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19 hours ago

Experiences. The small moments we look back at and are so damn grateful for. . . To the 75+ yoga instructor, and her words of awakening in the sand🏝🌊✨ . . . To be fully present. Take in all that is around us. The breathes we take. The people we are with... . . That is living. . . . Now who thinks I can get my farmer to continue "stretching" back home??🤸🏼‍♂️🤸🏽‍♀️ . . . . . #wishfulthinking #yogaonthebeach #firstforeverything #marriagegoals #travelmore #experiencemore #createjoy #abundance #keepliving #sandsunandwaves #stillness

2 days ago

14 years we have been together and almost ten of those married. He has never bought me a Valentines gift. EVER! I always pull out surprise gifts because you know it’s the day of actually showing love with chocolates and flowers and unnecessary shit. This year I didn’t bother. He is away on camp anyways then he texts happy Valentines and says that he got me something that should arrive today, something that I need...then these arrive. Clearly he thinks my ripped up rough calloused hands need some protection in order to heal 😂😂 #isitreallyagiftforme #firstforeverything #letsseeifthesedothetrick #handprotection #simbagrips @simbagrips #crossfitaddict #shameineededthesethismorning #openprep #notwhatiexpected

3 days ago

As the 2019 SAGA Committee meets for the very first time, we #Throwback to where it all started - see the inaugural #SAGA cover from 1961. #FirstForEverything

4 days ago

And here I thought someone was gonna tell me to piss off, what a nice start to the day 😁😁😁 #nice #firstforeverything

4 days ago

Counting our blessings. 🙏🏽 Our car was stolen today!! 😫😰 Here’s the story... Today for our Family Day we decided to go watch the LEGO Movie 2 at the movie theatre... the boys loved it! Afterwards we stopped at a little shop to pick up some sandals and Quinn took them to the car, put them in the trunk while we ran into whole foods to grab a few things. Quinn joined us a few minutes later around 4pm. We left Wholefoods at approximately 4:22pm to walk back to our car to notice our car was no longer where we parked it. Someone had stolen it! I just couldn’t believe it. Here we were stranded in the parking lot with our bag of groceries, and the kids. Gianni had fallen asleep on Quinn and both of our cell phone batteries were almost dead. 🙄 My first thought was to call our friend for a ride before our battery died. We don’t know any numbers by heart. Yikes haha So we did that and then almost immediately after that I flagged down the security guard who was driving his cart around to tell him that our car was stolen. They helped us call the police to make a police report and off they went to try and find it. We decided to go back to Whole Foods to have dinner before we called our friend back to pick us up. I ran inside to grab us some food while Quinn waited at a table outside. During that time, Security ended up coming up to him to let him know that they found our car with the trunk wide open around the corner in the parking lot behind a shipping container!! They had ransacked the car and stole some of our personal belongings and the stereo. The police officer came back, took some prints, and then we got our car back. Yay! This was SO crazy tho! A first for us! It definitely didn’t feel good to be stolen from, but thankful we are all safe and sound and we got our car back. 🚘🙌🏽❤️🎉 P.S. These jars we call them blessing jars and the boys went around everywhere to fill it up with things that remind them of the blessings in their life. Loved hearing them share. #firstforeverything #stolencar #countingmyblessings #blessingjar #familyadventures at Hawaii

5 days ago

Went for a little snow adventure to go get butter (btw the pain is not worth the butter 😂) anyways as I'm walking home I was really really dreading the hill! I promise you I am not making this up.. A snowmobile starts slowing down and i was thinking "dude... That's so smart". He asked me if I wanted a ride!! Um YES!! Hahaha you guys!! I have never been on a snowmobile in my life!! I GOT A RIDE ON A SNOWMOBILE!! How fricken cool is that!! Haha I know I'm pretty simple and easy to please and it was nice to know there was someone so nice to offer a ride and take me home. Faith restored in humanity today ❤️ #thesmallthings #faithinhumanity #restored #firstforeverything #smile #smallblessings #snowtrudging #catchingsnowflakes #caring

