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I have a confession 🙈 I looked at myself butt naked in the mirror today and say said “yaassss bitch”. Eating well and training even better 💪🏾 Oh yeah, try this leg day finisher and see how many rounds you can get done in 2 minutes 👀 ————————————————— #fitness #fitgirls #fitlife #fitfam #girlswhotrain #girlswhosquats #girlswholift #dedication #fitmum #determination #hardwork #fitnessbloggers #fitvideos #fitchicks #personaltrainer #ptlondon #bodygoals #fitnessenthusiast #fitnessaddicts #strongwomen #strongnotskinny #melaninfitinspiration #ebonyfitness #melanin #femalefitness #fitnesswithlee at London, United Kingdom

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Byron Bay lighthouse walks with little miss Hallie for sunrise... I’m trying to be more kind to my body and patient in getting fit again. Compared to how my body used to be I have a lot more lumps and bumps now that I’m still not used to and boobs that I’ve never had before haha but hey it’s all worth it and ide do it all again for you miss Hal. at Byron Bay Lighthouse

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Nothing is better than Monday morning, when you start the week like this...... 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️ 12km løb, lydbog i ørene og sol i fjæset jeg er vild med Amager fælled sådan en smuk morgen. Noget siger mig forår er lige om hjørnet 😁😁😁😁 ______________________________________ #newgoals #backontrack #momfitness #momboss #mamafitness #fitmum #træningsprogram #believeinyourself #afterbirt #ocr #ocrtraining #postpartum #ocrathlete #mygym #crossfitmom #powergirl #happy #mor #mom #momlife #løbetræning #spartan #spartantraining #nordicRace #spartanwoman #running #intervaller #runningmom #løbermor at Amager Fælled, København, Denmark

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ÉVRY DAY BE BETTER SHAPE . . . ÉVRY DAY SOYEZ EN MEILLEURE FORME . . . 😉SOYONS INSPIRÉS. OPTEZ POUR LA FACILITÉ. SHAKEZ VOTRE PETIT DÉJEUNER😉 . . . A QUAND TON TOUR??? . TU VEUX OPTIMISER, TON PHYSIQUE? . ↗️REGAIN D’ÉNERGIE 💡 . ↗️PRISE DE MASSE MUSCULAIRE💪🏼 . ↗️TOP PERFORMANCES SPORTIVES🏃🏾‍♂️🏃🏻‍♀️ . ↘️PERTE DE MASSE GRASSE 😁 . . . #breakfast #breakfastclub #breakfastidea #herbalife #fitfuel #healthylifestyle #fitmum #frenchheroteam #entrepreneurship #evry #paris #weightloss #bodypositive #herbalifenutrition #sport #athlete #endurance #eatclean #healthy #mamanheureuse #fiere #athletes #performance #performances #resultat #resultats at Évry, Ile-De-France, France

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Just finished my first @fiit work out and still smiling 😮 The exercises were really good and instructor was not horrifically annoying (which is about as good a praise as I can give for fitness instructors doing group sessions). My one grievance was she didn't always tell me when the rest times started so I didn't get my full rest allowance - almost as if she wanted me worn out, outrageous! I'm just trialling the free workouts at the moment but considering signing up if it fits in well with parenting/work/home and I enjoy the exercises. If anyone has any thoughts/experiences with fiit let me know! #fiit #fiitapp #singlemumfitness #autismmum #homeworkouts #fitmum #yummymummy #sweaty #lunchhourexercise at Earlsfield

