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2 hours ago

Happy family day long weekend! 💖 I hope you’re all enjoying quality time with your loved ones today! I’ve been absolutely loving all the snuggles, nibbles and kisses from our little girl this past week. If I’m being completely honest - after all the lows that had been thrown at us in January I couldn’t help but want to hide under the covers convinced the sun would never shine again. But now having this puppy to brighten up our world again and to keep us on our toes has been everything I’ve needed to climb out of my slump and back into a healthy state of mind. Nothing will ever replace Buddy or Gma, but it feels so good to be loved unconditionally every day by the sweetest two dogs a girl could ask for. I’m the luckiest dog mom around 🥰🐶🐶

2 hours ago

A wonderful weekend in the North to see my family and my favourite furry cousins!! Just the most gorgeous faces with the best cuddles 😍 at Derbyshire

3 hours ago

Weekends are better when you've got a dog to explore with 🐾🌲 at Alaska

3 hours ago

🔈🔈sound on! Maybe if I pretend I don’t hear her, she’ll let me up on her comfy bed 🤫🙉😉... worth a try, right? 🤷🏻‍♀️😇

4 hours ago

I made a very strange furiend on today’s walk... Mum said it was a monkey!! 🐵🧡🐶

5 hours ago

Jack, the most popular 🏄Surfer in Punta Cana. at Macao Surf Camp

6 hours ago


7 hours ago

Mamá siempre me da besos antes de salir 😍

8 hours ago

Mum and dad forgot to pick up my ball for today’s walk so I had to settle for running with a stick instead🙄🐾

8 hours ago

JAX: Le dije a mamá que hoy el domingo estaba como para ir a la playa, y ella me dió un baño de manguera y me puso mi toalla de lion king para coger sol .... 🤦🏻‍♀️🔆🤣🐶🐾❤️. . . @vetarroyohondo @nutrisourcerd #therapydog #terapiadeamor #perrodeterapia #jaxylukaterapiadeamor #vetarroyohondo #nutrisourcerd #dogsofinsta #dogsandpals #dogs_of_instagram #goldenretriever #goldenlab #perro #dogs #pet #petsofinstagram #dogstagram #dogsstyle #dog #dogsofig #thedodo #animalsco #buzzfeedanimals