6 days ago

Starting off our Sunday at the 808 Basketball Clinic🏀. It was a little overwhelming for him, but it was good for him to see what to look forward to doing in the next couple years. He did some of the drills with me on the side and just has to go often, then he’ll get comfortable on his own. Proud of him tho💚 ... #firstforeverything #myballah #startemyoung #getuncomfortable #ballislife

7 days ago

Never a dull moment 😂🤦🏼‍♀️ Just casually getting cut out of a shoe at Target 😂 Yes, you read that correctly... the employee had to literally cut me out of the shoe 🙄 I zipped up the side & the zipper came apart from the bottom & I couldn’t get it off my foot because it wouldn’t unzip 😂🤦🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️ Needless to say... I did NOT buy those shoes #stuck #neveradullmoment #target #lifesaver #awkward #hilarious #onlyme #faultyzipper #firstforeverything

8 days ago

Annnnnd the last of my doodles! Hope you all enjoyed my little art gallery 😂😂😂 I honestly didn't think it would be this fun letting go on an empty canvas. It's amazing what the mind makes your hands do and your heart feel 😊♥️ Definitely will keep doing more and better! ♒ ♒ #dontjudge #art #aquarius #februarbaby2019 #februarybirthday #february16 #aqua #doodling #calligraphy #colourist #firstforeverything #inspiredtoinspire #2019youaremine #adobelife #adobedrawing at Windsor, Ontario

9 days ago

¡ thanks arcata ! last night was awesome, to witness the fruits of an idea turned into a drawing turned into something tangible and ((shareable)).. Huge thanks to @the_jam_arcata for providing the space, and to @sudsmusic and the @whomphumboldt crew for giving me an opportunity! @12bc_pro with the beautiful light works.. and of course @pineapsys on visuals, it couldn’t have happened without you! • this is the #portalarch1 made in my garage with a jigsaw and two sheets of 1/2” plywood.. scroll to see where it all began.. if you can dream it, you can do it.. performance in video by @illgatesmusic • • • • • • #projectionmapping #stagebuild #portalarch #suspendedlumens #pineapsys #12bcpro #billbee #whompwednesday #thejamarcata #firstforeverything #thanksforlooking

11 days ago

😱 Just found this little gem buried in a sea of folders... MY VERY FIRST 3D MODEL!!! I was still in college and all I remember was that I knew nothing! Hahaha... we had to create an animal with opposing characteristics... a graceful armadillo? 🤣 sure 🤷‍♀️ . . . . . . #3d #3dmodel #c4d #firstforeverything #armadillo #ballerina #ballet #balletslippers #illustration #art #artist #colour #pink #graceful #tiptoe #creative #artwork #artstagram #drawingoftheday #instagood #sketch

12 days ago

Dream without fear. Love without limits. • I did something crazy this weekend that I thought I’d never do in this lifetime. I’ve been wanting my first tattoo since my golden birthday (Sept 2017). I finally came across this beautiful quote one day and it was perfect for me. I knew I had to get it. The pain wasn’t as bad as I thought it’d be but for sure a different feeling. I’m never going to forget this. 😄 Felt like a badass with no regrets! LOL! I’m so in love with it and I’m glad I did it. It is forever on my body. . So far this year has been nothing but amazing. I can’t wait to see what else is in store for me this year! Many more adventures, I’m sure. #FirstForEverything

13 days ago

First time baking this! Im sure my mother would disapprove the inconsistency just by looking at my cake... bahahahah but had to give it a go! If you have lots of eggs this would be the best cake to make given that one recipe requires 20yolks😉 Kueh Lapis, layers of brandy, allspice and eggs cake mixture. #missinghome #kuehlapis #keklapis #tradionalbaking #bake #homemade #bakingwithlove #asiandessert #cake #sweettooth #eggs #fresheggs #firstforeverything #bakingwithlove #layerbylayer