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4-year-old Elijah gained his angel wings on December 29th, 2018 after suffering from a flu. Thinking of Elijah’s parents and many loved ones at this time. Rest peacefully little man... ✨ ••• Elijah, de 4 años, ganó sus alas de ángel el 29 de diciembre de 2018 después de sufrir una gripe. Pensando en los padres de Elijah y muchos seres queridos en este momento. Descansa pacíficamente hombrecito ... ✨ #memoryofangels #gonetoosoon #gonebutneverforgotten #rip #inmemoryof #restinpeace #flyhigh

3 hours ago

Bittersweet getting this tattoo muh, I really wish you were here but I’m proud and happy that I can honour you with something that will be with me forever. Missin’ you like crazy but I know you’re still with me ❤️.. Wrapped with the job by @samtaylortattoos thanks a lot mate 👍🏼 #foreverinmyheart #gonebutneverforgotten

3 hours ago

Its cold evenings like tonight where I wish I still had my ‘moustache’ #gonebutneverforgotten

5 hours ago

Wishing you a happy birthday 🎊 to the heavens 🙏🏼🙏🏼 lord knows how much I miss you and think about you every day , but I know your my guardian angel in the sky 🌌 . Two years have passed since you left and it feels like yesterday , no doubt you influenced me into becoming the person I am today I am forever thankful so on the day of your birthday 🎂 I just want to wish you a happy birthday because I know you are celebrating in heaven and I can hear your grito and the banda saying your name ! No cabe duda que nos haces much falta primo , Pero por siempre te recordaré por ser como un hermano conmigo , Feliz cumpleaños mi chingon de chingones🙏🏼 thank you for everything you did and all the moments we shared , until we meet again Fede🙏🏼 #gonebutneverforgotten

5 hours ago

12 days ago..... Dearest Brother (eldest Cousin) 💞 You gave no one a last farewell, Nor ever said goodbye... you were gone before we knew it. And only god knows why! A million times we will miss you and a million times we will cry! If love alone could saved you, maybe just maybe we may not have lost you. It broke our hearts to loose you! You took a part of us too. We will meet again someday. And I thank god he made you my Big Brother while you were here with us on earth! Ambitious beyond dreams, achieved the remarkable, a heart of pure gold & touched souls worldwide! Your 3 gems will hold your legacy proudly! Gone to soon! I LOVE YOU! #brotherandsister #love #family #standstrong #takentoearly #alwaysholdingadrink #losangeles #gonebutneverforgotten #wemissyou at Los Angeles, California

5 hours ago

💜 𝓜𝓾𝓶 💜 You’re never too old to need your mum and today is the one day I need you the most. Not to fix anything but simply to just give me a cuddle, tell me I’m loved and show me the smile that I miss so much. Whenever I am missing you and the tears silently fall, I remember how fortunate I was that you were in my life and I wouldn't trade those memories for the world. You didn’t teach me about boys or how to style my hair but none of that matters, sitting on your knee and going for a spin in your wheelchair was way more fun and I will forever treasure those moments. I’m so incredibly proud to be your daughter, you brought me into this world knowing it would be detrimental to your health but you did it anyway. I can only hope I’ve turned out the way you wanted me to. #mum #8years #gonebutneverforgotten #selfless #brave #proud #missyou #memories #love #alone #weirdmonkey 🐒

6 hours ago

MARCH 25, on my way to celebrate my daughters 8th birthday and I got a call that broke my HEART to the core. On my babies birthday I found out that my best friend was killed with her daughter by her own husband. I STILL CRY, EVERY WEEK SOMETHING reminds me of her and LORD KNOWS I AM SURELY KEEPING IT TOGETHER but I just can't help but to dream about what life would have been like to have you with me, here, doing life, together. I need answers when I make it to glory! I miss her SO much..... I'm celebrating my daughter and baby brother today with a missing piece from my heart for you and Ari girl. ❤💋❤💋❤💋❤ #MemoriesNeverDie #DawnAndAri.... #GoneButNeverForgotten #MyLove

7 hours ago

Kaleo Dade you will be missed. This is a kid that I never coached before, but I saw and applauded his success from a far. He was a multi talented athlete that excelled in 2 football and basketball. Awarded a full ride athletic scholarship in football. It hurt me deep because he is just a few months from graduation and pursuing his dream in playing collegiate football, he was recently killed in a car crash. I was crushed and I never coached the kid, but knowing his character, athletic ability, plus raised by a strong mother. It impacted me deeply and crushed me because I hate seeing the innocent suffer. But the reply his mother gave to me lifted my spirit. You never know who you affect in life.💯❤ #gonebutneverforgotten