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💡A study on the status of women by the US Dept of Education revealed what business & psychology researchers had been finding in their studies for years- even when both parents work, 👩🏻‍💻women juggle the majority of the childcare and the housework too in the US. 🤱🏻Add in fitness?? Well a working mother runner, is ONE busy lady!!!! For me, as a leader in tech, all of my peers have always been male. Most of them with wives who stay home and they cannot relate to my running & laundry filled weekend or vacation days for race travels or my kids doctors appts. They have someone to take care of that,.... What do we do to make the race even? Well unfortunately in running it is what it is lol, but in the career race 1️⃣Do not mention your kids as an excuse for work life balance. Of course, spend time with your kids and DO have a great balance, but don’t say it in front of your male peers. Do what fathers do, say “I have an appointment”, “taking a personal day”, etc. If there’s anything I’ve learned about being a women & a minority it’s that making yourself different than others won’t help then understand you. Be different and be proud of your family, but don’t complain and don’t overshare. 2️⃣Solicit HELP from your partner and anyone who can! I’m serious. I’m a perfectionist, and I want to be at every single soccer practice, on the PTA, you name it, but I cannot possibly succeed at everything well. We have to learn to divide and conquer. Let go. Don’t let your partner get away with not ever cooking dinner, or helping with housework. Make a spreadsheet of chores and make sure it’s even. Figure out who will take kids which day, and if you can get a babysitter or family member to help, don’t be afraid to accept help! 3️⃣Believe in yourself! There are many reasons women leave the workforce, some purely economical because childcare is ridiculous, and some are noble. I would encourage you to really challenge both those reasons and play devils advocate with yourself. When it comes time for a promotion or considering a new job, think of all of the obstacles you’ve overcome so far. Use running strategies, and rise to the challenge. ❤️

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Allez, parce que plusieurs d’entre vous l’ont demandé et que oui, ça m’a manqué je vous poste ce soir le parcours type que je fais trois soirs par semaine depuis que je suis enceinte ! . Ce n’est que de la marche à pied MAIS avec 60% du parcours en côte dont une bien raide ! Des escaliers, un peu de descente pour reprendre un peu de souffle et du plat aussi pour une marche plus rapide. . Je précise que je fais ça avec l’accord de ma sage-femme et de mon médecin traitant ! Et que pour l’instant mis à part cette marche d’en moyenne 45 minutes 1 heure, je n’ai pas encore sauté le pas d’aller à la salle. J’ai trop peur d’être tentée par des exercices ou machines auxquels je n’ai pas droit... mais j’y retournerai sûrement demain avec un plan en tête à RESPECTER 😏💪🏽 . Allez je file à la douche et préparer le repas de ce soir ! #futuremaman #beproudofyourself #ciaoleskilosentrop #reprisedeschosesserieuses #ecologie #mumtobe #fitness #fit #fitmum #pregnancyfitness #marcherapide #motivation #determination #reunionisland #repriseenmain #reequilibragealimentaire #parentstobe

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Who’s prepped for a successful week of fat loss and strength gain the No Fail way? . Let’s slay it this week, Sisters of Strength! #BossQueenAF

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There is 3 years difference in these photos of my youngest rocking the @runmummyrun kit! . You forget they were ever that little! . Kids Technical Tees are available on the website in ages 3-13 years (with matching Women's Tees in UK 8-22). Just click my bio link to head to the online store! . 📸 @angelfirephoto . #runmummyrun #rmrkit #runningkit #runningaccessories #mumswhorun #womensrunninguk #runningmummy #girlswhorun #womenrun #fitmum #runnergirl #thisgirlcan #thisgirlcanrun #ukrunchat #ukrunners #runtogether #runtoinspire #runningmum #runrunrun #inspiringwomenrunners #runforfun #runnerslife #runtheday #instarun #runningcommunity #runnershigh #womensrunning #kidswhorun #kidsrunning

