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Follow - Like - Share - Comment - Never again will he kiss her goodbye And just that thought makes him start to cry Now he'll finish that song, and he'll write it today.... This is the start and here's what it says You are my siren, you drew me in With a voice like an angel and the softest skin Your eyes shine like diamonds and your smile melts my heart I know that nothing could tear us apart Follow @thecompletequotes

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I didn’t choose to have period then why do i have it? When i say life is not fair don’t argue with me about it 😤

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“You know maybe I don’t!” You said. “Harry left me yesterday, we kissed three hours later and now you want me to choose if I will ever want to be with you!” You were on the verge of crying. “Y/n I’m not forcing you to do anything” tom responded. “I am going to leave no matter what happens, even if I fall in love with you!” You blurted out. “y/n yes I have feelings for you! But I’m trying to deal with you leaving too!” Tom yelled. “I’m leaving, just don’t make it harder” you calmed down. You started to walk away. Tom couldn’t say anything. “Whether you’re leaving or not, I won’t stop until I make you mine” tom said to you. “well you better learn to stop soon” you turned around. Tom looked into your eyes, and saw the pain, the frustration, and the love in your eyes..”I do love you” tom said quietly. “stop saying that” you responded. “I love you” he said louder. “Stop” your voice broke. You both got closer to eachother. “Y/n y/l/n I fucking love you” you and tom were face to face. Your breaths were in sync. You didn’t make any eye contact with him. He slowly tilted your head upwards. You looked at him and tried not to smile. But his charming ways got you to lighten up. “I hate you tom holland” you cracked a smile. “I know” he put his hand on your cheek. Your lips tingled with desire. Tom kissed you quickly and your eyes widened. His soft lips were in perfect shape with yours. You closed your eyes and wrapped your arms around his upper body. In between kisses Tom kept smiling. You crashed into the couch as the kisses got more intense. “Happy birthday by the way” tom smirked. “I thought you forgot” you panted. “Never” he kissed you again. “wait wait” you stopped him. “what” he laughed. A crazy idea came to your mind. It was beyond doable but you thought that maybe it could happen. You were about to say something but Finn came in bursting in. “Hey y/n I’m early-“. He saw tom on top of you and both of your hairs a mess. “Oh, uh, well, I don’t know if I’m allowed to cross that line to talk to you about “sex”” Finn whispered to you. “Ew god no Finn, I-I thought you were coming tomorrow” you got out of Toms arms💗

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gwerth cynnydd yw gwarth cenedl

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this picture is the epitome of the divine feminine i have never seen as much beauty and elegance in a picture before.... she's angelic ♡ i adore u @arianagrande a glowing goddess ✨

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Love him :(

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Baby baby baby can’t you see... (Complete the sentence, with something u wanna say to Noah) • • •follow @goofyncentineo (me) for more💌

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‘s edit — [Crystal x some places] — Aww, she is so amazing! — filter: @polarrfilter

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My exact face rn about hearing next hoes jumped up on my boys beds

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Had a very @fentybeauty valentines 💄✨ (swipe for a surprise😏)

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Big ah buns till the day I die🙏🏽

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Fresh start could b a good thing hoes 🤷🏽‍♀️

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Can’t believe my ass gotta start all over again 🤦🏽‍♀️