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3 days ago

😊❤️😊 禮拜五早上不用上班的人~~還挺多的~ 我還以為只有我這種不賺錢的小編劇可以擺爛不工作💩💩 so many brunch people at brunch🐱 guess I am not the only one don’t give a shit about life with no money❤️ #feelgood #fridayisontheway #雅典娜宣言 #oathofathena #옵빠야

5 months ago

Loving my new @kitchenaidusa spiralizer attachment. Makes meal prep so fun! Tonight I made beet noodles and apple 🍏 volcanos with cinnamon Want help with meal prep? Download my free cheat sheet at the link in my bio

9 months ago

🥂 Thirsty Thursday! Who needs a drink or two? Or three...four?🍻

2 years ago

Happy Hump Day!!!!! Friday is coming I promise, just waiting for that damn camel to get out of the way.😂😂🐪🐫. Have an awesome day!!!!! #happyhumpday #fridayisontheway

2 years ago

ışk.. aşaka.. sarmaşık.. aŞk.. kelimeler aynı yere çıkıyor hep.. sar diyor.. sarmala diyor.. bir ol diyor.. ❤ 💚 ❤💚 şahane bi cuma gelsin.. içinden aŞk geçen bi haftasonunu müjdelesin 😍