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6 hours ago

I love this woman - she is one of the kindest, most thoughtful, passionate, and grounded people I know. I feel fortunate that in my journey through sobriety my higher power has brought people into my path that speak to my soul and bring peace to my heart. In the past (my days of drugs/booze) I would have judged this gal for a million reasons before I even gave her a second thought - she's gorgeous and put together with the same pinache as a banana republic ad, she's bubbly, tall, graceful, barely swears, has the enthusiasm of a child, smiles with a lovely sense of ease... Oh, the list goes on...but in sobriety, I began to be honest, open, and unguarded with people. This change has given me the richest potluck of human connection...spending even a brief morning visit with this gal had filled my cup and warmed my heart #friendshipisthebestship #friendship #lyss47 #ksphotos #ilovebeingsober #sobrietygavememylifeback❤️ #soberdoesntsuck #soberandproud #ilovelife #joyoflife #coffeedate #mysoulisfull #mysoulisfree #mysobrietyjourney #mysobrietystory

22 hours ago

Taking time to cherish the amazing people in my life who are embracing the journey of self-awareness and emotional well-being. I'm blessed to have met and be surrounded by people who embrace humbling themselves through introspection, spiritual growth, and meditation to gain a clearer understanding of themselves and the natural world. In a culture that does not emphasize reflection, I am honored to have you be a part of my journey and celebrate your journey. I love you all ❤ #goodvibes #love #friendshipisthebestship

1 day ago

@dayzandconfused happy birthday to this lil slice of heaven. there's no one on earth i'd rather share a birthday with. or sing bohemian rhapsody with. or hike up a mountain in flip-flops with. you bring me out of my comfort zone and get me to live a little. i love your uniqueness, your style, your passion, and most of all your unrelenting ride or die sense of friendship. i could not be more grateful you dropped a bottle on your toe and told me you liked my dress. to quote you ~love you fiveever because that's more than forever~ 🖤🖤🖤🖤 #happybirthday #youreabitch #noyoureabitch #soulsisters #rideordie #friendshipisthebestship #didweleavethecarrunning #badideasgoodtimes #iloveyou

2 days ago

Coffee + cutie ☕️💕 • • Love this sis of mine!! And it was such a blast doing this coffee shop photo shoot with her - even if my kids were trying to jump all over her and myself during it 😂 • • Thank you @m.gonz14 for helping me get better at my work by being my model - you’re the best! #friendshipisthebestship #coffeehour

3 days ago

Celebrating some of my best Galantines today 🖤 I’m not the biggest fan of Valentine’s Day but I am a big fan of celebrating love (don’t worry Aaron, your turn is tomorrow 😉) and friendship! These girls are somethin fierce. I don’t think I ever expected to gain the friendships I did when I started in the ER 4 years ago. These aren’t just “hey I love workin with you” these are the smartest, kindest, go out of their way to love on you, always have your back, wipe your patient’s butt for you, good to the core life long friends (I call them lifers). I can’t explain the magic, but I love these people with my whole being and so grateful for their friendship! • • • • • #galantines #galentinesday #friendshipgoals #friendshipisthebestship #traumanurse #ernurse #nursefriends #bestfriends #friendsarefamily #liveonpurpose #traumarn at Postino WineCafe

3 days ago

It all started back in 2008 when we were standing in line at a dining hall at @jamesmadisonuniversity and we decided to be roomies. Now, 11 years later, @domojmu77 and I are kicking it at a #dukesunleashed event supporting the school that changed our lives. . . #jmu #jmualumni #godukes #baltimore #charmcity #friendshipisthebestship #besties #love #supportyourschool #philanthropy #goodtimes #laughteristhebestmedicine #laughterisgoodforthesoul #friend #friendlove #wednesday #wednesdaynight at American Visionary Art Museum

4 days ago

💕 It’s Galentine’s Day today!!! 👩 As I was packing up this greeting card order today (which, by the way, was a totally fitting purchase for someone to make today!), I was thinking about how lucky I am to have so many great female friends in my life! . I feel truly blessed to be able to call these incredible women my friends! They’re always there for me, during both the happy times and the not-so-happy times. They build me up with positivity and support when I’m feeling down and they help me celebrate my achievements when they happen, no matter how small! They sometimes travel across the country for visits and they know how to brighten my day with a funny text or a surprise phone call! . . We “mermaid to be friends” and I hope they know how much I love them, respect them, and cherish their friendship! 😊 . . Today is almost over, so before it ends...I just want to let the world know how grateful I am for such an awesome tribe of gal pals! In the immortal words of the Golden Girls: ”Thank you for being a friend” 🎶

