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2 hours ago

Sitting in a hard chair for a couple hours did not help my back out. Got home put a little panaway on and some Cool Azul and I'm feeling much much better! Thank you for the quick relief 😊. have you ordered your starter kit yet? Panaway comes in the starter kit! it is such a fantastic not to mention effective oil! Want help ordering your kit? Private message me I am here to help! You can also click on the link in my bio for more information. #backrelief #coolazul #panaway

3 hours ago

Oh Thieves, ily ❤️ these two are in my monthly orders ALWAYS. Because this mama can’t afford to be sick + sick little ones are no fun let me tell ya. Thieves Vitality in my tea and Thieves in my diffuser + immunity rollers (roll on spine and bottoms of feet) 🙌🏼

4 hours ago

No school Monday and my kids are sick. The husband is working late. I have no wine. Annnnnnd it’s time to cook dinner. My #momhack for tonight? Mac and Cheese with grated zucchini. Easy way to get them in a sneak of veggies. And i only use half the cheese packet and half the butter and stir in some hummus and nutritional yeast too. Boomshackalacka 👊🏻 And thannnnnk goodness for Thieves and Inner Defense....because we don’t need a no school Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

8 hours ago

i realized the other day that winnie never gets any pictures when we’re out and about since she’s usually wrapped up with me!! made me want to document this season more even if it means all she gets are silly selfies with me for the time being! // on another note - i’d love to get to know ya a little better! here are five fun facts about me, and i’d love to hear if we have anything in common or if we’re totally totally different! here we go: +i wish i was more into personality tests, but i’m a 6 on the enneagram if that means anything to you 😂 +i work best in a clean and tidy environment (having a toddler has tested me in this area 😅) +give me a billion lamps and natural sunlight all day every day +truly truly love being a mom +love neutral colors and very pale muted pinks #ourgoodcompany

8 hours ago

Ok I admit I always thought eating only organic was so “1st world problems” . It just seemed way too out of my pay grade. ____________________________________________ Well Walmart is making organic shopping affordable for everyone! I teamed up with @horizonorganic #ad to go on a little treasure hunt to see what I could buy organically from the super store and I was so pleasantly surprised by the amount of product I was able to find! #GrassFedGoodness ____________________________________________ Check our the blog to see all of my Walmart organic discoveries!

8 hours ago

This guy right here has been my biggest supporter! When I set a dream he helps me get there, always asking me how he can help. He help me up when I’m feeling down. Makes me laugh when I feel like crying. Gets me out of my comfort zone and makes me dream and think bigger!

11 hours ago

I love what Jim Gaffigan says about bedtime with kids: . “Bedtime with children is crazy. It’s like they’ve never heard of it before. Beeeddddd?? Seriously, bedtime for children is like negotiating a hostage situation in reverse. I’ll give you anything if you just stay in there!!” . Sharing on the blog today five of my hostage negotiation tips to survive bedtime.

11 hours ago

Meal planning with Stress Away and Citrus Fresh in the diffuser ✨ What’s on your menu this week? at Austin, Texas

12 hours ago

100% safe for babies, kids and animals. Feel good about what your using in your home. My WHY to switching over everything was Harlow. I wanted a safe environment where I wouldn’t wonder or question if what I’m using could possibly hurt her. I wanted to feel confident in what I choose to use and bring into my home. #happyfamilyday

14 hours ago

Sleep support 😴 These are what I have been using to support my family’s sleep.⁣ ⁣ Walter - use sleepyize to diffuse and occasionally roll down his spine.⁣ ⁣ I love to put lavender on our wool dryer balls when washing bedding. ⁣ ⁣ Gentle baby and orange are my favorite mixture for sleepy dust in the bedroom.⁣ ⁣ Vetiver I was using here and there for sleep but it seems that it an oil that does not agree with my husband so we have refrained from using it. It does strongly help support sleep though and I would highly recommend it because I personally love the sleep support it gave to me! ⁣ #essentialoils #oils #yleo #ylessentialoils #younglivingeo #myoilyday #ihavemyoilsnowwhat #whatsinmyER #oilylifemadesimple #whole30 #healthyliving #momlife #wellness #makeclothmainstream #clothallthebabies #eatrealfood #fuelyourbody #wellness #grassfedgoodness #sustainableliving #breastfeeding #extendedbreastfeeding #drinkyourgreens #healthybabies #healthykids #paleo #berkeywaterfilter #flouridefree

