Graycatbird Photos & Videos

12 days ago

Here, a cowbird fledgling gets an encouraging treat delivered by its "parent" as it learns how to fly and forage on its own. Brown-headed cowbirds lay their egg in another bird's nest, tricking those birds into raising it (which is termed "brood parasitism"). In this case, the much smaller chipping sparrow was the victim and it's likely its own progeny were underfed and/or perished as the cowbird often hatch a few days early, unlike a biological brood of siblings which hatch within a few hours of each other, even when the eggs are laid over several days. The agitated wing shudders of the cowbird tipped me off that it was waiting for food and I was able to watch the sparrow fly in with a meal 4 times in 10 minutes before they both flew away. A gray catbird makes the noises nearby. You can read more about cowbird behavior at #cowbird #fledgling #sparrows #chippingsparrow #birds #babybird #cowbirds #feedme #cryingbaby #brownheadedcowbird #broodparasite #parasite #nature #phenomenon #survivaltactics #coldworld #birdwatching #catbird #graycatbird #natureobservation #lifehistory #birddrama #notthemama #mouthstofeed #mouthtomouth #notmychild #feedingtime #reproductivestrategy

13 days ago

Happy #InternationalCatDay ! As it so happens, we are celebrating the successful recovery of this Gray Catbird, who was brought in after being attacked by an outdoor cat. It required stitches to close up an infected wound in its side, as well as treatment for subcutaneous emphysema (air under the skin from ruptured air sacs) which is a common consequence of cat attacks. Its stitches were recently removed and this bird is now in one of our outdoor enclosures building flight endurance before it can be released. This Catbird is a lucky survivor, however. Studies report that cats kill anywhere between 1.4 to 3.7 billion wild birds annually, and more than twice that of small mammals. These cat attacked cases account for about 15% of the Center's patients. We always encourage, for the safety of your cats AND wildlife, to keep cats indoors. Though many cats enjoy being outside, it is never worth the many risks they will encounter including other wildlife, diseases, cars, inclement weather, and many other dangers that can drastically reduce their lifespan and quality of life when compared to indoor cats. The best way to keep a cat safe is to keep it indoors, or build a cat patio to allow them to safely experience the great outdoors, while keeping your cat and our native wildlife safe. If your cat is found with a wild animal, please call the Center immediately for advice. Cat attacks can lead to fatal infections for many small animals, as well as painful injuries, and these animals should be treated as soon as possible to give them their best chance at recovery. #GrayCatbird #CatAttack #Survivor #WildlifeRehab #BlueRidgeWildlifeCenter #KeepYourCatsInside #Cats #WildlifeMedicine

16 days ago

The gray catbird finally has its wild coffee berries, the mangrove roots have their barnacles, and the live oak has its resident raccoon 🌿🍒🌳🐚🐼 #AudubonHouseMural

16 days ago

Yay! I FINALLY got him! :-D I've been trying to get a photo of one of my favorite birds, a Gray Catbird, for some time. They are in my yard each year and I enjoy them. They have a fun, quirky personality. Bonus, this Gray Catbird has a caterpillar in its beak that it is bringing back to its babies! I have an idea where the nest is, but I'm not going to disturb their happy little home. So happy I got this shot! :-D © Studio M Photographic #studiomphotographicny #graycatbird #birdphotography

21 days ago

Chilling in the Suburbs.

25 days ago

Gray Catbird striking a pose at Walney Pond. #graycatbird

1 month ago

Gray Catbirds are probably one of the commonest birds you don’t know. Widespread breeders in most of the United States, catbirds don’t usually come to feeders and don’t have flashy plumage. However, catbirds are found in many suburban back yards and brushy edges of woods. Their mew-like call got them their name and their rambling warbling song can be heard from the underbrush, even if you can’t see them. Gray Catbirds are in the 4th place spot of our spring 2017 top ten, with 350 birds banded. #centerforenvironmentandsociety #queenannescomd #washingtoncollege #FBBO #spring2017topten #birdbanding #mistnetting #CRFRS #springmigration2017 #GrayCatbird #GRCA #mimid

1 month ago

Catbird cutie! Today I learned that gray catbird parents can occasionally fly to their nest and alert older, well-developed nestlings that a potential predator is coming to promote quicker fledging. Meaning, they apparently explode out of the nest. Luckily there was no issue while helping one of my labmates. This one chirped to be fed while in hand. 🐦 #catbirdcutie #sochunky #sassybird #fledgling #graycatbird #dumetellacarolinensis

1 month ago

Grey Catbird in Neepawa, MB.

1 month ago

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1 month ago

My first Gray Catbird! 😁In Maine