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MOVE MONDAY - HIP CIRCLES . ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Instructor @myliesaurus is explaining the perfect technique for a Hip Circles with our lovely member Megan demonstrating. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Hip Circles help to align and stabilize the hips and strengthen your quads while focusing on pelvic control and stabilization. They also bring fun energy into the class adding an extra bit of sass! 🤩 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Watch the full video on our facebook members group or come and trial your First Class Free for our #movemonday . . . #xtendbarre #xtendbarrefloreat #xbf #xtendbarreaustralia #xtend #barre #perthbarre #barreperth #pilates #yoga #perthpilates #pilatesperth #cardio #workout #exercise #fitness #fitspiration #fitspo #fitmum #strongwomen #feeltheburn #sweatitout #meetyouatthebarre #xtendyourlimits #fullbodyworkout #yourbodyonpoint

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The type of training and eating that I’m doing will depend on whether you see my abs or not . Right now, I’m the girl on the left because I’m wanting to get stronger in my lifts, grow some muscles and give my body a rest from high energy training. It means eating more, increasing my carbs slightly in order for me to get stronger to lift heavier, it does however have an effect on my stomach area because with the increase in strength comes a little more body fat giving my belly a softer, rounder look (which is fine because it’s winter and it’s jumper and coat wearing season) . The picture on the right is how I plan on training about 8 weeks before summer, I’ll incrementally reduce my calories, eating a higher protein diet, I’ll switch to lighter weights and get sweaty and out of breathy with my training (a nice welcome change to the heavy lifts at this point) my body fat will reduce making my abs a lot more visible ready to wear bikinis and feel a lot leaner in my summer clothes. . I really only do this as a way of keeping my training interesting, switching up workouts and keeping the dreaded plateau’s at bay. I also love challenging my body and still marvel how it responds to different types of routine. I never ever stress my body, if I didn’t enjoy it, then I wouldn’t do it, I’m not interested in competing, I just like changing shapes for the seasons! . . #gymroutine #absworkout #abs #bulking #cutting #fitmum #hiittraining #ladieswhotrain #fitnessmotivation #fitnessinspiration #ladieswholift #trainhard #personaltrainer #strongwomen #bossladytraining #bossladymindset #workingout #abgoals #fitnessgirl #fitnessgirlmotivation #weightlifting #cardifffitness #fitfamcardiff #challengeyourself #fitblog at Cardiff

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Well that was tough. Much of the battle is a mental one & getting used to being comfortable being uncomfortable. I looked at today’s workout and thought ‘I can’t do that today’ ... one hour later and it’s done. New neurological studies have shown that the training you do in sport & exercise where you need discipline, self- regulation & control produces an improved ability to self control mental processes; regulate emotions, resist temptation and remain calm in the face of obstruction & perceived danger. #crackon #exerciseandmentalhealth #neurological #neuroscience #fitnesscoach #mentalhealthtips #exerciseasmedicine #fitforlife #healthandwellbeing #pushthroughthepain #fitmum #womanswarrior

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THE ONLY 5 MOVEMENTS YOU NEED ... to work every major muscle in your body when you’re time-poor. In fact, exercise 4 achieves almost exactly that in a single movement. Work with a weight and rep range that safely challenges you, rest after all five exercises then repeat from the beginning for 3-5 sets depending on the time you have available. Monday sorted 💪🏽. . 1️⃣ Deadlifts (substitute dumbbells if you’re a beginner) 2️⃣ TRX low row from seated (don’t be fooled by that little ‘sit-down’; it makes these so much more challenging!) 3️⃣ Kettlebell swings 4️⃣ Contralateral split squat overhead press (here’s the money move! Regress to no back foot elevation if you feel your hips shift forward. The focus is on the core rather than the shoulder during the press, so maintaining a neutral pelvis is key). 5️⃣ Alternating single leg incline press-ups (elevation helps prevent over-loading the shoulders, while the leg lifts challenge your core to keep your pelvis tucked). Save it and give it a go, and don’t forget to report back 🤗.

