture #greenroofs #plants #garden #rooftop #roofing #greenery #paisajismo #tree #landscaping #construction #biophilicdesign #biophilia #arquitetura #terrace #landscapedesign #wood #luxury #roofgarden #metalroof #sustainability #greenwalls

9 minutes ago

Happily Lost 💗💁🏻‍♀️💭🍃🌸 at New Forest

10 minutes ago

What a beautiful long weekend we’re having so far🙌🏼 It almost always rains over here in Winnipeg😅 to celebrate, I’m sharing another wreath with you guys! More on the “wild side” with an assortment of coloured hydrangeas, ferns, and greenery🌿and a little big of peonies because I just couldn’t help myself.. they’re a personal fav!✨

10 minutes ago

Buat gue jalan-jalan itu kebutuhan,apalagi dibulan Ramadhan kali ini. Ramadhan yang penuh cerita, dan kali ini cerita gue yaitu ngabuburit bareng . Setiap perjalanan yang gue lakuin, gue selalu bawa kemanapun dan dimanapun, kaya sekarang ini. Dan yang paling gue suka ketika bawa itu ngga bikin ribet, muat di daypack dan poin yang paling utama yaitu "RASANYA ENDES, NIKMAT ABIS",apalagi kalau dimakan pas buka puasa, takjil depan gang kalah deh pokoknya. Oya selain rasanya uang mantap djiwa, itu merupakan snack sehat yang kaya akan manfaat oat, bebas kolesterol dan juga bebas lemak trans loh guys! 😍 . . . . . Yuk buruan ikutan #storieswithmonyoats guys! @zidanebrhm @ilhamraafly @nungkiwjynt_ @faisal.atha @dyeganayonanda . #storieswithmonyoats #sehatyangenak

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💕New in the shop! Eucalyptus wreath wedding invitation. Instant download so you can edit and print within minutes. Link in bio.

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It was rainy for a lot of last week, and now my plants are all perking up! The succulent on the right was grown from one petal of a plant that didn’t make it, which I think is pretty cool 🌱 at Boca Raton, Florida

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1 hour ago

Good morning, and Happit Sunday Funday! Please enjoy an incredibly sexy tulip coupled with some Fredfades and Ivan Ave: have a spectacularly stellar Sunday, everyone! •🧡🌷•🎧•💛⚘• 'Hey, dude, I haven't slept for a couple noons, had sex for a couple moons, Just been up in this room, like, My best friend, like, 'What the fuck is you doing?' I said, 'Lunch don't make itself, gotta make something fresh,' Hey, we come correct like a baby on due date, Trying to get up in her, we took her on two dates, Hey, digging in the past, hit a new crate, in the flash, We bought a phat, sitting on the stoop all day, Just trading stories, from the days of glory, Mad seeds in the ground, I'm just walking 'round, watering, In the garden of origins, grinding til the juice come pouring in, Til then, fucking with tunes all night, Kama Sutra til the fruits are ripe, Yeah, regardless of moon cycles, we fruitful like July, It's mutual eye, Knocking boots with a different shoe size, what's up?' ~ Ivan Ave

1 day ago

There’s just something so calming about whites and greens in the spring! 🌿 Especially when it looks like this! 😍 (📸 credit: @the_gray_doorfarmhouse)