4 days ago

A selection of pictures from the past year that celebrate just a few of the amazing #galentines in my life. And there are so many more! Just reminds me how thankful I am for, as Leslie Knope would say, the “cunning poetic land mermaids” and “beautiful, talented, brilliant, powerful musk-oxen” in my life- aka the best gal pals near and far 💗💗💗 Today on the blog I’m celebrating GALentines day and mentioning my top 5 gift ideas for all your galentines 💗💗💗 Link to the blog in my bio ☺️🧡❤️💛🖤💚💙💜💓

5 days ago

Check out the great article below on how hanging out with your girlfriends is good for your health! We don’t think this should come as a surprise to anyone - the problem is that as we get older and have more and more responsibilities, we seem to lose the time (or don’t make the time) to spend real time catching up with our girlfriends anymore. We agree that ‘laughter is the best medicine’. The article states that meeting up with at least 4 friends is most beneficial for creating the funny situations that generate the necessary endorphins for happiness and wellbeing. Our retreats are all about friendship and laughter. Imagine how great you’ll feel sharing a whole weekend of giggles and fun with us and the other women who’ll be joining us!

5 days ago

last year in January I flew to Dallas to meet @hannahmariaphoto over the course of 2018 we spent countless hours on FaceTime chatting, and becoming great friends. So when we chatted about me coming to Dallas again, we decided to plan around one of Hannah’s weddings. I’ve been here in Dallas since Wednesday and it’s been fun, we went to Austin for a wedding, I’ve gotten to hang out with my prima and tío. It’s been good, and it’s been relaxing. Today I took some pictures of my sweet friend. I love a good portrait 🤘🏼 at Dallas, Texas

7 days ago

" บันทึกฮาล์ฟแรกใน cmu marathon 2019 เป้า: จบภายใน 3 ชั่วโมง ซ้อมถึงแค่ครั้งเดียวจะหวังอะไร ตั้งใจว่าจะเดินสลับวิ่ง ในเพซ 8.30 น่าจะจบตามเป้า ฟ้าประทานหัวรถจักรความเร็วสูง "โค้ชนนท์" มาช่วยลากตั้งแต่จุดปล่อยตัว และส่งจนถึงเส้นชัย โค้ชนนท์ผู้ใจดี ใจเย็น อดทน และเสียสละ....กราบ มาถึงจุดกลับตัวบริเวณสะพานสิ้นสุดทางจักรยาน อาการเจ็บกล้ามเนื้อบริเวณด้านหลังหัวเข่าขวาออกฤทธิ์ คิดในใจ "นรกชัดๆ" เจ็บ แต่สู้ต่อ อดเอา ใหญ่ละ เจอสเปรย์ยาชารีบพุ่งเข้าหา ลากสังขารมาได้ถึงกิโลที่ 16 5 กิโลสุดท้ายไกลเหมือนไม่มีจุดสิ้นสุด ค่อยๆ จ๊อกเบาๆไป เพซตกไปที่ เก้ากว่าๆแล้ว เป้าหมายเลือนราง เหมือนใกล้แล้ว แต่มันไกลที่สุด เวลากองเชียร์ตะโกนว่า "สู้ๆค่ะพี่ อีกนิดเดียวๆ" อยากบอกน้องว่า "นิดเดียวแต่มันมหาศาล!" แค่จะวิ่งยังไม่มีแรง ความทรมานของกิโลท้ายๆ คือความภูมิใจตอนเข้าเส้นชัย นรกในกล้ามเนื้อ คือสวรรค์ตอนรับเหรียญ และนี่คือเสน่ห์ของความทรมาน สำหรับผู้เริ่มต้นที่ตัวเลข 21.3 กม. อย่างฉัน สองโลท้าย, ขอเดินสักนิดแล้วฮึดวิ่ง โน่น เส้นชัยอยู่เลยโค้งแล้ว! อย่าหยุด ก้าวไปเรื่อยๆ ข้ามเส้นชัย กดนาฬิกา 3.05 ชม. มากกว่าที่ตั้งเป้าหมายไว้ 5 นาที แค่นี้ก็ปรบมือให้ตัวเองและกราบโค้ชแล้ว ต้องขอบคุณน้องจิ๊บ ยุวธิดาที่วิ่งด้วยกัน ทำให้ทางสั้นลง เพราะมีเพื่อนคุยเพลิน ขอบคุณ cmu marathon ที่ทำให้มีความมั่นใจ ในการวิ่งไกล อย่างน้อยมันก็ช่วยบอกว่า-เราทำได้ สถิติเป็นไปตามความตึงความหย่อนของเราเอง มันไม่ทรยศเรา เมื่อขยัน และมันก็ไม่เคยปลอบเรา เมื่ออ่อนซ้อม มัน "ตรงไปตรงมา" เสมอ วันนี้อาจจะ 3 ชม. เพื่อวันหน้า อาจจะได้เห็นเลข 2 กับเขาบ้าง มีคนเดียวที่จะบอกว่า ฝันนี้จะเป็นจริงไหม ก็คือ คนเดียวกับที่บาดเจ็บในวันนี้นี่แหละ! " . . . #nomatterwhathappenbeyourownsunshine #youarestrongerthanyouthink #friendshipisthebestship #cmumarathon2019 #chiangmaiuniversity #chiangmai #thailand #iamtoey_nan