7 hours ago

Its been 2months today since you've left me and I'm sick to my stomach Adrienne Hinton! I thought this would have gotten a little easier but it hasn't it hasn't at all. I lost EVERYTHING when you left and the longer it is the worse my life seems to get. Just wish i could have one last talk with you! I'm so lost without you momma😔.... Idk what to do! God I need your strength and guidance right now 😩 Im LOSING IT! #January24th2019 #RIPMomma #LongLiveElderHinton #GoneButNeverForgotten

8 hours ago

6 years, 6 long years 😞 Every year I feel so guilty for not coming to hang out with you 2 days before you passed. Had I known it would have been the last time I would ever see you or talk to you I would have been there without a doubt. I think that’s what hurts the most and eats me up alive every year. Knowing I should have been there and I wasn’t. The voicemail you left me that Saturday night I will never forget. “Hey lil shit where you at? I miss you and love you twin. I’ll call you tomorrow! AAAAAAYYYYYY(inside joke).” If I could go back in time and change that day I really would. When they say the good die young they weren’t lying. Words can’t describe the bond we had. Words can’t describe what an incredible person you were. Words can’t describe how much you helped me through the years. You were always an ear to listen and a shoulder to cry on. I love you so much twin and miss you terribly. Keep smiling down on us from heaven and watching over your family and friends. Until we meet again.... REST IN PARADISE BIG PAPI😢❤️ #rip #riptwin #gonebutneverforgotten #untilweneetagain #iloveyou #imissyou #restinpeace #restinparadise #angel

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⛪️March 24, 2019 | 💔😥👼🏼🙏🏼💒 | Today marks the 5th Anniversary of David Rutt’s death (58yrs. old). Take a moment of your time to pray for David’s family/friends, especially his kids. We love & will sorely miss you David! ************************************************************ David was and always will be a beloved husband of 34 years to Therese (nee Rouge), loving father of David, @Arutt556, @Mrutt94, @Katie_McMillan714, and @EmilyAnneRutt. He was an retired Cleveland Police sergeant who was my Uncle and the spokesman for Cuyahoga County Sheriff's Office Crime Stoppers. ************************************************************ After retiring from the police department, Rutt assisted with setting up rewards for information leading to an arreston crimes in Cuyahoga County. Crime Stoppers relies on volunteer directors and tax deductible contributions from the public in order to operate the administration of the program. ************************************************************ #GoneButNeverForgotten / #ForeverInOurHearts / #RIP / #RestInHeaven / #RestInParadise / #InLovingMemoryOf / #ClevelandPolice / #GoneToSoon / #ThinBlueLineFamily / #RestEasy / #GoneToSoon / #SorelyMissed / #PoliceMan / #ForeverInOurHeart / #RestInPeace / #EternalLife / #Icon / #YouWillBeMissed / #SayingGoodbye / #InLovingMemory / #BlueLivesMatter / #CrimeStoppers / #ThinBlueLineFamy / #WeMissYou / #ForeverMissed / #GoneTooSoon / #Funeral ************************************************************ at Rocky River, Ohio

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It's crazy that is been a year that you left this world! It just feels like days that you were called home! It doesn't feel real at all knowing I will never hear your voice or see your face again. Part of my heart went with you that day and I haven't been the same since!!! You are a amazing brother, cousin, nephew, friend , father, grandfather all around a amazing person that no one will ever forget!!!! You were definitely one of kind guy!!! ❤ We will keep your memories live and going! And I know you are our guardian angel watching down on us!! I know that everyone we lost this year, you were waiting at the gate for them with your raunchy jokes and definitely your sense of humor! Keep everybody laughing and smiling bro!! I fucking miss bro 💔💔💔 #timothyallenringersma #rip #gonebutneverforgotten #thisisforyou #bigbrother #tattoo #loveyoutothemoonandback

9 hours ago

Damn grandma ... you wont be here physically but you will be here spiritually to see me walk across ❤️.. i wonder what its like up there we miss you down here 👼🏽! But i know youre finally smiling and not suffering anymore.. i love you ✨ rest in peace 🌤🙏🏽 #gonebutneverforgotten

10 hours ago

🖤💔Can't believe it's already been a full year...😔 I have no doubt in my mind that you'd be singing & performing now, if you were still here!😓 Thank you for debuting when you did, because I'm so glad I got to feel like i knew you; before your passing!😇 You're fellow group members miss you & won't let you be forgotten or replaced; neither will us fans!💞 Rest in Peace💔🖤 👼🏻 #RestInPeace #RIP #RestWell #Angel #NeverForgotten #IllNeverForgetYou #OurAngel #Anniversary #OneYear #1Year #Kpop #Korean #KoreanPop #KoreanPopMusic #100% #100Percent #OneHundredPercent #Minwoo #SeoMinwoo #Idol #KpopIdol #KoreanIdol #GoneTooSoon #IMissYou #WeMissYou #GoneButNotForgotten #ILoveYou #MissYou #GoneButNeverForgotten #MyAngel

