Fisherpoint Photos & Videos

2 months ago

Fisher point hike.

3 months ago

Within hours of the Huon Highway opening we headed south, through many of the towns held hostage by the Riveaux Road fire. It was sobering to see how many homes were at risk & came so close to being to being engulfed. And remarkable to see how few were, thanks to the relentless efforts of volunteer & career firefighters & emergency services from here, there & everywhere. It was also so lovely to spend a few days beyond the fires, breathing clean air & bumming by the beach at the end of the road #riveauxroadfire #roadsareopen #beyondthefire #endoftheroad #cocklecreek #southernranges #fisherpoint #huonvalley

8 months ago

9-15-2018 - #arizonatrail #sectionhike #sobo day one - #I-40 to #marshalllake 18.5 miles and 900 feet elevation gain. Began at a nondescript underpass below the highway. Hiked across a #beautiful #mesa with lots of #wildflowers #juniper #piñón #lodgepolepine #firs and #spruce Passed #fisherpoint and enjoyed the hike down through #walnutcanyon before climbing to reach #marshalllake Arrived in #camp around 4PM and #loungedabout a bit before cooking my #campmeal Discovered I left my #titaniumfork at home. Could have been bad, but luckily I was able to bum a plastic one from another camper next door. #itsnotanadventureuntilsomethinggoeswrong All in all a #greatday at Flagstaff, Arizona

10 months ago

I was actually able to get outside today and mountain bike a bit with rae today. We didn't make it to our intended location due to the millions of confusing little trails near fisher point, I messed up my bike (including the cassette, chainring, and crankarm 🤪), was 45 min late to work and showed up wet and muddy, but ya know, good times. 🤙🏻 #flagstaff #arizona #instagramaz #fisherpoint #singletrack #forest #nature #mtb #optoutside #reiemployee #northernaz at Flagstaff, Arizona

10 months ago

Best part of being a Liv Ambassador is when the awesome women you’ve met come to FLG to ride! So much fun riding with @darcieloth, @coyotesky33 and Liv Trail Squad member / Liv Ambassador @runningnative and her hubby @bwana_shaka. I think we helped Lisa celebrate her birthday in style! +++++++++++++++++++++ #HowWeLiv #LivBeyond #LivAmbassador #LivCyclingUSA #LivPiqueAdvanced1 #LivObsessAvanced1 #FlagBikeRev #WomenRIDE #RideBikesLivHappy #SuesLoop #AZT #WalnutCanyon #FisherPoint

10 months ago

A few years ago I was running with a group of friends when a rollerblader knocked me over from behind. I wasn’t listening to music - just chatting with people - but to be blunt, it scared the shit out of me. From that point on, I stopped listening to music on any of my runs because I knew I needed to be aware of my surroundings. . But, I do miss having music from time to time. I run a lot of miles and sometimes when I’m tired, it would be nice to put on some {Broadway or 90s hip hop} jams and get through my run that way. . Enter @aftershokz. I’ve been seeing them around for a while, and one of my co-workers ( 👋🏼 @mapecoraro ) highly recommended them. It took me longer than it should have to pull the trigger but man - I’m obsessed. . I can literally hear EVERYTHING going on around me. I can hear cars approaching intersections, I can hear bikes approaching on the trail, I can hear other people and runners. And I can hear Dear Evan Hansen or Biggie or Hamilton or Mase or Waitress or Nas or... ok, now I’m just embarrassing myself. . So yeah. I’m super obsessed with my new headphones and getting back into the world of running with music. Therefore my question to you is... give me your favorite artist/album/playlist recommendations please! And save me from my own ridiculous taste. . #mckirdytrained #fisherpoint #shokzsquad #aftershokz #music #biggiebiggiebiggie #todayisgoingtobeagooddayandhereswhy at Fisher Point Trailhead

1 year ago

also, here’s a pano from the top of fisher point. great hike in flag, a little over 6 miles. cool views, and it even almost felt like we were back in washington for a bit. #flagstaffhiking #arizonahiking #fisherpoint 🌲☀️🌿

1 year ago

Shout out to this man for putting up with my craziness as my time in a class room comes to an end. Here's to always being there for me, getting me outside, and always having a glass of wine ready to slide across the table once I close the computer. Six more days and my time learning behind a desk is finally done! #Flagstaff #Arizona #FisherPoint #DPT2Be