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21 hours ago

No school so no bedtime. Cupcake time #nephew love this life missing a few but we will make up for it! #godisalwaysontime

1 day ago

God is always on time. He has set the right time for everything. Don't worry. God is always on time. Trust Him. ⌚ Boss Chick Making Moves 💵 #womenwithpower #success 💸 #motivation 💸 #entrepreneur 💸 #ambition 💲💳 #businesswoman 💸 #successfulI 💸 💲 💸 #entrepreneurship 💸 #hustle 💸 💳 #bosslady 💲💸 #successteam 💸 #entrepreneurmindset 💸 #millionairemindset #multiplestreamsofIncome #bosschick 💲 #moneymoves #trustgod 💸 #bossup 💸 #gogetter 💲💸 #womanwithpurpose #wontgiveup 💸 #dressforsuccess 💸 #ingodstiming #godwillbethere #godisneverlate #godisalwaysontime #godstime #rolex #godisfaithful #godstepsinrightontime

1 day ago

Our daughter has been riding from 6 years old. I remember her face so excited so in love with the horse. Sadly she can’t jump or canter anymore as she faints. What I will say is she can’t do it now. But that’s my understanding not Gods. So I wait upon the lord to do what he does best. He’s a miracle worker and I trust him. So while I’m going here and there for tests he says stop after the next few. Then wait upon my word. GA. #hope #mydaughter #dontworry #donotfear #believe #believer #godislove #god #godisalwaysontime #beauty

1 day ago

🇪🇸Esta mañana mientras agradecía a Dios por el proceso que pase esta semana con mi salud vi una predica que llamo mucho mi atención y esta frase me hizo entender el porque debi de pasar por esto. ~EN TU PEOR MOMENTO, OBTENDRAS TU MEJOR PROMESA~. Espero que esto bendiga tu vida asi como lo hizo conmigo 🇳🇱Vanmorgen, toen ik God bedankte voor het proces dat deze week met mijn gezondheid gebeurde, zag ik een preek die mijn aandacht trok en deze uitdrukking deed me begrijpen waarom ik dit had moeten doormaken. ~ IN UW SLECHTSTE TIJD KRIJGT U UW BESTE BELOFTE ~. Ik hoop dat dit je leven zegent net zoals het de mijne zegende! #godisalwaysontime at Netherlands

2 days ago

Certain things happen in life that we have no control over. I’m not sure why this had to happen to my brother...but I trust my God. I believe my brother has a purpose here. Everything happens for a reason. Tell your loved ones that you love them always. Please continue to pray for my brother. Please if you can click the link in my bio. Anything is appreciated. God Bless. 💛 As my brother will say “Life Is To Short” - Ali 💯 #godisfaithful #godisalwaysontime #godislove #godisalwaysgood #everythinghappensforareason #wewillrisetogether #loveoneanother #prayersneeded

2 days ago

#photo by me👌 #photography #shotoniphone #photographer #photomood #instaphoto #cafe #relax #mood #thinking #thinkdeep #godisalwaysontime #tnxgodalways 🙏 #magic #miracle #world #brownicake #mohito #wood #woodycafe 🙏 دوباره سيب بچين حوا، من خسته ام، بگذار از اينجا هم بيرونمان كنند، آدم ها لالت مي كنند، بعد هي ميپرسند، چرا حرف نميزني؟!؟! اين خنده دارترين نمايشنامه دنياست

2 days ago

Dear friends, don’t forget that for the Lord one day is the same as a thousand years, and a thousand years is the same as one day. The Lord isn’t slow about keeping his promises, as some people think he is. In fact, God is patient, because he wants everyone to turn from sin and no one to be lost. 2 Peter 3:8-9 CEV The Lord is not slow concerning His promises to you! Learn His patience and be patient. Wait for it. He will come through. He can show up for you and turn things around in a twinkle of an eye. God works in time, within time and out with time. Hold on to Him. He makes all the difference! Welcome to the 8th Week of the year. God's just starting with you. Keep your focus on the big picture and keep running! #Godisfaithful #Godisalwaysontime #Godislove at Edinburgh, United Kingdom