14 hours ago

Isn’t the best part that today is a new day - Isn’t the best part that a God who isn’t bound by time, still honors our desire for fresh starts and do overs - There are seasons for everything and if you are finding yourself in a season of grit and grind, I hope today you’re reminded that you are seen, that you may be growing in areas you never would have imagined that you’ll only be able to see at the end of this season, keep moving, it’s worth it - If you are in a season of waiting, I hope you continue to be patient and continue to ask the Lord for guided steps, and trust His destination for you is far more incredible than anything you’ve ever planned - Isn’t the best part that we serve a God that is so big that He actually sees the beginning and end of each of our seasons and knows that our limited minds and hearts can only handle one sentence from the paragraph at a time, so he chooses to give us only what He knows we can handle, Gosh isn’t that the best part? at Arvada, Colorado

15 hours ago

Happy Monday! No #mondayblues in our home! If you have your Starter Kit and don't know where to start how about a few #diffuserblends 🤗 . Clean Home - 2 drops Citrus Fresh and Lemon 🍋 . Fresh Morning - 2 drops Citrus Fresh and Peppermint . Wellness Hack - 3 drops Thieves and 2 drops Citrus Fresh or Lemon . Dreamland - 2 drops Lavender and Peace & Calming or Frank 😴 . Unwind & Relax - 2 drops Stress Away and Lavender🧘🏼‍♀️ . Deep Breath - 3 drops Raven and 2 drops Lemon . Immune Support - 2 drops Thieves and Raven . Spring Mix (Allergies) - 2 drops Lavender, Peppermint, and Lemon . In Bloom - 2 drops Lavender and Lemon 🌻 . . . . . #yleo #essentialoils #oilylife #myoilylife #holistichealth #wellness #healthyliving #momlife #healthybabies #healthykids #fuelyourbody #grassfedgoodness #abetterway #lifestylechange #toxinfreeliving #instalove #instahealth #instalife #healthymind #healthybody #ditchandswitch #allthegoodfeels #mantramonday #mondayvibes #monday

1 day ago

Add all of these oils to a roller, maybe five drops of each, fill roller with a carrier oil and voila you have my healthy skin roller. The best carrier oil to use when your using it for your face is jojoba oil. So I recommend using that carrier oil with this roller blend. You want healthy skin, with an even skin then this is the roller for you! Give it a try you won't be sorry. Have you ordered your starter kit yet? Need help, PM me and I will help! #healthyskinroller #youngerlookingskin #essentialoilsforyourskin

1 day ago

Sunday Selfie Challenge 5 things you don’t know about me.... 1. I have spent every single Christmas Eve with the same people (missing a few over the years, but most of them are there) every single year of my life 2. My eyes used to be a deep brown but changed to hazel when I was about 13. They rarely look the same two days in a row. Sometimes green, sometimes brown, sometimes goldish. Sometimes, if I’m really upset they turn an almost emerald green 3. On our first date, neither Brandon or were sure it was actually a date 4. This selfie is from last summer because I’ve spent the whole weekend in an ice rink, my hair is a mess and makeup is smeared. 5. I’m actually a morning person and tend to be most productive in the am. Once 3pm hits, I’m pretty useless ✨ I would love to know more about you! • • • • #adventureisoutthere #bohemianmama #chasinglight #clotheallthebabies #consciousliving #documentyourdays #eatrealfood #flashesofdelight #grassfedgoodness #healthyhome #holisticmama #inbeautyandchaos #kidsforreal #knowbetterdobetter #magicofchildhood #motherhoodsimplified #momadvice #momlife #mommylife #naturalwellness #nontoxichome #organicliving #ourcandidlife #paleo #plantbased #prettylittlesquares #seekthesimplicity #takecontrol #thisparentlife #younglivingessentialoils