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A few weeks ago I was chatting to a strongman & he told me i’d never be very good at any of the disciplines I train until I pick just one to focus on.............I have really pondered on this & I have finally come to my conclusion........ I don’t care! You heard me, I don’t care. I work 8hrs a day as an office manager, I also have a part time bar job, I have two teenage children & a husband to take care of, a dog to walk & a house to keep. Fitness is not my life nor my career. Fitness is my past time, my hobby, something I enjoy & through fitness I have made some dear friends & grown strong & confident. So what if I’m not Merseyside’s strongest woman.......I have a blast with the strong bitches at the strongman session I attend. I’m never going to win the CrossFit games, but I have competed it many CrossFit comps and had some of the best weekends doing so. I’ve even one one ☝️. I’m never going to perform for cirque du soleil, but I am amazed I can even climb up a silk. Do what you enjoy & what makes you happy. I could never enjoy spending hours every week braking down every little component of a lift, it’s just not for me. So I’ll carry on being a mediocre crossfitter & strongwoman because I get a lot more enjoyment being mediocre that I would focussing all my time & energy on just one. #tikiboo #aerialsilks #fitness #crossfit #strongwoman #mondaymotivation #motivation #mediocre #strongwoman #strongmum #fitmum #crossfitmum #happy #friends #enjoylife #lifting #tribalclash #districtL #silks #fitnessmum #cardeadlift #familycomesfirst #yoke #squat #atlasstones #paddleboarding

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Bank Holiday Monday = Starbucks ➡️SoulCycle➡️Spa!!!!☕️☠️💆🏻‍♀️ Obsessed with these new @lululemon x @soulcycle black camo Align leggings...that hot pink skull though!!!💖☠️🙌 Hope you guys have a fabulous Monday!😘 Camden was feeling much better yesterday and had a blast playing all day!!💙 #Monday #momlife #spaday #soulcycle #starbucks #fitlife #fitspiration #pink #skull #coffee #coldbrew #coffeelover #coffeegram #coffeelovers #starbuckscoffee #spin #soul #fitmom #fitmama #instafit #fitmoms #fitmum #happy #healthy #fit #strong at Starbucks

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🔝 MERCI 🔝 . Oui !!! Merci aux photos !!!!!! Et merci aux leggings surtout !!!! Croyez vous vraiment qu on est toutes parfaites ? Aussi lisses que le legging nous fait paraître ?? . Que néni 😂😂😂 . Dessous se cache la peau d orange qu on déteste toute 🍊 Et moi, elle ne m a pas épargnée cette hiver. Je n en ai pas autant eu depuis un moment 😡 Comme quoi, dès que tu réduis le sport cette poufiasse reprend ses aises !!! 😓 Alors oui, ça ne me plait pas et oui ça me casse le moral, mais je n abandonnerai pas et je ne lâcherai rien, même si parfois j en ai envie... car faire du sport n est pas seulement pour avoir un joli physique, mais c est aussi pour ton bien être (intérieur et mental) et ta santé, donc rien que pour ça, ce soir je vais m entraîner et faire un cours de UBound (trampoline) 🏋️‍♀️💪💝 . No pain, no gain 😊 #legging #peaudorange #cellulite #photos #photography #training #ubound #fitwoman #fitmum #fitfrenchie #muscu #followers #followme #like4likes #nopainnogain #détermination at E-Sens SPORT

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Sweaty Mama Moment of the week from our Franchisee Sarah 💖 We love this precious moment between mama and baby enjoying class together at one of the Sweaty Mama Carlisle classes. #sweatymamamoments happens every Monday. So, share your moments Mamas and maybe you will be featured next week! 💖 Why not join and book on one of the classes now! #sweatymama #sweatymamamoments #sweatymamalove #sweatymamaclass #baby #babybonding #mamafitness #mamalove #babyfitness #fitnessclass #postnatalfitness #prenatalfitness #mamilates #sweatymamilates #mamas #workoutwithbaby #fitnesswithbaby #womensworkouts #mumandbabygroups #fitmum

