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2 months ago

Um yeah. That time it wouldn’t stop snowing. . Ready for a metaphor? ( #toosoon #givemehotchocolate) . Being a biz owner often feels a lot like the current Montana feels: a really stressful snowstorm with no end in sight. (And ALL the shoveling.) . Luckily there’s TONS of support out there and there is *always* a way to get through it gracefully. . Which is why it feels like the perfect weather / moment to highly recommend this girl, @themarketinghat, as a coach, strategist, and cheerleader. If you’re sorting through how to make your business successful, look her up. She helps A LOT with the shoveling. . And I bet you could even talk her into bringing you hot chocolate. ( #FINALLY #givemehotchocolate) . #bozeman #bossbabe #snowmageddon at Bozeman, Montana

9 months ago

Winter face ❄️ 🙄😂 at Antarctica

2 years ago

F a l l• V i b e s 🍁🍂💨🌫 When I came up to UT this summer, I was so excited for the seasons to change and to see the leaves fall and it just gradually gets colder and colder. NO! Of course the year we get up here it drops into the 40's in just a week! I'm not gunna lie, I'm LOVING it because now I can work on all my scarves and blankets and feel nice and cozy inside my house with a mug of hot chocolate. What are your fall faves? Do you have special jammies that you break out to wear around the house? I do 🙋🏻or do you like to turn on some of your favorite movies and fall asleep on the couch? I do 🙋🏻😂 these are all the things I've done while I've been sick with my cold 🤧😷stay healthy everyone! Make sure you bundle up if it's cold and wash your hands!

2 years ago

It's a great weather for some hot chocolate. Unfortunately I can't have some, so posting this beaut pic from last month! ☕️ There is something about hot chocolate, it's so comforting and sweet. It never demands anything and yet make you feel good. 💜 . . . . . . . . . #hotchocolate #le15 #instagood #instahot #weather #comfortfood #instafood #instafoodie #love #givemehotchocolate #chocolatelover #chocolateismybae #coffeeholics #coffee #instalike #instahappy #hotchocolatelover #foodporn #foodblogger #everydayishotchocolateday at Le 15 Cafe Colaba