7 days ago

Isn't it great when you have people at your workplace that mean something to you and with whom you actually want to spend some time with? #FriendshipIsTheBestShip #Köln #Selfie

7 days ago

Are you in the Chicago area? Inbox for more information on a craft and cocktail night hosted by Handmade by Michelle , with all proceeds going to help support Ama's fight! There will be snacks, cocktails, and best of all, crafts, all for a $20 minimum donation to Ama's Army! Reach out for info! ・・・ #fuckcancer #cancerawareness #amasarmy #applepiforever #applepiomega #friendshipisthebestship #fightcancer #cancersucks #raiseawareness #breastcancerawareness #fighton #breastcancer #craftsandcocktails #ladiesnight #comeonout at Chicago, Illinois

8 days ago

I love to catch up with friends over a nice warm cup of tea. It can be so energizing to hear about their lives, and to share our feelings and dreams with each other. Friends are so important. I like to tell my friends how much they mean to me as often as I can. @gabicoffeebakery . . . . . #barackollama #barackollamalovesyou #bllamz #llamanodrama #nodramallama #savethedramaforyourllama #savethedramafoyollama #selflovellama #friends #friendshipisthebestship #gabicoffee #butterflypealatte #tealover at Gäbi Coffee & Bakery

8 days ago

I got a surprise package in the mail the other day and immediately knew exactly who it was from. If I’m honest, it made me weep. One, because I miss her terribly and two because it feels so good to be loved and appreciated for who I am...flaws and all. Surround yourself with people who love you for YOU! _ Who would you send this wall hanging to? #herestothecrazyones #worldchangers #rebelmoms at Idaho

9 days ago

Don’t forget about Friendship Friday’s at O2!✨ . As a yoga member or punch pass holder, you have an added perk to bring a friend on us! Happening until February 22nd! Keep each other excited and moving in 2019! . BONUS✨ For you...each time you bring a friend, we’ll enter you to win a 60 minute massage. For them...after the free class, your friend will receive exclusive access to an unlimited month of yoga for $79 (best deal in town!). . Photo @alexisahrling at Aspen, Colorado

9 days ago

eating dinner with this girl, she’s leaving soon, so I’m glad I get to make good memories with her #friendshipisthebestship

10 days ago

You may have seen myself, @ira_ralston ,& some of our friends sporting these funky kicks around town and wondering where we got them. Well.. - In 2017 I made friends with a really cool dude who just so happened to have a passion project that I couldn't help but love! I bugged him until I scored a pair of these funky kicks born from said passion project. This was before the kicks even had a name!😁 - Now in 2018 Qhipas shoes have their name AND I have joined the @qhipas team officially!! I am SO EXCITED for what's ahead!!🙌 - I have so much to show and tell about what's happening and what will be happening that I can't squeeze it all into one post! Stay tuned!👟 - - Shout-out to @ira_ralston for always supporting me in all that I do and for being an awesome asset to the @qhipas journey! #teammate 😘💞 - And the most comfiest blue shirt and grey hoodie combo I'm wearing? It's made of bamboo! If you don't know @freeflyapparel check 'em out! So soft and quality 🙏Thank you @lonestarlobo for always blessing us with the best!🤘 #friendshipisthebestship #freefly #bamboo - - ☑️ #WhatYouWearMatters #ConsciousFashion - - #EthicalFashion #Artisanal #Zapateros #HandCraftedShoes #WhoMadeMyClothes #PlantDyes #EcoFashion #ConsciousCompanies #PreservingCulture #Colorful #Textiles #Sneakers #Kicks #Shoes #Ecuador #Peru #Quechua #Baños #Austin #Texas #ATX #AustinStyle #Qhipas at Austin, Texas

11 days ago

Has anyone used Lightroom to edit your photos? Lightroom it’s a free app, super easy to use! Thanks to @schanamoschen for your demo! This girl knows what’s up!!!

