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Đi mười mấy tiếng xe bus k xi nhê mà đi 2 tiếng xe ngựa đường đất xóc quay vl =)) Ngựa được che 2 mắt bằng 2 miếng da đen, di chuyển dựa theo âm thanh điều khiển của người lái (“Ha” là đi, chu mỏ lên “chít” là dừng) uh và roi quất nữa. Hồi đầu nhà quê lên nên cứ tưởng bịt cả 2 mắt ngựa lại không hiểu làm chi. Sau mới biết là chỉ che 1 phần mắt để ngựa tập trung vào đường 1 chiều phía trước, vì mắt ngựa to (nhất các đv có vú trên mặt đất) và không thể tập trung vào 1 điểm được 🙄

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#Repost @photodustorg ・・・ LEAH JING MCINTOSH: LIMINAL #1 . Portrait of Rainbow Chan by @_leahleahleah - see more at . Leah Jing McIntosh is a writer and photographer from Melbourne. She founded Liminal Magazine in 2016, a space for the interrogation of the Asian-Australian experience. In her photographic practice, she considers representations of the self, modes of agency and what it means to inhabit interstitial spaces. She uses a Hasselblad 500c to take film portraits. Liminal is publishing their first print issue, featuring portraits of and conversations with Benjamin Law, Hoda Afshar, Julie Koh and William Yang amongst many others. . Join @liminalmag for their launch on March 21st, 7:30PM at Loop Project Space & Bar. . . . . . . . @liminalmag #photodust #liminal #portrait #film #photooftheday #artasiapacific #photographysouls @loopmelbourne #filmphotography #filmisnotdead #portraitphotography #magazine #melbourne

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The owl houseboat

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Melka. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 📷 Minolta Mac Dual • 🎞 Agfa Vista200

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Just go, leave your worries at the door, got to get out of here, if you don’t you won’t know, just go.

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just got some test rolls developed from my #fujifilm compact #35mm point and shoot. all photos we're shot on @kodak portra 400. i pushed one roll x2. no post-processing. lemme know what you think (don't mind my dirty scanner), i'll clean it one day 🙄 #tenounces at Los Angeles, California

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Florence, 2019.

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probably the scariest set of stairs we climbed up - about 5/6 flights with a thin sheet roofing that felt like it was going to give way at any moment // #urbex #abandonedplaces

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Servo $1 Frozen Cokes 😍

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Dead tele'

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Everybody wants it now Everybody wants to be a face in the crowd Baby it seems sometimes we're lost in TV Trapped in a screen Lost in a scene

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The moon has changed my life.

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They want the best for you.

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I admire you Oregon.

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rooftop, clouds

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Isn't it lovely, all alone? Heart made of glass, my mind of stone. at New York, New York