Firstsnowoftheseason Photos & Videos

28 days ago

February 2019 ❄️ My first snow season in Van ☃️ Since Vancouver B.C is an area that has been the best weather in Canada, it's truly hard to wait for a snowing time haha, and I am a beginner who was looking forward to it 🤣☃️☃️ The day snow fell, snow on a sunny day, snow on a rainy day, when it soft > hard > harder > melted on rainy day and then disappeared. I admitted that it sometimes annoyed me because of falling too much or making my shoes wet on a rainy+snowing day 🤣🤣👟👟👟 Enjoyed though 😎👌 *now Spring time already* kkkkk #snow #vancouver #snowing #snowfall #firstsnowoftheseason at Vancouver, British Columbia

3 months ago

“Throw it... THROW it” If you like fetch and don’t have a #wunderball you are missing out. Lots of fun colors that are easy to find, even in snow. Check out @wackywalkr and be sure to use promo code RUBYRAE10 for a 10% discount on your purchase and so they know that Ruby sent ya. #rubyrae #minpinmix #chihuahuamix #minpinmixesofinstagram #chihuahuamixesofinstagram #rescuedogsofinstagram #rescuedog #ohspets #oregonhumanesociety #wunderdog #wackywalkr #wunderball #puglifeharness #rcpets #mydogismy #dogstagram #dogscorner #dogsofinstagram #firstsnowoftheseason #fetch #brrritscold

3 months ago

Got up to get some water and peeled outside the window to find out it's #snowing. Nothing like the Midwest, but over here we get exited at the fact it snowed it's a plus if it sticks lol. #firstsnowoftheseason

3 months ago

IT SNOWED! ❄️🌨☃️ . We don’t get much snow in our part of the Pacific Northwest, so it’s always very exciting when we do! . The girls played in it all morning. Our next door neighbor let them use her longer hill for sledding. 🥰 . We did morning collective, scripture study, a little habitats study that we didn’t get to last week, and lunch. Then we busted out the valentine’s day bucket and got busy decorating and making valentine’s for friends! 💕❤️💙💗🧡💘💜💖💚💝💛 After all this the girls headed back outside, of course. . Gotta love Snow Days! I was looking at photos of past snowy fun and it definitely tugged my heartstrings! This photo of Ash, Britt and Frosty was taken 7 years ago (just 11 days before Ellis was born).

5 months ago

Messy hair and frozen hands can’t stop me from my favorite season🍁🍂🍁 at Bear Mountain