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*cette tête* L’intensité c est ça, on ne peut imaginer ce que c est tant qu on ne l a pas vécu 😅. Cette tête je la dédie à mes sœurs de galères mais aussi de grandes réussites @mance_bzh et @alexblaeti . On peut tout affronter si l’on regarde les choses de la bonne façon! Ne jamais abandonner pour ne rien regretter. #nevergiveup #bodybuilding #nopainnogain #bodytransformation #bodypositive #bodybuildingmotivation #teamleksa #strong #muscle #fitnessgoals #vegetarian #lifestyle #fitmum at Marie Antoinette's Estate

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Feet up for 5 🖐 - after a busy morning, I’m taking a time out and enjoying a cup of tea whilst Amelia has her afternoon nap 😴 & Jack busy playing with his Batbot 🦇 no makeup, au natural! Got my fav shirt on too😆 think it’s about time to go clothes shopping 🛍 ... ... ... Online: Sarah Ellis-Martin SM Nutrition&Health ... ⭐️ If you are determined and ready to make changes to your lifestyle and i improve your nutrition & health get in touch today for a FREE mini consultation!!! 🌟 ... ... ... Good food, nutrition, exercising daily, health, happiness & well-being ... ... #monday #motivation #relax #natural #fresh #maternal #infant #nutrition #mumpreneur #working #mum #postpartum #fitmum #nutritious #healthylifestyle #photooftheday #instafoodie #instadaily #igdaily #igfood #foodie #instalike #followme #workingmom #nutritionist #dundee #foodblogger #smnutritionandhealth

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Mon bébé aux yeux bleus... Je ne sais pas à quel âge la couleur définitive des yeux est fixée mais avec 2 parents très typés aux yeux marrons je pense qu’elle ne gardera pas les yeux bleus très longtemps 😆 Je me demande à quel âge les yeux commencent à foncer lorsqu’ils deviennent au final marrons ? Est ce que tous les bébés naissent avec des yeux bleus ?

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Today we are Featuring our favorite post by @ helloburpees - When you run into your doppelgänger, you rope them into doing partner workouts until it becomes an ab workout from laughing too hard. But seriously, is Wonder Woman + I’m so grateful to have amazing women in my life to inspire and push me. Tag & challenge your workout partner to get moving today! song: body by ❤️ .fitness code: KAYLA15

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Today We are featuring our Favorite post by @ msrachelhollis - It’s been such a hard and exhausting week (see my stories) BUT there are so many blessings in this storm. 1. Noah in her holiday jam jams 2. Noah’s tiny plastic cup which she told me was a “mooothie”. 3. My yellow hoodie, keeping me warm for the last 12 years 4. My vintage Fleetwood Mac concert tee from the 70’s that I splurged on last year and when it arrived it fit me like that was its job 5. The incredible team at who has banded together and called their friends and neighbors —who responded en masse— to help us respond to every customer and question and inquiry. The circumstances life throws at us can make us feel weak; your ability to practice gratitude and reach for the positivity is what makes you STRONG enough to handle anything. Thank you God for this day and the strength we’re gaining in these lessons, amen.

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Today we are Featuring our favorite post by @ gunning4fitness - I like taking progress pics once a month so I can see the changes my my body is constantly making and to see how far I’ve come on this crazy fitness journey. It wasn’t til my mid thirties & 4 kids later that I finally found my why. I never had a good enough why to start & stay with it so I always failed. I finally changed my why from I need to be a certain number on the scale and I need to look how I did in that pic from 10 years ago and I need to look like the other women on Instagram to....I want to be strong. I want to be able to do planks & pull ups & push ups on my toes. I want to bound up the stairs. I want to keep up with my kids while hiking. Etc etc. So I paid for an online program because I had no clue what to do & I started BBG program in Jan 17. It absolutely kicked my butt in the beginning. I did what I could & stuck with it. Within a few months I had lost almost all my weight. It’s an amazing hiit program! At the same time I decided to try and it changed my concept of food to viewing it as fuel. Then in Jan 18 I decided I was mentally ready to finally dive into weight training. I was skinny but that wasn’t my goal. So I started PWR program & loved it!! After gaining some muscle & confidence I started lifting with a good friend who is patient with all my questions & is constantly pushing me & teaching me new things. So my point is that it wasn’t a fast overnight transformation. For me it wasn’t just one thing that worked. It’s taken two years of trial & error of figuring out what do I like to do & what does my body respond to? Now I lift on average 4-5 days a week in the gym with my lifting partner, my sister or myself. Depending on the week I exercise from home 1-2 days & I do the strength program. For my cardio I still do the bbg hiit. It all changes from week to week & that works for me. I have to be flexible otherwise I’d fail. The journey never ends! You just keep changing your goals. Now I’m working on one arm pull ups & superman push ups. Right now I am no where near doing either & that’s my new why for why I’m eating healthy & exercising everyday. What’s your WHY?!