1 day ago

PanAway. Think pain away. All things achy, pain in your joints, bruises, foot/wrist problems, headaches, cramps, tension, pre and post work out soreness. This is the icy-hot of oils 🙌🏼 Add a drop to a palm full of carrier oil (I use fractionated coconut) and rub where it’s needed or even add to a batch of epsom salt for a nice relaxing bath 🌿 • PanAway is a blend of Clove, Wintergreen, Peppermint and Helichrysum.

1 day ago

The key to getting the most benefits from your essential oils is consistency! Placing your oils in a visible/easily accessible place. Out of sight out of mind is so true with oils! If you purchased a starter kit and still aren't sure how to use all those amazing bottles, I can send you some great ideas for how to put those to use immediately! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I keep a my frequently used oils in a cosmetic bag in my purse. I also have a few bedtime blends by my bed for an easy nighttime routine. And the rest of my oils are currently on my kitchen counter. This helps Matt and I use them regularly while I decide on a shelf design for my wonderful husband to build. 😜

1 day ago

Another fun class teaching friends about essential oils and how to use them support a healthy lifestyle. Home products, emotional support, hormones, kid oils, kid products, baby line, makeup and so much more... + a dreamy diffuser to make your home smell incredible. 😍 So thankful to these beautiful ladies who are on a mission with me to get toxins out of our loved ones homes! Y’all are the best! ❤️❤️ at Shape It Up Fitness

1 day ago

The million dollar question yesterday after my laundry hack: . q: HOW MANY PUMPS PER LOAD?? a: 4-5 or half a cap. . I'll be attempting to tally how many loads we get from one bottle starting today 👌🏻 at Oahu Life

2 days ago

This month would be a great month to get your starter kit! The offer still stands to get $25 back and a happy roller made by me out of joy, tangerine, and grapefruit (my three favorites right now). I would love to help you have a whole arsenal of natural remedies at your fingertips ❤️ at Carlsbad, California

2 days ago

cedarwood is one of my favorites to recommend snagging outside of the starter kit and it’s only like $11. it’s amazing for supporting sleep, focus, and healthy looking hair. also smells very very good. love to diffuse it before bed with lavender and orange! 😍

2 days ago

As you may know, I was diagnosed with thyroid disease the month I found out I was pregnant with my 4th boy. It has been so challenging since then to balance out life with all of the symptoms and frustrations that come with dealing with that as a mom of 5 who also works and is a pastor’s wife. . When your thyroid isn’t working well, there may be increased anxiety and nervousness, hair loss, missed menstrual cycles, trouble sleeping, excess energy or no energy at all, dry skin, joint and muscle pain, and more! Here are some ways to support a happy thyroid: “The thyroid loves Myrtle oil. Myrtle oil is found in Endoflex but sometimes it may be necessary to use more Myrtle in addition to the Endoflex.” ~Taming the Dragon She recommends combining these two oils with lemongrass and applying them topically right to the thyroid gland (right on the throat!). Just a caution, some people can be irritated using lemongrass, so be careful in the sun, and use with a carrier oil! Also, Did you know Young Living has a natural thyroid supplement?!?! I’m planing to try it and would love you to join me 😘 Thyromin is a special blend of porcine glandular extracts, herbs, amino acids, minerals, and therapeutic-grade essential oils in a perfectly balanced formula that maximizes nutritional support for healthy thyroid function. The thyroid gland regulates body metabolism, energy, and body temperature. Consider adding this supplement to your routine for a happy, healthy thyroid!! at Bozeman, Montana

2 days ago

Ladies that got some flowers this Valentine’s Day! 💐 Go put a couple drops of purification in the vase to make them stay fresh longer😘 at Carlsbad, California