3 days ago

#photo by me👌 كوچيك كه بودم يه جعبه پر از صدف داشتم، صدفاي كوچيك و بزرگ، ميريختمشون رو زمين و اندازه همديگه رو كنار هم قطاري رديف ميكردم بعد دوباره جمعشون ميكردم، يكي از صدفا از همه بزرگتر بود و بابام هميشه ميگفت اگ بچسبونيش به گوشت حتما صداي دريا رو ازش ميشنوي و من هر دفعه فقط اون بزرگه رو ميچسبوندم به گوشم و چشام ار ذوق گرد ميشد كه آرررره يه صدايي مياد صداي درياس،صدف هميشه برام جذابيت داره و هنوزم هرجا صدف ببينم ميچسبونمش به گوشم و چشام و ميبندم و هم ميرم تو روزاي بچگي هم ميرم كنار دريا. When I was a kid, I had a box full of shells, big and small. I thrown them on the ground then put the same beside each other and I did it again and again.one of them was the biggest and my Dad told me if you put it on your ear you will hear sea sound and I always did it excitedly. Now I am not a kid but I will hear the sea sound wherever I see a shell. My spirit is just a kid for ever.😊 #photography #photoshoot #instaphoto #instsmood #shell #sea #sound #enjoylife #enjoythemoment & #goodvibes #positivevibe #mood #yogi #magic #miracle #tnxgodalways #attitude #spirit #godisalwaysontime #feelings #light #bright #art #artist #enjoy #enjoylife #shotoniphone 😊👌

5 days ago

Semoga yg belum memiliki momongan , segera d berikan momongan, Aamiin 😇 ••• Jika sudah lebih dari satu tahun menikah, belum juga memiliki keturunan, tidak mungkin tidak ada masalah pada kesuburan. • Pertanyaannya…… Apakah semua wanita menyadari akan hal itu…?? • Tahukah anda, semakin lama hambatan kehamilan tidak diatasi, maka akan semakin kecil peluang anda untuk bisa hamil, karena semakin bertambahnya usia, semakin berkurang juga tingkat kesuburan anda ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Untuk konsultasi masalah infertilitas & program kehamilan, bisa menghubungi kami di 👇 Bbm: D921D274 WA: 081913406737 ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Jangan lupa tekan ♥ dan Tag teman atau saudara terdekat anda untuk mengikuti kami 🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹 Indahnya kebersamaan jika kita saling berbagi kepada orang di sekitar kita agar saling mengetahui 💕💕💕 at Jakarta

7 days ago

1. Don’t compare your life to others! Trust your process!! Trust God!! 2. Follow your dreams listen to that inner voice that inner drive!! It’s taking you in the right direction 3. Pray and ask that the will of your life be lined up with the calling God has on your life! 4. Breathe!! Everything is going to be okay ! Remember God is always on time and you are exactly where you are supposed to be! 5. Don’t rush through life! There’s only one finish line 🏁 and that’s the grave! So while you are here make it worth every SECOND On the clock ⏰!!!! LIVE!!! #godisalwaysontime #beblessed #beablessing #goodmorning #throwbackthursday #life #live #time #lifeclock #liveyourbestlife #smile #nextgeneration #norush #almostfriday #behappy #peace #joy

7 days ago

Edo state deputy gov. Comrade Philip shauibu celebrates with apostle ehijele and wife as they dedicate twin babies after years if marriage. #Godisalwaysontime

7 days ago

20 years ago tonight my whole life changed forever. When I was 16 years old, a junior in HS, I attended a 4 day retreat for upperclassmen called Kairos. I didn’t know my life would change so drastically and dramatically by simply attending a retreat to get out of going to school! • God reached into my troubled heart and weary soul on this retreat and spoke His enormous love to me in just the perfect way I needed. He met me where I was and He gave me just what I needed. • My life so drastically changed that when I came back from the retreat my friends thought I was playing a practical joke on them. • But change I did. Because when you truly meet God and feel His love there just isn’t any turning back. I was hooked. I remember carrying my Bible with me on the public bus I rode to school trying to figure out more about God. (I grew up in a very faithful Catholic family but reading the Bible was not a big part of Catholicism.) I was determined to grow my relationship with God and not let the effects of the retreat die. • And here I am 20 years later a new creation in Christ because of God’s mercy and tenderness and His relentless pursuit of winning my heart over to Him. • This shouldn’t be my story, my outcome, but it is. I shouldn’t have a college degree, let alone my Master’s degree, but I do. I shouldn’t have a healthy and happy marriage, but I do. I shouldn’t be the mom I am, but I am. And I really shouldn’t be in ministry, but I am. • That night 20 years ago forever changed the trajectory of my life. God set my heart on fire for Him and it has never burned out. Has it been easy-no. But it wasn’t easy for any other lovers of God. However it has been worth it-and that’s an understatement. My life has been resurrected because of God and what He did that night so many years ago. I am eternally thankful. • #kairos #walshjesuit #oaklandcatholic #livethefourth #20yearsago at Raleigh, North Carolina

