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Grateful for these strong, amazing ladies who spent their Friday evening letting me coach them through our first Happy Hour Circuit! Everyone walked away sparkling and energized 😉 #grateful #strong #strongisbeautiful #strongissexy #kfs #kaizenfitnesssystems #kettlebells #groupfitness #fitnesscoach #workharddreambig #dowhatyoulove #happyhourcircuit #happyhour #friyay #squats #slamballs #deadlifts #wallballs #fitnessfriends #burner #cardio #shedoesntsweatshesparkles at Kaizen Fitness Systems

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Can still get better on these but man do they feel good - 🔹 Are body weight exercises better than your typical gym exercises? I personally don't think so. They are a fantastic complement and I think they are a great reminder of what our body should be capable of doing - 🔹 One of the main argument in favour of calisthenics is that it makes you insanely strong AND help develop proper posture. I do agree with with, but I think this is something you can also do in the gym. If you do gym exercises with shit form, you're going to injure yourself. If you do calisthenics with shit form, you are also going to injure yourself. If you do gym exercises properly, you will get better posture - 🔹 How about using both to feel amazing all the time? The advantage of calisthenics is that you can do them any where, any time. I find them extremely useful to find weak spots that you can then target at the gym. With the handstand press for example, if you feel like you can't even hold a handstand against a wall properly you can ask yourself is it core strength issues, shoulder strength, mobility, coordination? - 🔹 The advantage of gym exercises is how much control you have over them and the ability to break down exercises into feasible progressions. So once you figure out if it's core strength, shoulder strength or mobility, you can hit the gym a deconstruct the handstand press into smaller exercises that in time will make it possible to do a proper handstand push up. You can strengthen you core, do more standing shoulder presses or work on your shoulder mobility. - 📝 Coaching tip Combine calisthenics and gym work to reach your goals quicker. They are both so good and make for a killer combo. Be the guy that can military press his own body weight AND do full, proper handstand push ups. Be the girl that can back squat heavy ass weight AND rep out ass to grass pistol squats - Have fun with it guys 💪 ____________________________ #handstandpushups #handstand #calisthenics #streetworkout #strong #getstrong #gymnastics #acro #barbrothers #inversionjunkie #balance #controlyourself #bodyweight #fitnesscoach #resutls #bodyfit #selfgrowth #progression #progressnotperfection #overcome at Vancouver, British Columbia

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I forgot that yesterday marked one year as a fitness coach! That’s special to me because it took me a year to get my nerve up to get past my fears of becoming a fitness coach. I’ve had the biggest transformation on the inside. I’m the healthiest I’ve ever been. I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. I feel good in my skin. I’ve lived my life and showed up for myself everyday. I’ve helped others feel good about themselves. It’s my favorite journey! Im so happy I jumped I’d be sitting here letting myself down wishing and that’s a life I just wouldn’t have wanted. . Today I finished week 8 day 3 of Liift4, tomorrows my last day for this program. It always feels the best to complete something you started! . I’m just grateful and thankful for this life I have!!! ❤️ . #grateful #thankful #anniversary #bestlifeever #fitnesscoach #ilovemylife #fitnessmotivation

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What’s holding you back? What’s keeping you from achieving your dreams and goals? . I’m guilty of saying I want to do something and never end up actually doing it. I’m guilty of saying I WILL do something and a month goes by and it didn’t even cross my mind. What is one thing you would work on or go after if fear wasn’t in your way? . Fear is usually the underlying reason people never go after the things that light their ussoul up - Fear of how others might see you. Fear of losing some people because you know they wouldn’t be interested in your journey (these aren’t your people anyways 👋🏻👋🏻). Fear of what your parents might say. Fear of “doing it for attention.” . Fear is a liar. By sharing my story in hopes to inspire some of you, I’ve lost the fear...OF SHARING! One life-changing lesson I’ve learned from coaching and being on a team is that in order to do what I want to do, I simply have to do whatever it is I want to achieve. It’s so simple it’s stupid 😆 . Whatever it is you go after, and you’re just starting out, know that it won’t be insta-worthy or perfect by any means. BUT once you take that baby step, you feel powerful and you’ll start to believe in yourself more. And then after a while, you’re 10x better at what you were afraid of doing..BECAUSE YOU’VE TAKEN ACTION and now have learned lessons on how to improve🙌🏻 . Life’s all about living friends. . Living doesn’t begin until you let your fears go 🙏🏻💕 . . . . . . . . . . #fearisaliar #theroadlesstraveled #spreadlove #bebetter #createthelifeyoulove #evolve #thrive #fitnessmotivation #fitgoals #lifegoals #lifeisbeautiful #leadwithlove #leadwithfaith #findyourwhy #fitnessgoals #transformationpic #weightlossjourney #mentaltrasformation #fitnesscoach #livebetterchallenge #getfit #gethealthy #investinyourself #growthmindset #myfitnessjourney