2 days ago

when it’s christmas in february 😍 everyone needs to be on ER because who doesn’t love getting things in the mail?! plus, i got that bottom row fo free 🙌🏻

2 days ago

If you have not taken a closer look (beyond how cute the label is) into your personal products, take 2 seconds and download the app Think Dirty and start scanning to see how your stuff rates on toxicity. The health & longevity of you and your family is worth it. So thankful for our one stop shop of clean, dreamy goods with Young Living. ✨Have you ditched & switched? at Oregon

2 days ago

I’m super excited to offer Young Living text classes available! My newest class offered is about the Savvy Minerals Makeup Line!! Text CLASSES to (864) 571-0654 to get the full lineup! New classes added every day!! 💃😁 #essentialoils #oils #yleo #ylessentialoils #younglivingeo #myoilyday #ihavemyoilsnowwhat #whatsinmyER #oilylifemadesimple #ylstarterkit #healthyliving #momlife #wellness #workathome #followyourdreams #eatrealfood #fuelyourbody #daretodream #grassfedgoodness #sustainableliving #drinkyourgreens #healthybabies #healthykids #paleo #pets #animalscents

2 days ago

Ditching and switching your home products over to healthy, clean options can seem overwhelming at first, but it is actually so much easier than you think! 🌷 When you have your Young Living Essential Oils in your mommy toolbox of tricks you are going to be able to have luxurious and beautiful products that are going to save you money and be free from harsh chemicals! I just whipped up this gorgeous DIY soap with only a handful of ingredients! Be conscious of where you are spending your money and you are going to be able to transform your house into the home of your dreams with safe products for little hands and feet that do their job! I love this simple hand soap recipe! . . 3/4 cup Dr. Bronner unscented castile soap 3/4 cup distilled water 1 Tbsp Vitamin E oil 1 Tbsp Jojoba oil or Sweet Almond Oil 15 drops Tea Tree 10 drops Lavender * Give it a good shake if it starts to separate. Voila! . 🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷

3 days ago

This rainy day is perfect for a donut! 🍩 💕

3 days ago

Oil Spotlight: NORTHERN LIGHTS BLACK SPRUCE Straight from the Northern Lights Black farm in British Columbia, this blend is all the woodsy, robust, rich, lingering campfire scents that are perfect for every time of year! Not only does it smell so holiday dreamy but it has some pretty incredible uses that you have got to know about! Topically: +Wear alone for a calm and cool cologne or mix with Lavender for a ethereal perfume +To bring the serene woods inside for the evening, dilute on your spine, bottoms of the feet and back of neck +For an extra dose of moisture, add a few drops of NLBS to your face or body lotion Diffuse: For a crisp, earthy scent, add : 5 drops NLBS, 3 drops Cardamom, 2 drops Lemon Add a few drops to your car diffuser before a long road trip or carpool runs Diffuse for quiet moments in your home to bring the cool, crisp of the beautifully massive woods into your space For your Hair or Beard: To boost moisture and add the scent of the refreshing open air, put a few drops into your conditioner Combine with Copiaba in a lightweight carrier oil for a beard oil to bring moisture, shine and all the manly, woodsy scents. I just picked this bad boy up yesterday in my ER, I’m so excited to use it!! #essentialoils #oils #yleo #ylessentialoils #younglivingeo #myoilyday #ihavemyoilsnowwhat #whatsinmyER #oilylifemadesimple #ylstarterkit #healthyliving #momlife #wellness #workathome #followyourdreams #eatrealfood #fuelyourbody #daretodream #grassfedgoodness #sustainableliving #drinkyourgreens #healthybabies #healthykids #paleo #pets #animalscents

3 days ago

I don’t know about you but a slow Saturday morning with a warm cup of coffee and a cozy diffuser blend sure does bring this girl JOY!❤️ at Arvada, Colorado

