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Scary ass Fish by Ace Fury today! Walk Ins are always welcome and appreciated. 666 S Las Vegas Blvd 1/2 mile South of Fremont St. Across the street from Graceland Wedding Chapel & caddy-corner from Pawn Stars. (702)383-6600 WOLFPACKTATTOO.COM #VeteranOwnedSmallBusiness #WolfpackTattoo #Tattoo #Tattoos #TheHauntedMuseum #LasVegas #DHotel #Piercing #lasvegasstrip #Tattooed #FremontStreet #InkedGirls #TattooedGirls #InkMaster #UNLV #CSN #GirlsWithTattoos #DowntownLV #SinCity #MobMuseum #VintageVegas #PawnStars #GracelandWeddingChapel #WorldFamous #VegasStrong #LasVegasTattoo #TattooArtist #VegasStronger at Las Vegas Strip

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26 issa mood. I know what’s coming is much more than I can ever see. I feel assured in myself. I’m becoming less doubtful that things will always work out if they’re meant to. Following my heart has always been easy, giving it up has been the problem. #girlswithtattoos #selflove #workflow #selfcare #dress

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Doing my first cardio session in months oops 👻

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Some script on two lovely senoritas . Friends that get tattooed together, stay together.. Thanks to my German sistas @leea_bel @salimakhr.

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Here's more of this outfit cuz it was a fav

2 days ago

First sample set received and we are so excited to get this baby released 🥰 #activewear

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Blonderrrr. Filterless and comfortable in my own skin. ✌🏻🖤

2 months ago

Christmas vacation starts in one more day! Heading home for the holidays. What are your plans?!

4 months ago

When your fitness and creep life coincide. 💀. Happy Friday!

6 months ago

Only the weak try to tear down the strong. 💪🏻👊🏻

6 months ago

The only opinion that should matter... Is your own. ✌🏻️ *duck photobomb*

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HIIT in the heat.... Yes, I lived... 💪🏻👊🏻🔥

8 months ago

Motivation Monday: I post something like this every year right before my birthday. It helps to show me the progress I've made over the years. The year after my Dad died I turned to alcohol, which turned me into an overweight, depressed, recluse. And then finally I woke up one day and realized how disappointed he would've been to see me throw my life away. So I changed. You CAN change. You have to want it. Is this embarrassing to share? Sure. But it's important to show what a positive mentality can do for you when you don't let depression kill you. The left, I was 25. On the right, I'll be 33 in 5 days! If you don't like where you are, MOVE! You're not a tree! ❤️💪🏻