7 days ago

My commute this morning afforded me some extra time in the car in which I relistened to Sunday's message. It is so on point for me because now with school finished I get asked, "What is next?" I don't know 🤷‍♀️. I'm enjoying being done for now.... Here I am! I'm open. I'm listening and being aware. I need to discern when to move and when to be still. I do believe my purpose/calling will find me. I just need to stay in position. If you want to listen to: I'm Confused About My Calling, check out the link in my profile for the post and the video. - - - #elevationchurch #elevationworship #efam #hereiam #maybegod #bestill #trusttheprocess #godisgood #godisalwaysontime #wednesdayvibes

9 days ago

MonDaze: MindOfBlaxx: "$TORM I$ OVER"⛈🔞.."IT'$ 19 TIME📣!!"🆙️📈🏃🏿‍♂️🎙🇭🇹✊🏿👌🏿✌🏿." #godisalwaysontime #nosermon®️ #justfacts💯 #miamiphillyconnect ☔️ April 2019 #ALBUMONTHEWAY💿📣🎤📈 @miamiphillyconnect @thebeatmanradio @tu________ #staytuned👀📺 #youtube #blaxx19 #jwetwalk💳💵🚶🏿‍♂️ #fromnothingtosomething #share #tagafriend #musicvideos🎥📸🚨hits # #newalbum #selftitled # “19®️” #blaxx19 #dropssoon #muchlove #ep #mixtape💽 #rightaroundthecorner #staytuned👀📺 #sorryforthewait ⏳✌🏿 #butitllbeworthit 👌🏿 [BLAXX19] NO PRESSURE

13 days ago

💞TESTIMONI POSITIF HAMIL💕 Alhamdulillah.. Jum'at Berkah🤲 Hari ini Jum'at 8 Februari 2019, Lagi lagi kami berbagi kebahagia'an dari salah satu konsumen kami yang berhasil hamil 🤰🏻💕 , Kebahagia'an ini datang dari. - 👉 Nama : Ibu Suhai 👉 Usia Suami Istri: 22 Tahun 👉 Usia Pernikahan : 1 tahun 👉 Alamat : Madura 👉 Keluhan : Keguguran & Keputihan 👉 Konsumsi Herbal : *NEUVEN* dan *ALFALFA* Dari Keberhasilan beliau kita seharusnya sadar, bahwa yang terpenting adalah usaha & keyakinan yg besar, karena selama apapun pernikahan anda & berapapun usia anda, selama kita mau berusaha dan yakin akan Tuhan . Maka segala sesuatu yg tidak mungkin semuanya akan menjadi mungkin, PERCAYALAH...!!! Menunda hanya akan memperburuk keada'an, Berusahalah Sekuat Tenaga atau tidak akan pernah terjadi !!! Karena Tuhan bersama dgn orang2 yg yakin & tidak berputus asa. 😍 - Ini motivasi untuk bunda ① yg belum promil, ② yg sedang promil, ③ yg baru memulai promil, ④ yg sudah terputus promil, ⑤ yg promilnya masih menunggu keberhasilannya, ⑥ bahkan yg benar2 sudah berhenti promil. Salam ✌ garis merah bunda ☺💕 Promil BEE

15 days ago

When it's my serving week, I get to connect with people all over the world (literally) and congratulate them on their decision to accept Christ. I get to learn about their story. Why they said yes. It always takes me back to this day. So many things led me to that day that I never thought would. It's still crazy to think I shared a little of my story and got baptized with thousands watching. I was nervous, but I know sharing probably gave some people a little hope that things will be okay no matter what their facing. I know it's given me hope every Sunday when I hear stories of triumph. My life has transformed over these last few years. I'm still praying for some things to happen. I've worked on relinquishing control knowing that it will be okay if I let it go out of my hands. I've got to trust the process and trust God's plan for my life. Patience is tough, but peace and joy in the end is worth it. #efam #seewhatgodcandothroughyou #nolimitedbylocation - - - @stevenfurtick #elevationchurch #godisgood #godisalwaysontime #godstiming #godswillgodsway #christianwoman #baptism #victoryisminesaidthelord #fliptheflow