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Today We are featuring our Favorite post by @ thisjoyful_life - We didn’t get that much snow, but school was cancelled. So we are off to find a cozy place to have lunch. But can’t wait to get back home and cozy up for her nap time. Have you guys seen Frye documentary on ? It was crazy! Any good movie/show/documentary for me drop below. X . Follow me on .it app to shop all my looks.

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Retour sur le week-end. Repost @ary_zunzun ・・・ Séance de fractionné avec ma team de cœur 💓 avec un soleil radieux et un cadre magnifique: les berges de Seine 😍 Ça fait toujours très plaisir de revoir les anciens et les pirates 😘😘😘 Merci @letrollrunrun d’avoir partagé ce moment avec moi(ps:on a bien oublié un 300m mais on s’en est bien sortis sans entraînement dans nos montres💪🏽😅). 📸 @fitfactory_fr #garminteamrunning #gtr2019 #lescoachsexperts #teamdechoc #teamdecoeur #couriraparis #fractionne #sport #running #loverunning #irunparis #runningmom #fitmum #courirpourleplaisir #runpirate #piratezunzun #courirengroupe #sortiraparis at Ville de Paris

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LOVE THIS FROM @ditchthedietacademy ・・・ 👩‍🍳 Is there a recipe for long-term weight loss? 👩‍🍳 . Yes and no. . Everyone's recipe will be different, but there are some core ingredients that will benefit EVERYONE, and then you can tweak the recipe to suit your personal goals, values and lifestyle. . ✅ Start with setting realistic goals. You ain't gonna lose 3 stone in one month. You're not going to get abs by Tuesday. So be realistic and think long term. . ✅ Understand that it is only YOU who can make the change. Only YOU who can make the decisions and take the action. Take full responsibility and you're more than halfway to succeeding. . ✅ Make sure you have a clear plan of action. This starts with knowing exactly what you want and seeking the help and advice you need to make sure your plan is realistic and time-bound. . ✅ Change one thing at a time, get good at that thing, then change another. Habit change takes time if you want it to be forever. Start by making an easy change, something that's simple. . ✅ Ask for help and guidance from someone who already has what you want, or has already achieved what you want to achieve. Whether this is a professional or a peer. . ✅ Know that things won't change overnight. They won't change in a week. They won't even change in a month or two. You have GOT to be in this for the long haul. Think this time next year, where do you want to be? What things do you need to do daily in order to get there? . If you'd like guidance on all of this, including an exact step-by-step walkthrough of goal setting, nutrition, activity, exercise coached by a trained professional, then what are you waiting for? . You can get 50% off your first month as a Ditch the Diet Academy member today, but this offer ends tonight! . Exciting! . Join now: 👇👇👇👇 (LINK IN BIO) . . . . . . #ditchthediet #ditchthedietacademy #iquitdieting at Upminster, Havering, United Kingdom

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I po weekendzie 🤷‍♀️ Czas na powrót do gry 💪😊 Słonecznego poniedziałku 😄