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1 minute ago

Spent my Friday night in the gym!

2 minutes ago

What's up my dudes! Happy flex Friday! Im over here putting in the late night work out in! That V taper is starting to come in nicely! Still dealing with some of that lower back pain but managing to slowly get back into my workouts. Are you getting your lifts in? Is an injury keeping you from pushing forward? Comment below! And I just might have a fix for your injury! Stay motivated and stay hungry fit fam! at Life Time Fitness - Castle Creek

3 minutes ago

Holy crap! Where have I been?! Oh just getting my house ready to sell...studying...working full time...& doing a whole 3 day refresh that I didn’t post!😳 • Life gets busy!🤷🏻‍♀️• • Crab stuffed, bacon wrapped, shrimp in a jalapeño cream sauce. • & they lived happily ever after. The end.☺️ at Manny's Cocina

3 minutes ago

Don’t forget to stretch after every workout 🏋🏿‍♀️

4 minutes ago

You have to fight every day... you have to change you have to evolve, you have to improve, you have to do your best... and every time it will be not enaugh... because you are dancer.. so go ahed follow the process and belive in yourself . . . . . #dancer #sportsphotography #ballet #danceclass #dancers #danceshoes #mondaymotivation #balletdancer #dancelife #dancestudio #choreography #instafit #fitnessmotivation #cardio #shredded #gymlife #fitspiration #fitnessaddict #aesthetics #getfit #noexcuses

4 minutes ago

Happy #flex Friday 💪🏼😜 after feeling under the weather I got a great back workout in with a glute finisher 🍑🔥 in this stage of prep I have really enjoyed the workouts and the cardio routines. 7 weeks out and it’s going to fly by 🥰

6 minutes ago

Super exited to finally be pulling some weight

7 minutes ago

¡Feliz Beviernes! Instead of a beverage for beviernes, this is Beverly, my mother-in-law. She just made a killer dinner for us in Louisiana and then made dessert to celebrate my upcoming birthday. Very grateful to her and for the opportunity to visit with family this weekend! at Saint Francisville, Louisiana

7 minutes ago

HEY YALL ME AGAIN! ✌🏼 Today’s lift left the 🍑 & quads • Here are some of my favorite ☀️QUAD FOCUS☀️ exercises from today! 1️⃣back squat (working weight 195lbs 😎) 2️⃣front squat (working weight 115lbs 😤) 3️⃣goblet squats with heels elevated (these left me fallin over nbd) 4️⃣leg extension SS 5️⃣pulse lunges *this last super set left me 🥵🤬* • Like i said the PUMP WAS REAL! If the #quadzilla pic isn’t convincing enough, then 📚SAVE & TRY📚 this on your next leg day! I know I’ve been reminding y’all a lot, buuuttt double tap 🧡 & save to help ya girl out! Thank you to those who have been trying my lifts lately! Credit :@gabsfit15 #positivevibes #Womensbest #Gymshark #healthylifestyle #legday #quadworkout #selfcare #selflove #gymmotivation #getmoving #bootygains🍑 #fitness #fitnessjourney #growth #FITNESS #fitnessinfluencer #fittips #fitnessaddict #fitwoman #workoutmafia4life #workoutmafia4ever #fitnesscoach #getfit #fitfam #buverslf #fitnessfreak #fitnesslifestyle #fitnessaddict

9 minutes ago

Booty + hamstrings 🍑 Started with deep squats, focusing on pushing through the heels and squeezing the glutes as quads tend to dominate quite easily. Used a lighter weight for good mornings to switch on hamstrings. Nice slow and controlled movements to really think about the muscles you’re trying to work is the 🔑✨ . . Also helps to have a good workout buddy like @lifewithliv98 to push + keep me in check 💓

24 minutes ago

Feelin a bit stronger with each day😇 - Remember, it’s NEVER too late to live a healthy lifestyle. We all have to start somewhere sooner or later. Take care of yourselves. Love, Zoiexx

2 months ago

No seams, no limits🙌 The seamless Emma Leggings are our current easy-to-move-in, go anywhere obsession❤ #emonifit Click link in bio to shop at Aventura, Florida