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LASAGNE fatte a mano da "Za Pippina"! 🍴🍷🍝 Il cibo ci serve per vivere! Prendiamoci il tempo necessario per assaporare ogni pasto e prepararlo con le nostre mani. Prenota la tua vacanza e prepara il tuo pasto secondo la tradizione! HANDMADE Pippina's LASAGNE! 👐 🍝 Food is what we need to live. So, why don't we take time to real enjoy each meal and even make it with our hands? Book your journey and make your own meal like locals! #vallideltriona #livesicani #foodexperiece #sicily #turismoesperienziale #giuliana #montisicani #slowfood #sicilyvacation #siciliabedda #italy #sicilia #authenticsicily #cookingclass #countryside #experientialtourism #experience #handmade #homemade #lasagne #sicani

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O casal @con_aguiar e @cleberadiel está curtindo férias, em Orlando, ao lado dos filhos. Entre os pontos turísticos, já visitaram a Disney, onde a pequena #Giuliana se encantou com os personagens. O roteiro ainda tem passagens por praias, museus e o Hard Rock Café. .

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Since we are celebrating Giuliana’s 1st Birthday this weekend here is a throw back to when we found out we were having a little baby girl💞 at New Castle, Pennsylvania

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In my daughter's eyes I am a hero I am strong and wise And I know no fear But the truth is plain to see She was sent to rescue me I see who I want to be In my daughter's eyes In my daughter's eyes Everyone is equal Darkness turns to light And the world is at peace This miracle God gave to me Gives me strength when I am weak I find reason to believe In my daughter's eyes • • • #inmydaughterseyes #momofgirls #momlife #lifewithgabrielle #momoftwo #giuliana #miraclesdohappen #mybabe #prettybaby #love

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♡Cuando uno no Tiene Planeado este Momento, es ahí Donde te das Cuenta que Dios te a Bendiciendo de vuelta con un hijo, Donde Nace y Crece ese Amor que se vuelve con muchas Ansiedad y Ganas de Conocerte, Sentir ese Amor que te da tu Familia es único, esos Besos, esas Caricias, esos Mimos y Atención, que pronto se acabaran, por que falta poquito para que nos conozcamos, y es ahí donde te vas a robar nuestro Amor, Besos y Caricias por Siempre ♡ #Giuliana #8meses

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I see your father in the both of you! I feel him whenever I'm around you two. He would be so proud of how amazing you guys are!! I love you both 😘😘 #RIPAndres #Giuliana #Elijah #Family

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🌸O U T F I T of T H E DAY🌸 Arrivée aujourd’hui, déjà objet d’un #post ! J’adore ce modèle @indies_prod en tissu technique, au tombé impeccable. Le petit galon des manches lui donne son côté tendance et les épaules nues, toute sa féminité.. Tenue et chaussures à retrouver sur @enbasdemarue_fr 🔗 Petit + ➡️ Lavé, pas repassé c’est aussitôt porté ! Shoes by @talonpointebourgoin bien sûr ❤️ #outfitinspiration #ootd #giuliana #indies #outfitoftheday #frenchwoman #clothing #styleoftheday #talonpointe #bourgoinjallieu #picoftheday #summer #dress #dressoftheday

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At the beginning of the month I decided my breastfeeding journey with Giuliana would be coming to end because she’d be turning one at the end of this month and I didn’t plan on nursing her after her first birthday. I started weaning over the last few weeks. . . We are down to two feedings: morning and bedtime. I had been debating on which feeding to start to remove next all week. My heart hurt thinking about not doing bed time feedings since we have a very particular schedule we follow. So I planned on removing her bedtime feeding last but Giuliana had other plans and refused to nurse tonight. It looks like she made the decision for me. 💔🤱🏻 at Haymarket, Virginia

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Homemade Oat Bars, why did I make these? Because, oats are suggested to help increase your milk supply when breastfeeding, which is something I've struggled with since Giuliana was so ill right after birth and I found that eating oats every morning since we were finally allowed to bring her home and she could receive treatment here really made a massive difference. However, taking care of a newborn and making myself a bowl of oats every morning, or even over night oats is not always a doable thing, and I found the days I couldn't make myself oats there was a marked difference in my supply. So, I got creative in the kitchen yesterday and made these instead, and they only took me 15min to make and 15min to bake. My recipe includes of course oats, and sesame seeds (another food source that assists in milk supply), and a couple other items that I find yummy, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, dried cranberries, peanut butter and a drizzle of white chocolate (this does not contain caffeine so it won't keep her awake) just to finish it off and add a little something sweet and yummy. Now I've got my oats as part of a balanced breakfast which is generally eaten with 1 hand, or even, an easy go to snack for during the day. . . #oatbars #oats #sesameseeds #sunflowerseeds #pumpkinseeds #cranberries #peanutbutter #whitechocolate #nocaffeine #breakfast #snack #keepitsimple #timesaver #momlife #realmomlife #breastfeeding #healthyeating #onehandedmeals #fedisbest #BabyManna #babygirl #Giuliana #daughter #myeverything #newborn

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🥝 K A K I M O O D 🥝 Voilà une tenue qu’on adore.. Surtout que le temps semble ne pas vouloir se mettre de notre côté ! Alors on joue à fond la carte du kaki, sublimé par un vert plein de Peps.. Look complet @airfield_fashion 🖤 À retrouver sur notre e-shop @enbasdemarue_fr et en boutique. 👉 #frenchoutfit #outfitoftheday #ootd #enbasdemarue #outfitinspiration #airfield #giuliana #boutiquemode #styleoftheday #clothing #giuliana #bourgoinjallieu #pant #kakioutfit #spring #lookbook #lookdujour #lookoftheday at Bourgoin