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3 months ago

A new year is a fresh start, but what if you need more of a hard reset? Enter @onsiteworkshops Living Centered Program–a totally tech-free week. Does that sound kind of scary? @laura_l_quick thought so too, but she was also intrigued by the thought of a complete unplug. What she learned from the experience was powerful, and she bares it all in #awaken. // 📷 by @stephanie_sabine #goodgritmag #goodgritgoes #onsite #unplug #techfree #selfcare #therapy #mentalhealth #retreat #technologyfree #goodgritmag #healthylifestyle #healthyliving #nashville #creative #healing at Onsite Workshops

3 months ago

In 2014, @lecrae was researching ways to fight global poverty. In 2015, he began a partnership with Food for the Hungry. In 2018, he visited Kole, a district in Northern Uganda. He saw resilience, strength, and rebuilding in a community determined to thrive despite its hardships. Learn more about @food4thehungry and @lecrae’s role in connecting communities with their potential in #Awaken. // 📷 by @danielcwhite #goodgritmag #goodgritgoes #uganda #lecrae #foodforthehungry #education at Kole, Uganda

3 months ago

Earlier this year we gathered around a table with @lecrae. It was the beginning of something amazing–the issue that will be in your mailbox soon (maybe it already is!!) Inside, you’ll find things that are familiar (inspiring stories and gritty city guides) and things that are new (our first wellness section, curated by the incredible @shellybrown). Overall, we think we’re starting 2019 as our best selves, and we hope we can inspire you to as well! 📸 by @bryanjohnsonstudio #goodgritmag #awaken #newyear #wellness #goodgritgoes #lecrae #reachrecords

7 months ago

Tonight on our last flight JFK to BNA it was as if we flew just above the clouds and God painted the the sky on was the most beautiful and fierce sunset I’d ever seen from the air in my life. Over the years I’ve seen my fair share of sunsets from flights....but this one was extraordinary. •S C O T L A N D •On Sunday, Annie and I went to church in Edinburgh with some of her local friends at the new Hillsong Church right in the center of town. It meets at The Radisson Hotel in a small banquet room. The pastor talked about being in your “grace zone”. I sometimes refer to this as my “flow”....I loved the term grace zone though. To me this is the space we occupy not when we got it all figured out... but rather when everything is in its proper order. It doesn’t mean every week is getting engaged to my perfect guy(still high on this one though), or taking trips to Scotland with Annie and running cover shoots(I felt like Oprah, she felt like Oprah..)or being a perfect mom, or the greatest friend or leading my team flawlessly....nope my grace zone means I am seeing myself more like God sees me and less like I think the world sees me. It means when I mess something up big or small I take it easy on myself. It means I am letting God have his way instead of begging him for mine and being pissed off when it doesn’t turn out like I thought it would. It is living in the space and believing that his strength comes in my weakness. (2 Cor. 12:9-10) This trip has been so beautiful and inspiring for way too many reasons to list. @anniefdowns May have a mark on her heart for Scotland, but I promise you guys, Scotland has a hole in its for her. I can’t wait to share our adventure with you guys in our BEHOLDEN issue of @goodgritmag November!!!! #goodgritmag #goodgritgoes #gracezone #thankful #gratitude #flow #characterofthesouth #goodgritgoodnews #travellikealocal

7 months ago

I’m just going to say it. This place, with this woman and her friends is magical. Our first full day was filled with lots of laughing and exploring and rain and meeting new friends(well, Annie’s old friends...but new to me). It’s no wonder she loves this place guys. I visited a thrift shop with keys in it older than our country and yes @lucysinspired I bought you some:) I walked through a cathedral that literally took my breath away. I visited and praised Jesus at @hillsongedinburgh (which I tagged wrong in my stories...oops) we ate delicious food and saw hilarious #Scottish comics at the last night of #fringefestival and guess what?!? We still have 2 more days to go! I’m so thankful to experience this with such an incredible human. @anniefdowns @goodgritmag is honored to tell a piece of your #Scotland story. It is so lovely! • • • Special love to be given to @ciara_menzies an amazing photographer and friend with an incredible soul. #Scotland #travellikealocal #goodgritgoes #goodgritmag #characterofthesouth #uktravel #magazine #editorinchief at Walk along the Royal Mile