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Here’s a short educational video on 𝙂𝙡𝙪𝙩𝙚𝙖𝙡 𝘼𝙢𝙣𝙚𝙨𝙞𝙖 as well as some elementary tips on how to avoid it. Foreshadowing some conversational pieces on tomorrow during my live call with @simplytone. Comment below what you’d like us to discuss 📝

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Front End Friday 😎 —— Growing up, I was always looking for where I fit in. Then I found my Jeep community....then I found my fitness community and I finally felt like I belong somewhere. Two somewheres actually. Now I’m working on bringing those two communities together and I’m so excited to bring my two loves together 🥰 ——- If you’re interested in Jeeps and fitness, comment your favourite emoji and let’s get the ball rolling ! I want to help all my Jeep girls feel as great as I do. 0|||||||0 ——— #frontendfriday #jeepfridays at Lethbridge, Alberta

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🙌🏻💜👊🏻 Learn to believe in yourself and it will open up the endless possibilities in your life. . . Yes, at times it is difficult to do. The truth being, we’ve been conditioned throughout our lives to foster our self doubt and these create roadblocks. Rid your fears and stop ✋🏻 your self-doubt in order to build self-esteem and self-confidence. . . Once you DO believe, the world will open up in front of you. What will you do? What will you achieve? That’s up to you... . . #justbelieveinyourself #selflove #happyfriday #strongwomen #wordsofwisdom #quotes #quotestoliveby #fitnessmotivation #lifelessons #you #believe #workforit #yyz #toronto #fitnesscoach #wellness #mindfulness #lookwithin #keepgoing #achieve #successquotes #youcandoit #lasofitwell #lasofitwellco #lasofitness #lasowellness #fit #fitfam #strong #innerstrength at Toronto, Ontario

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If you want a t-shirt that is clinically proven to increase aesthetic appearance, overall strength and sex appeal by 312% then I have big news for you!! I’m excited to announce Lawless Fitness t-shirts are now available through @teamflexappeal!! Head over to- and use code “LAWLESS10” for 10% off!! (The above stated clinical trials are complete BS, but it’s still a dope shirt) at Crestview, Florida

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The best part about living a healthy + balanced lifestyle is you don’t need a break from it 👌🏼🧚🏼‍♀️ . I have my highs & lows, but never any extremes, restrictions, rebounds.. We fluctuate naturally, in terms of weight, composition, activity, motivation, LIFE, so many things. It’s too easy to get caught up in trying to completely control it all, but one of the BEST things I ever learned was to LET GO . Let go of the need for numbers, let go of the obsession & worry, let go of the need to compensate because you ‘ate too much’ or had some extra treats. Let go of the need to take up less space or fit into society’s ridiculous standards. To look like her. No more punishment, no more anxiety, no more regret around food . But instead, more love, more mindfulness, forgiveness, nourishment.. An amazing thing happens when you let go & turn your attention to you wellbeing, not what you believe you ‘should’ do 🙌🏼💛 It falls into place effortlessly . Sound too good to be true? When I let go everything fell into place for me & I’ve maintained a healthy + balanced lifestyle for over 5 years now 🌸 I’ve had many obstacles thrown my way but I have an underlying knowing that it’ll come back into equilibrium. It’s not perfect & it’s not supposed to be . When you realize you are enough right now your outer world mirrors the inner. Inner peace is so #goals & helps you reach all of your goals more easily 😊💫

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40 or 40 rule This is a rule that I have created when you are dieting and temptation arises. This rule is for those who do not have time, self control or they just hate doing excessive cardio. In 40 seconds you can consume 400+ calories AND In 40 seconds you can burn about 4-10 calories OR In 40 mins you can burn 400+ calories Why do 40 mins of punishment cardio if you could just avoid the 40 seconds of impulsiveness! This rule only applies when you are almost finished your marcos or calories to early or you risk going over. My clients and I use this ideology to overcome urges. #health #fitness #nutrition #wellness #diet #bfitbwell #healthtips #fitnessmotivation #dontquit #getfit #hydration #diabetes #bodypositive #weightloss #fitnesscoach #onlinecoach #noexcuses #healthyeating #fitmencook #fitwomencook #diettips