3 days ago

#loveyourbody by taking care of your hormones! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I roll endoflex down my neck to support my thyroid ❤️ 💐2 drops of professions plus on my wrist every morning 🐲 dragon time for alll the support during shark week. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Take care of your hormones because YOU’RE worth it! . . . . . . . . #essentialoils #oils #yleo #ylessentialoils #younglivingeo #myoilyday #ihavemyoilsnowwhat #whatsinmyER #oilylifemadesimple #whole30 #healthyliving #momlife #wellness #makeclothmainstream #clothallthebabies #eatrealfood #fuelyourbody #wellness #grassfedgoodness #sustainableliving #breastfeeding #extendedbreastfeeding #drinkyourgreens #healthybabies #healthykids #loveyourself #hormonesupport #loveyourbody #valentinesday

3 days ago

stress away + peppermint have been my go to diffuser blend lately! let’s share diffuser inspo here. what have you been loving lately?!

3 days ago

Just added a highlight of my everyday makeup routine to my profile! I have finally replaced all the products in my makeup bag with natural, non-toxic ones and I am so happy with it! Wellness goes so far beyond just diffusing essential oils, we need to be aware of the products we put on our body’s largest organ (our skin) every single day. There are so many different types of chemicals and ingredients in skincare and makeup that are known to be harmful. Its been a process but I really love the stuff I’m using now! Go watch my story highlight to see what i use! ❤️✨ #naturalbeautyproducts #savvyminerals at Redmond, Oregon

3 days ago

Cheers to the weekend!!! ✨ Here's a new diffuser blend for you: 2 juniper 2 eucalyptus 3 grapefruit 3 ylang ylang . What's your fav Ylang Ylang diffuser blend?? at Hawaii

3 days ago

Does anyone ever love looking at the layers of oils and their different colors when making a roller?! It’s so pretty seeing the different shades of oils combine and sit on top of one another. This time it was just different shades of orange but still so pretty 😍 at Carlsbad, California

3 days ago

Exodus II (otherwise known as Thieves on steroids in my home) is a powerful blend of Cassia, Myrrh, Cinnamon, Calamus, NLBS, Hyssop, Vetiver and Frankincense that can be used to help maintain wellness. It is a very hot oil blend and not recommended for children under the age of 12. . Fun fact: Exodus II is made up of the same plants that Moses used for temple incense. 🙏🏻 . #protip: add a few drops to a bowl of hot water to create therapeutic steamy vapors and then inhale those vapors deeply, ahhhh!

3 days ago

Any other mama’s ready to face plant in to the weekend?? Let me buy you a weekend cup of coffee!!! I’m giving away a Starbucks Gift Card to give one lucky lady a coffee cheers☕️ To enter: tag a friend that you’d wanna share a coffee with and tell me your favorite coffee drink!! Happy Weekend!!

3 days ago

I’ve got a bit of an obsession with these 12 oils... 🤷🏼‍♀️ at Newcastle, Australia

3 days ago

Where are my boy mamas at? 🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏿‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️ Using oils for my littles for feelings, boo-boos, digestion, focus (homework headache, anyone?) are just a few of the reasons I am so grateful for these! I won’t stop until every home has them! Have a Q? ASK me! ✨ at Springfield, Oregon

3 days ago

AromaEase Essential Oil . That’s what’s in my diffusers this morning! . Has a soothing, slightly minty aroma Is a unique, proprietary blend formulated by D. Gary Young. . Is comforting and soothing when applied topically or when diffused aromatically . Includes the naturally occurring constituents menthol, l-carvone, zingiberene, and linalool. Think “happy tummy”! 😍 . Is an excellent travel companion🌱 . . . . 📸photo cred - @lovedbynadiah #aromaease #yleo @younglivingeo #essentialoils #howtouseessentialoils #ihavemykitnowwhat #runningforgold2019 #holistichealth #aromatherapy #crunchyfamily #grassfedgoodness #hippiemom #momirl #naturalmamma #cleancompany #safecompany #safeproducts #naturalproducts #essentialoileducation #soilygood #goodsoilessentialoils @rebekah_wachob