14 days ago

Are you a secret (or not so secret) unicorn? Want to support a good cause? These tiny unicorn horn studs (about 1/2") are uniquely made- no two pairs are alike! Available in bright or dark (see both posts), they can be yours for a $25, with ALL money going to benefit my dear friend Ama as she fights breast cancer ! Made from handsawn copper, hand sifted enamel, and Sterling silver posts (soldered, not glued), your ears will look better than ever! Comment below or DM for details! #fuckcancer #cancerawareness #amasarmy #friendshipisthebestship #fightcancer #cancersucks #raiseawareness #breastcancerawareness #fighton #breastcancer #unicorn #unicornearrings #earrings #handmadebymichelle #enameljewelry #oneofakind #enamel #unicornhorn #handmade #handmadejewelry #handmadeishardwork #handmadeisbest #jewelry #chicagodoeshandmade #chicago #madeinchicago #makersgonnamake #makermovement #buylocal #buyhandmade

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Now's your chance! These tiny unicorn horn studs (about 1/2") are uniquely made by Handmade by Michelle- no two pairs are alike! Available in bright or dark (see both posts), they can be yours for a $25, with ALL money going to benefit @amaleigh81 ! Made from handsawn copper, hand sifted enamel, and Sterling silver posts (soldered, not glued), your ears will look better than ever! Comment below or DM for details! #fuckcancer #cancerawareness #amasarmy #applepiforever #applepiomega #friendshipisthebestship #fightcancer #cancersucks #raiseawareness #breastcancerawareness #fighton #breastcancer #unicorn #unicornearrings #earrings #handmadebymichelle #enameljewelry #oneofakind #enamel #unicornhorn

14 days ago

Now's your chance! These tiny unicorn horn studs (about 1/2") are uniquely made by Handmade by Michelle- no two pairs are alike! Available in bright or dark (see both posts), they can be yours for a $25, with ALL money going to benefit @amaleigh81 ! Made from handsawn copper, hand sifted enamel, and Sterling silver posts (soldered, not glued), your ears will look better than ever! Comment below or DM for details! #fuckcancer #cancerawareness #amasarmy #applepiforever #applepiomega #friendshipisthebestship #fightcancer #cancersucks #raiseawareness #breastcancerawareness #fighton #breastcancer #unicorn #unicornearrings #earrings #handmadebymichelle #enameljewelry #oneofakind #enamel #unicornhorn

15 days ago

Sorry for all the business posts lately! But...Ok ya’ll I got in a car accident on the 19th and we can’t afford our deductible. So I’m putting on a sale with my makeup business! These are grab bags...retail at more than what you pay (so you’re getting a discount) AND you get bonus prizes in these bags! This is elite makeup at an affordable price. So please! Help me fix my car! Buy a bag and I’ll DM you with the details on the rest! Message me with questions! In the picture is what’s left! Grab a bag at a #discount while you can! #lipstick #senegence #makeupsale #sale #treatyoself #helpme #fixmycar #friendshipisthebestship at Vicksburg, Mississippi

16 days ago

Happy Birthday to my favorite Grandma, you're finally 25 in human years!! We've been friends for a thousand years now and you, Jess and I have done nothing but spread nonsense in to the world with our hit skit show and general lack of regard for thinking before speaking or acting, so what better way to celebrate the birth of our very own Super Carolyn than by sharing a few of my favorite quotes that you've said (mostly yelled) through the years: (scene: in the Minnichaug cafeteria) "We were put on God's Green Earth to eat chicken." (walking somewhere in hampden) "I'm a country maaaaan singing my country soooong, I like my whiskey straight... and my woman... attractive." (on a football field) "Are you guys transformers? Because I'm Cobra Commander." You make life more interesting and are truly one of the funniest people I've ever met, I'm so thankful we were sat next to each other in 4th grade and we decided to be inseparable idiots with highly advanced senses of humor. I'm rambling but anyways HAPPY 25th BIRTHDAY CAROLYN!! ❤️❤️🎂🎂💋🦁🐱🦉❤️🍸 #nofilter #friends #friendshipisthebestship at The Old Folks Home

17 days ago

Νιώθω εθνικά περήφανος που ήμουν ο πρώτος που απόκτησε αυτό το pin από τον @stivaktis και ομορφαίνει το τζάκετ μου. #pin #καφεπρωτα #friendshipisthebestship #frappe