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2 minutes ago

Flea market always has mirrors at Otranto

6 minutes ago

@thisislany thank you for writing my teenage years.

9 minutes ago

#2013, anno che segnò l’inizio di due celebri carriere. Quella di @dodoedopug, rinomato artista ormai trasferitosi a #Firenze per motivi professionali, e sdv, fotomodella di campagna con elevate tendenze gipsy

10 minutes ago

When you find a note on your desk from Stephen R. Covey himself. I used to listen to his “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” in the car thinking the boys were sleeping. They weren’t 🤪 P.S Ivan. It’s Stephen with a ph not a v... #takingthepiss at London, United Kingdom

10 minutes ago

⠀ Only one rule. See the moment, take a shoot it. ⠀ • C A P T U R E • ⠀ 🎧 two sleepy - she (was) ⠀ ⛩ at Somewhere on the Earth

17 minutes ago

Sonnenuntergang in Pismo Beach - my favourite🖤 _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ #sunset_pics #pacificsunset #pismobeach #pacificcoast #eveningmood #palmtrees #abendrot #likeparadise #californiadreaming #visitcalifornia #californiaroadtrip #earth_pix #natures #moodytones #gameoftones #stayandwonder #wanderlust #travelgrams #reisetipps #urlaub #vacationmood #traveldiary #californialove #beachlife #beachy #voyaged #nature_brilliance #global_nature #amazingnature #roadtripusa

20 minutes ago

I grew up in this town, and for seventeen years I couldn’t wait to leave, I wanted to be anywhere other than Barnstable. It was boring and slow and small and I felt trapped. But now there’s not much more that I want than to be back home, which was taken away for stupid reasons and pushed my family out a bit, and respect and love was lost. The views and people might get repetitive but I miss them so much. It’s not important, but I just thought I’d share . . . . . . . . . #gameoftones #moon #photography #celestial #bnw_captures #igfotogram #bnwmood #earthpics #instaphoto #naturephotography #canonphotography #urbanphotography #discoverearth #spring #bnwphotography #newengland #artofvisuals #unknownperspectives #savageframes #illgrammer at Barnstable, Massachusetts

23 minutes ago

I was excited when the sunlight hit this gap on the horizon last night.. The light was awesome for a minute or two. at Utah

25 minutes ago

It’s officially our last weekend off until wedding season takes over our entire lives—bring on the LOVE! 🙌🏻 at Harmony Gardens

28 minutes ago

| Need some new grandpa shoes, think this is a sign? 👴🏻|

29 minutes ago

Sky above me,Earth below me and fire within me🔥🔥

32 minutes ago

It’s the day before Easter, I am managing the Floral department (alone!=stressed out)at a local grocery store. I get a message from my good friend David @darkoneimages asking “if I had anything going on tonight?” My first thought was “SLEEP! ME NEED SLEEP!” Then I thought no way am I going to pass up a possible opportunity just for a much needed slumber so instead I replied “Nope!” Cut to about six hours later and I am shooting at the Voices Magazine Awards😍with only one cup of coffee in my system and zero food for the day! I almost fainted upon arrival but the whole experience was well worth it’s weight in gold! I met some amazing people including photographers, models and I got to see so many influencers in my own community who are doing so much good for people of color! So when opportunity knocks? Open the door because you never know what will be waiting on the other side. Model: @melody_rose7 at You Can Run But You Can't Hide

32 minutes ago

Headed North right after so I could witness this entire Greenery before all thighs will pile up. This is heaven! at Bali

40 minutes ago

Beaches, Boys and Blues. 🏖️🐾☀️