3 days ago

As most of you know, I’m recently married to the most beautiful, passionate, hard working man alive - What I’ve learned in our first 6 months of marriage is this - Now more than ever, do I need to know and understand the depth of grace - Being married is the most beautiful example of Christ and His church, but it isn’t always easy - It’s hard letting someone see your daily hurts, your daily insecurities, you’re lack of empathy at times and your moments of anger - It’s not easy showing sides of you that you thought were tucked away for no one ever, it’s not easy showing up each day and realizing sometimes your best just can’t be pulled out - It just isn’t always easy being fully known, walls down and heart bleeding on the table - BUT by golly, it is WORTH IT - I’m starting to understand why people just can’t fully explain a Christ centered marriage, because it’s truly unexplainable - It’s beautiful and it’s hard, it’s life giving and challenging, its playful and intense, it’s demanding and yet so peaceful - It’s a lot like running head first after Jesus. Desperately clinging to the truth you know and yet walking with a weight that is finally lifted off your shoulders. I am yours and you are mine, forever - Our brokenness has been exposed, our faults have been revealed, we are flawed, oh we are flawed, and yet I get to wake up next to a man, every morning and remember that neither of us are exempt from the grace of that cross at Arvada, Colorado

3 days ago

IT’S FINALLY HERE!! Two years ago, faced with increasing costs and production delays, we set out to find a new production partner for Rumble. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as moving house because switching to a new partner meant we had to change how we make and package our drinks. Read our new blog at to see what’s new!

3 days ago

Refilled my glow serum. I just use an empty 15ml bottle. 10 drops each lavender, Frankincense and copaiba. Top with jojoba oil and roll all over my face morning and night. 🧖🏻‍♀️

3 days ago

I love the community that I have been invited into. My sponsor, Delaney, lives across the country and I already feel like we have known each other for years! This business truly offers a beautiful family for you. All with one mission, to experience freedom together. Our team mantra is "We rise by lifting others." It has been so fun to see our entire team flip ranks in the same month! We walk alongside each other and challenge each other to grow not only our businesses but in personal development. I have been stretched out of my comfort zone and sown seeds and have already seen the fruit of those. Whether you are in college, a newlywed, stay at home mom, or empty-nester, there is a place for you at the table and you have something so special to bring! Let's chase these dreams together.💕👯‍♀️ at Waco, Texas

3 days ago

Working out is definitely not something that comes natural to me. I feel like some people are just born with this super active gene, and that definitely is not me! But I’ve been learning lately that moving my body and investing in working out is a choice that I can make for my own good. I’m learning a lot about how to truly take care of myself, to invest in my wellness physically, emotionally, and spiritually. And so I am choosing this. Even if sometimes it goes against the grain. Sometimes I have to pep talk myself into getting out the door. But it is always worth it. . This is the beginning of a journey that has been a long time coming for me, one that I need in more ways than one. And sure it would be nice to lose a few pounds and sure it would be nice to look a little more in shape, but honestly, I’m investing in myself through working out because I want to feel strong. I want to use it as an outlet to not just increase my physical strength, but also my mental and emotional strength. Because I can see the difference it makes in my life, and it matters. So here is to embracing a new journey and realizing that this is a gift to myself. This is something that I am choosing for me. And when I invest in myself in ways that matter, it makes me a better person all around. A better friend. A better businesswoman. A better daughter and sister and fiancée. . What is something that you either are investing in or would like to that is just for you?!