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Tremaine, baby, you touched my life in a way it has NEVER been touched before. The joy, the love, the genuine sincerity and care you had for me changed me. The realest of real men. You were set apart. I will love and remember you every single day of my life. I can not believe that you are gone my baby. It's that passion that drove you...Rest with our Lord daddy. #gonebutneverforgotten #takentoosoon #trueloveneverdies #gooddieyoung #passionatelove #loveofmylife

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Tomorrow, March 25, marks the one-year anniversary of my best friend’s passing. Almost 2 weeks later, on April 10, I overdosed fatally on heroin. I was revived in a hospital in Houston. Brian’s death has a very significant impact on me. He was a beautiful soul, who struggled with the disease of addiction, just like me. I have mourned all day, over his loss. I know he’s proud of me, wherever he is. I know he is now at peace with the fact that his best friend is clean and sober these days. I love you and miss you everyday, Brian. Rest In Peace. #rip #addiction #recovery #gonebutneverforgotten #houston at Houston, Texas

10 hours ago

I'd like to send all purrs and paws to our beloved friend, Claudia @xomoonie, who lost her precious senior baby, MoOnie last month. 😿💔 MoOnie was such a sweet girl with tons of sass, just look at those crossed paws. 😻🐾💞 You will be dearly missed sweetheart. 🙏💕 I'm sure my sweet girl, Ms. Lady happily greeted you at the #RainbowBridge 🌹🌈💓 Please, keep dearest, Claudia, in your thoughts and send her some much needed love. ❤❤ #RIPMoOnie #xomoonie #CrossedPawsForMoOnie #GoneButNeverForgotten #coicommunity

11 hours ago

PAPA▪ Not usually one for personal posts so deep , but i couldn't not post on my hero's birthday 💔 He made me the person i am today him and my gran & mother ❤ I will always hang on to the happy memories forever and always be proud to be your granddaughter , i miss you so much it breaks my heart everyday 😔 So happy birthday papa where ever you are 💔 4 years on and i won't ever forget the horrible day you got took from us. P.s those who think i should be over it by now have never experienced true heart break before !! ________________ #rememberme #mypapa #happybirthdayinheaven #greif #griefquotes #heartbreakquotes #missingyou #missingyouonyourbirthday #papasgirl #family #personalpost #familytree #myfamily #proud #happytimes #happiertimes #gonebutneverforgotten #alwaysinmyheart #restinpeace

11 hours ago

Oh, beautiful... miss your smile and laugh. Miss you calling "Mama." Miss you calling and fussing about drivers in the road or telling me about sweet babies you'd seen at pediatrics that day. Miss you calling to tell me something funny Gracelynn said. Miss you calling James "Piggy." Miss everything about you... but so thankful I won't be missing you forever. Blessed to know exactly where you are and can't wait for eternity together! Love you #lindseycarolyn ❤ 💗 💗 💗 #myangel #angel #daughters #gonebutneverforgotten #foreverinmyheart #loveyou #mygirl #gonetoosoon #heaven #blessedtobeyourmom #forevermygirl #angelmom

12 hours ago

Oh why hello there earthlings. Happy Sunday. Get extra treats from your hoomins today. Tell them uncle Tony said so. 😽 . . . ... . . . ... . . . ... . . . ... . . . ... . . . ... . . . ... . . . ... . . . ... . . . ... . . . ... . . . ... . . . ... . . . ... . . . ... . . . ... . . . ... #ff4eva #angelkitty #angelcat #handsomeangel #rainbowbridge #rainbowbridgecats #preciousfloof #gonebutneverforgotten #loveyouforever #mypreciousangel #heartkitty . . . ... . . . And to my bestie Tony - I will love you until the end of time.

12 hours ago

we all love and miss you so much already man the turn out today didn't surprise me at all you are dearly loved that was beyond clear today always seemed to know every one #flyhigh punk #gonebutneverforgotten

12 hours ago

Matthew Emmanuel Minor of Accokeek, Maryland passed from this life on March 7, 2019. He was just 12-years-old. His family says that he passed away after participating in the choking challenge. This challenge, which can be found on social media, has claimed the lives of many children. Matthew’s family would like to remind everyone to be aware of what their children are viewing on social media. Please uplift the family in your prayers as they deal with this unimaginable loss. Rest peacefully... ✨ #matthewminor #ripmatthew #chokingchallengeawareness #gonebutneverforgotten #instamemorials #gonetoosoon at Accokeek, Maryland

12 hours ago

Missing my boy; I lost him 12 years ago today & I will love him forever. You were such a good boy, Jake xXx 🐕🧡🐾

12 hours ago

Good catching up with these two last weekend while in Dallas. I love this pic because it looks like Cory is watching & smiling! #ripcory #gonebutneverforgotten