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How to stay on track over the weekend 1️⃣Start your day with breakfast. Just as you do during the week, have breakfast first thing in the morning. If you sleep later than usual on the weekends but still get up a couple of hours before lunch, make sure you have something small to get your metabolism going. 2️⃣Move your body. Go to the gym, for a bike ride, or to an exercise class you don’t have time for during the week. Whatever your preference, just do something active! 3️⃣Don’t skip meals. Even if you’re going out for a big dinner, you still need to eat lunch and probably a snack before your night out. If you think you’ll skip meals to save up for dinner, you’re in for a rude awakening. You’ll end up eating more than you would normally and regretting it the next time you step on the scale. 4️⃣Watch the alcohol. It’s easy to overdo the drinking over the weekend. Between dinner out, meeting friends for drinks, or perhaps a party or two, you’re likely going to be faced with many alcoholic beverages. Your best bet? Swap one or two alcoholic drinks with non-alcoholic ones. Trust me — you’ll be happy when you don’t have a hangover the next morning. 5️⃣Keep your goals in mind. Whatever you do, remember your goals. Put them in a place you’ll see them so you can remind yourself what you want to accomplish and not let weekend activities get in the way. If you haven’t made any goals, there’s no better time than now. Check out The Basics of Goal Setting if you need help setting some. 6️⃣Things went down south? Don't beat yourself up and punish yourself at the gym on Monday morning. Rather own it! Enjoy every minute and get back on track without feeling guilty #trainsmart #strengthtraining #trainharder #fitgirlsunite #fitlifestyle #fitforever #melbournefitness #freeweights #melbournefood #melbournelife #cleaneatingrecipe #cleanwaitingjourney #healthyoptions #instahealthy #instafitness #healthandfitness #fitnessadvice #exercisetips #workouttips #workoutoftheday #fitnesslove #fitgoals #fitnation #fitnesscoach #fitnesstrainer

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All black ❤✨ Lembrando que dos dias 16 ao dia 23 estaremos com várias peças na Black Friday (algumas peças de coleções passadas). Mais informação através do nosso contato abaixo! 📍AV. Pontes Vieira, 1290 Contato: ☎ (85) 9.8805-0925 at Fortaleza, Brazil

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My friends know I love a good slogan tee, but when they have a message I support I love them even more. Did you know that Rhinos are some of the biggest animals in the world & that these incredible creatures have been hunted to almost extinction which makes me sad. We have one body, one earth, take care of it ‘cause when it’s gone, it’s gone 🌎 🌼☀️ unicorns really do exist! 🦄 🌈 #savetherhino #motherearth #fitforlife #lovinglife❤️ #sunshinecoast #fitnessforever #personaltrainer #wellness #fitnesscoach

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1st day back! 15 stitches to the right leg 4 weeks ago finally cleared for lower body exercise. Light pacing on a 4 mile run. Heart 20-30bpm higher than it was at that pace, but training will fix that. Consistency is key. Be sure to warm up and cool down. Most of my injuries have been skipping out in those areas. #fitness #instamotivation #fitgram #cardioworkouts #gymlifestyles #fitnesscoach #fitnesscoaching #fithappens #trainingtips #fridayfitness #fitfriday #fitfridays #muscle #feelgoodfriday #workoutstyle #workoutsession #tacticalathlete #tacticalfitness #fitlifestyle #getfitdone #hardwork #hardwork #hardworkout #gains #health #ctwellness #connecticut #connecticutlife #healthyou #exercise at Connecticut

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Your dreams don’t work unless you Do 👊🏻💯 . Time to punch in the clock and put in work like we do everyday towards our Goals. Success lies in the baby steps we take each day in the right direction! To me the most important aspect of your journey is having the right attitude with you daily, that will allow you to love what you do and do it relentlessly and cheerfully! And always remember the right attitude is contagious! Have a blessed Friday and weekend Fam! #tgif #godisgood #attitude #positiveattitude #lovewhatyoudo #smile #blessed at Tampa, Florida

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READ THIS From one second we are strangers to the next second we are brothers... I felt extremely compelled and moved from my boys story that I had to post and give @nlain87 a massive shout out.. the other day I am in the zone beaston throw a workout and normally don’t like to be disturbed.. as I take a quick breather this dude walks up to me I have never met walks up to me and doesn’t say a word and shows me the before and after pic of himself.. I was impressed at the transformation and before I could get out the words to say great job he tells me that was him 2 years ago living on the streets hooked on heroin and meth and was eating out of dumpsters to stay alive... he finally got extensive rehabilitative work, pulled himself together, got sober, got a good job, found his passion in fitness and now 2 yrs later he is sober, jacked, got a great job and on a righteous path!! My mind was blown!! I told him that I had to post his story to encourage others that might have similar problems and might think your life is so ducked up it can never get better! Well my boy Nealnis living proof! I told him I would bless him with my @fitSupremacy tank and welcome him to the family! May God Bless you brother every step of the way and if you ever need anything from me you have a new brother that would literally give you the shirt off my back! If anyone else need help please get help now.. and if you see me and are sober please lmk and I will gladly share your story and bless you with a tank and welcome you to the family because family watches out for others!! #fitsupremacy #powerhousegymtampa #ironbrothers #sobriety #sobersoldier #cleanlife at Powerhouse Gym Athletic Club