3 days ago

Phew!! Having three kiddos is no joke. There is always noise, a mess, and some sort of drama going down somewhere. It’s a crazy life and I LOVE IT. But sometimes mama needs a lil something to stay calm and firm while negotiating peace amongst kiddos. Enter this guy. Valor is used in all the things 👏🏻 I roll it on in the morning with my perfume roller to help get the day started! And I use it at night to help with the bed time jitters. It is the best 🙌🏻 Even better? It comes IN THE KIT now y’all 🙌🏻

3 days ago

Last night we celebrated at home with salad greens and broccoli from the garden. A bit of sautéed purple potatoes, not too much and just enough. And a bacon wrapped grass fed fillet from @mainstreetmeatsventura that my Valentine carefully browned on the stove and then finished on the griddle. It was so pretty, he said, “Hey, aren’t you going to Instagram this?” So, I did. This one is dedicated to him. 🍷 Hope y’all had fun too! 💕 ————— . . . #lowcarbdinners #eatlowcarb #ketotips #healthyprotein #grassfedbeef #grassfedgoodness #mygardengrewthis #eatveggies #reversediabetes #lowcarbrecipes #lowcarbketo #eatmoregreens #lowcarbdinners #hugafarmer #farmfreshlowcarbliving

4 days ago

This lovely diffuser necklace was a gift from someone in my upline! One of my favorite necklaces hands down. Wearing Joy today, who doesn't need more joy in their life? Joy is a wonderful blend that includes bergamot, ylang ylang, geranium, lemon, coriander, tangerine, Jasmine, Roman chamomile, palmarosa, and rose oils! With the floral notes it almost smells like perfume, if you are feeling down then you can wear this or simply put some on your hands, rub them together and breathe it in. In under 25 seconds it will reach and start to affect your brain! How is that for instant gratification? If you haven't tried this blend yet, you should. #joy #joyessentialoil #smellslikeperfume

4 days ago

Guys this lotion is by far the best one I've ever used! Genesis hand & body lotion is an ultra moisturizing cream containing coconut oil & other botanicals to nourish & soothe dry, dehydrated skin. Geranium, palmarosa, bergamot, & other essential oils are included for their soothing properties. And the best part: it doesn't contain mineral oil, synthetic perfumes, artificial colors, or toxic ingredients! I'm in love with this lotion, my skin is so soft and hydrated! Have you tried this one yet?! at Westfield, Indiana

4 days ago

Happy Valentines Day! This blend is amazing! So relaxing and perfect for today. Lavender + stress away + northern lights black spruce. Three drops of each. 💕 What are some of your favorite blends? Also a picture of my sweet kids this Valentine’s morning! ❤️

4 days ago

We celebrated with heart shaped pizzas & cherry chip cupcakes as a family. We had some bigger-ish plans but that ended up being magic enough. I know when our kids are older (they are 3 & 6) it won’t be so simple to amuse them, I am determined to cherish these days. What are you doing to celebrate your loved ones? 💕🥂 at Eugene, Oregon

5 days ago

Have you been thinking about getting your starter kit and trying out this oily lifestyle? Now is the time! I’m offering a special Valentine’s promo if you purchase your kit by February 17th! Ylang Ylang is out of stock for purchase and is only available through the promos this month! It’s a huge support for intimacy and can be worn also as a natural perfume. I’ll throw in a FREE keychain roller of this amazing oil for ya in your welcome package! Easy and accessible, I literally roll mine on every time I have my keys in hand🙌🏻💕 DM me for more info and get ready to stir up the love! at Waco, Texas

10 days ago

It's freedom Friday! As much as I love sharing about oils all week long, I love the business side of Young Living and the freedom that comes with it. Last week I shared the Income Disclosure and it blows me away every time I think about all the potential your business can have. Compared to starting a storefront business, Young Living is so much easier to start!!! • Think about everything you would need to start a storefront? -A loan (already starting in debt) -Finding a location to lease -Purchasing Inventory -Hiring Employees -Etc. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ What you need to start a YL business: -Purchase a Premium Starter Kit ($165) ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Not to mention what you get at NO COST: -Centralized inventory distribution (not having to manage inventory yourself) -Fully integrated E-commerce website -Customer Service Dpt. -Online Training -Amazing Essential Rewards Program! -Highest Caliber Executive Team -Invites to exclusive business and products education Facebook groups ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ That's just the tip of the iceberg! I would love to run with you in this and be a part of your journey to freedom! The time is now! Let’s do this🎉❤️ at Waco, Texas