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Scuba tips & tricks brought to you by Aqua Lung! Today we're helping you conserve air with one easy tip: Streamline your equipment! Having a streamlined system helps reduce drag and conserve your energy and air. You can improve your system by clipping in your consle and octopus or airsource, bringing only what you need, and stash those accessories in pockets. Any additional tips? Leave them in the comments below! •⠀ Browse our Print Store to find out more inspired designs ➡️ Link in my BIO 👆 •⠀ •⠀ #scubalove #scubadivers #scubaphoto #scubapro #freediver #mergulho #divemaster #apnea #scubasteve #foryou #trending #picoftheday #coment #feelings #share

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What do you guys think of my nose pierce ? 😳 ( does it look bad ? 😫 ) - - THANKS FOR 23.8k ! 😭❤️ - - Stay Active and Positive ! 💯❤️ - - #explorepage #explore #omgpage #foryou

8 minutes ago

We always go into it blindly - Sel Via Instagram .... do you guys think this is a lyric?? Is she teasing

9 minutes ago

😭 I wanted to post this @_.itsdonye #foryou || back at it again 😂🥴

26 minutes ago

it's been a rough week man