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26 days ago

My "serious acting" debut in a film about gender presentation is probably the only time you'll ever get to see me in front of a camera! It was an incredible experience and I can't wait to share it with everyone so here's a sneak peak the director is letting me post.🙈 Plus, to be on a film set where the crew is mostly POC, queer, where all of the leaders are womxn, where there are pronoun intros, where they start off by telling you it is a feminist & anti-racist set, tells me the future of film is in good hands!💜 · 🎬: @peepingtomboy 🎥: @taraviolet · #jeffbridges at Hollywood

2 months ago

🌲 Gender of the Day: Ghost Tree. I’m performing in Into the Woods as Cinderella’s Mother on Dec. 15 & 16th! It’s a beautiful production and full of beautifully talented people! 🌲Photo Credit: Leslie Noel 🌱✨ 🌲Ticket link in bio & very long caption below: 🌲After a very rewarding & exhilarating year of performing and choreographing some of my favorite pieces, I’m taking a hiatus from contemporary dance while switching gears to musical theatre until West Side Story wraps in March! 🌲It’s been exciting to step back into a choreographer role for a musical AND guess what else! Regardless of some very scarring comments from someone in college, a mere 10 years later I finally have the courage and support to get on stage and sing my little dancing heart out. 🌲And most of that comes from Leslie Noel and The Peter Pan Foundation. I’m surrounded by people who are as inclusive of me and my pronouns as they are kind, passionate, talented and supportive. I love them and I have so loved being part of this production 🌱 #peterpanfoundation #intothewoods #transartist #genderoftheday #bayareamusicals #supportthearts

4 months ago

I’ve been thinking for a while to do gender of the day posts when i have the inclination, these will be short gender energy readings. Like the following: 🐟 “Your gender is a bottled thing, cold and slippery, crying to be released. It yearns for the inky blackness of space where it can warm itself in the glow of stars. It dreams of far off worlds where it can flourish ever changing.” . 🐟 Though everyone can enjoy these, it’s important to bear in mind that these are written from a place of trans experience. As such these readings can’t be applied to cis genders. If you’re cis and feel like they apply to your gender then perhaps it’s an indication that you aren’t cis and reflect on that! . 🐟 #genderoftheday #transtarot #queertarot #tarotcommunity

5 months ago

hello, it is i, the trash can that became sentient, gained control of a meat vessel, & gave it a platinum blonde mullet mowhawk for decoration. #genderoftheday

6 months ago

6 months ago

I was looking at plushies online and Google is telling me scary lies

9 months ago

Just toured this old catholic abbey that used to be a boys school and the tour guide kept givin me fist bumps and tryna convince me to become a priest. I told him I might be lacking a few qualifications but I don’t think he caught my drift... 🙏👼🙏👼🙏 #irony #queer #queersofinstagram #nonbinary #queeradventures #genderoftheday

9 months ago

Gender of the day #10 💨🌈⚡️🌍🌔💫VAPOGENDER: “ A gender that sort of feels like smoke. One can see it and understand it on a shallow level but if one tried to go deeper it disappears, and one is left with no gender and only tiny wisps of the gender one thought it was.” #cutegenderoftheday #gender #genderoftheday #lgbt #vapogender