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2 hours ago

🇮🇹 Avete votato e ha vinto Futurama 🎉 Così oggi vi presentiamo Turanga Leela, la capitana della navicella Planet Express di New York del 3000. È una mutante forte e coraggiosa. La serie è creata da Matt Groening, creatore dei più famosi Simpons! 😊😀😉 . . . 🇬🇧 You voted and the winner is Futurama🎉 So today we want tp show you our Pop! of Turanga Leela, the captain of the Planet Express Ship of the future New York! She is a strong and fearless mutant. The series is created by Matt Groening the creator of the famous The Simpsons! 😊😀😉 #funkopop #funkoitalia #funkoeurope #futurama #turangaleela #planetexpress #funkofuturama #funkoanimation #funkomania #collection

5 hours ago

Boredom Its actually Episode 3 not 5 error in editing

6 hours ago

Утренний позитив от новой шапки, связанной женой😁👾 #futurama #zoidberg #handmade

7 hours ago

Tus 12 primeros síntomas del embarazo... Sí quieres saber más, dirígete a nuestro canal de youtube ,Literaturrg y allí apreciaras el vídeo completo y podrás llevarteuna guía más explicada acerca de los síntomas...😘😘 #cute #like #futurama #mamablogger #mamá at Marbella, Spain

7 hours ago

This tattoo though! 😂😆

8 hours ago

Classic.... Who would pay Stewie for this?

9 hours ago

🔹🔹 FUTURAMA 🔹🔹 «Футурама» получила своё имя от экспозиции фирмы General Motors на выставке New York World’s Fair 1939 года. Экспозиция демонстрировала видение Нью-Йорка будущего. . . - Постер на холсте - Вопросы и заказы в direct📩 или в whatsapp🔻 - +77087148136📲 . . ------—-—----------------------------------- #liketime #likeforlikes #futurama

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People who become Bitches in nice cars

9 hours ago

Замерзшая, но счастливая 🤪 Ещё учиться и учиться, но каталки уже приносят удовольствие 💫 Осталось понять какая нога ведущая😅 #bender #futurama at Ципина Гора

11 hours ago

Camp Fresh Start

11 hours ago

Just watched this epi! #futurama

12 hours ago

One of my other grails that i have and one of the rarest ones to get is this Futurama #1. Why is it it so rare? You ask. This is a convention edition. Only 1,000 were made not only that but Matt Groening aka the creator of #futurama #simpsons #disenchantment has signed it with Bill Morrison. Matt’s signatures are known to be the hardest to get especially when it comes to grading. Normally his signature is out there but having it witnessed by @cgccomics was no easy task. Luckily God placed me near his manager so i had the opportunity to buy him a coffee and one thing led to another. Great story behind this comic trying to get it signed. I manage to say that i love it and I’m happy i had the opportunity to pull off what i did. Lastly i had Bill sketch Fry and Leela kissing each other and Matt G. Sketched Nibbler. #slabs #bongo #bongocomics #mattgroening #billmorrison #nibbler #comics #comicnotforsale #godlycomics #igcomicfam #comiccon #sdcc2018 #moderncomic at San Diego Comic Convention