7 months ago

I can’t say how much I love this issue, how proud I am of this team and how thankful I am to @davidbancroft to help us curate our #harvest #food issue set to hit shelves 9/3 and hitting mailboxes any day now! Get ready guys... this issue is heartfelt and DELICIOUS! Big thank you to @carynorton for this incredible cover! #magazinelife #covershoot #harvest #goodgritmag #gritty #characterofthesouth #foodie #southernfood #south #auburnuniversity #auburnalabama #auburnfootball #tailgating #travel #food #travellikealocal #goodgritgoes #outerbanks #family

8 months ago

Where are you headed this weekend? Let us know over at #GoodGritGoes!

9 months ago

Amazing historical site of the Olympics! 🇬🇷

11 months ago

#Alaska Juneau Alaska specifically, we had a blast. Thanks for proving #goodgritgrittycities are not just in the #south. I catch myself saying sometimes “one day when my schedule frees up....” but we all know that’s not real. There is always a reason to be “too busy”. But I watch this kid grow into a man literally daily. Not only does he often get mistaken for an 18 year old, he is also wise in so many ways. Be brave and make time to make memories with your family. Do not put it off to “one day”. You don’t have to fly to #Alaska (although if you can, you TOTALLY should) but get out and make memories with your people. Have no time? YES YOU DO. You are in charge of your time and how you manage it. I am not an expert at this but I know that my life is so much better when I prioritize, GOD and family and then everything else. And I know for my fellow workaholics that’s hard to wrap your brain around...(I get it, I still struggle) but every time I do, I’m thankful...AND guess what!?!? Everything still gets done. It will all work out:) A HUGE THANK YOU to @karazy4ak for showing us magical #juneaualaska and introducing us to so many incredible humans. Even though you aren’t the best driver, I’m really thankful I can now call you my friend😘 #travel #adventurealways #alaska #goodgritmag #lauragoes #familylife #mothersontrip #lauragoes #goodgritgoes

11 months ago

Our CEO + Editor In Chief, Laura Bento, has escaped to Alaska’s capital city, Juneau. Glaciers, wildlife, and wilderness create the perfect playground for adventure lovers, while award-winning chefs, breweries, and a distillery make Juneau a must visit for food travelers. Stay tuned and take a peek into her mother and son adventure to @traveljuneauak ! Follow @ll_goodgrit to see more! #juneaualaska #travelalaska #naturalbeauty #characterofthegreatwild #wanderlust #motherandsonvacation #adventure #travel #goodgritgoes at Juneau, Alaska

11 months ago

Happy Earth Day This was taken almost a year ago, can’t believe it’s been that long. Ready to go back soon. #goodgritgoes at Big Sur, California

12 months ago

#FBF to my week in Rome. It was amazing, and singing in the Vatican, Assisi’s cathedral/tomb/and the streets of Florence, Tuscany, and Rome are something I will never forget. #vscocam at Rome, Italy

1 year ago

T and I slept past 6am (actually until almost 9) this morning for the first time in a looooong time. The best kind of sleep where you don’t even move from when the lamp turns off till the sun comes up. I’m grateful for that kind of rest and I’m also grateful for what an amazing weekend it has been @highlandsfoodandwine. We met amazing people, made new friends, heard incredible music, and yeah, our bellies are definitely full of delicious food too. #GoodGrit is something so special and takes us on so many unique journeys. Again, so #humbled and #grateful to be on the ride. #GoodGritMag #GoodGritGoes #explore #discover #DigWhatYouDo at Half-Mile Farm by Old Edwards