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Down to the upper side I can see ghost towns Oh until the morning glows Read it in your eyes I believe in my whole lies #newestate #ghosttown #lies

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This is the former home of the Caldwell family, located on Church Street on the Jackson County side of Whittier, North Carolina. Dating back to around 1920, the simple, Craftsman-Style dwelling features two small dormers and a porch that wraps around one side of the building. At various points in its history, it served as a private residence, the home and office of the town doctor, and a small hospital. The house today appears to have been abandoned for quite some time, a sign of the decline and decay of this once prosperous town, and is showing signs of being in the early stages of collapse. Sadly, the town, which was thriving during the late 19th Century and early 20th Century, faced massive economic hardship due to collapse of the local lumber industry during the Great Depression, leading to disincorporation in 1933 and the gradual dissolution of the local business community, which today consists of a few small businesses on the Jackson County side of the river, away from the original location of the business district around the town’s railroad depot on the Swain County side of the river. Whittier, NC, US at Whittier, North Carolina

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Adagiato tra le colline della Brianza, nel territorio del comune di Olginate e a pochi chilometri da Lecco, sorge il folle paese fantasma di Consonno. Questo strano borgo, una sorta di Las Vegas in miniatura, ha avuto una storia tragica e al contempo incredibile. Ormai dimenticato da oltre quarant’anni, è un luogo surreale, a metà strada tra un paese futurista abbandonato fra un migliaio di anni e un sogno disneyano. Così nel 2011 ho deciso con questo lavoro di celebrare quel sogno al limite della realtà! • CONSONNO SOAP BUBBLES 100CM X 150CM – PRINT ON FINEART BARYTA HAHNEMÜHLE / DIBOND ©2011 – EDITION OF 5 • #violapantano #contemporaryart at Consonno

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Along the banks of the Tuckaseigee River, straddling Jackson County and Swain County, is the small former town of Whitter, North Carolina. Founded in 1881 by Clark Whittier, the community rapidly grew around a railroad depot on the Murphy Branch of the Western North Carolina Railroad, and was incorporated as a town in 1887. The town continued to prosper into the 1920s, and was at one point one of the most significant railroad towns in the western part of the state, but, with an economy heavily based around timber and logging, the town was hit hard when the industry collapsed during the Great Depression, leading to a disincorporation in 1933, suffering such a massive blow that it never recovered. Today, I consider it to be a sort-of “ghost town.” People still live here and there are still businesses, but it has declined precipitously since its heyday around the turn of the 20th Century. These buildings, on the Jackson County side of the town along Old US 19, are the former Osborne Mill/Ferguson’s store (red roofed building at the corner), the old Home Cash Store (the larger of the two false-front buildings), and the town’s old grist Mill (the smaller false-front building). They are in a section of town that ended up surviving as a commercial district following the area’s decline, with the original commercial district being on the opposite side of the river around the railroad depot, located in Swain County. Whittier, NC, US at Whittier, North Carolina

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الجزيرة الحمراء راس الخيمة #ghosttown

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الجزيرة الحمراء راس الخيمة #ghosttown

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الجزيرة الحمراء راس الخيمة #ghosttown

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California Trailblazers is now Waypoints West! With members all over the country, and our search area expanded well beyond California’s borders, we’ve decided to retire our old handle and adopt Waypoints West as the official name. We’d like to thank all of our followers and especially our members for your continued support. If you’d like to join us as we track down the lost places of the west, please visit us at #abandonedplaces #forgottenplaces #lostplaces #abandoned #ghosttown #ghosttowns #planecrashes #derelict #hiddenplaces #historicalplaces #waypointswest

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shoutout to mi mum 4 always being my isn’t like she has a choice, but still 👩‍👧☀️