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Selamat @fendrablack fotomu terpilih menjadi foto hari ini di Malang Analog! ——————————————————— Foto ini menggunakan: Canonet QL17 Giii(📷) + Proimage 100 (🎞) ——————————————————— Terus gunakan tagar #malanganalog dan #mlg35mm pada unggahan kalian dan jangan lupa ikuti @malanganalog untuk melihat karya-karya teman2 Malang Analog dan juga kabar terbaru untuk kegiatan-kegiatan Malang Analog! Mari terus berkarya dan bersama-sama berbagi, bercerita melalui medium ini! #indo35mm #filmphotography #filmisnotdead

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Hi! My name is Josh and I like to take photos and tell stories. at Omaha, Nebraska

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#greenlove💚 #ChorBakr #memorialcomplex #Bukhara #Uzbekistan #🇺🇿 #35mm 나는 무조건 도시보다는 자연. 사람얼굴보다 동물이나 꽃이나 나무. 포트레이트나 어마무시한 카메라로 찍은 컨트라스 쎄고 효과 퐉 준 페이크 사진보다 풍경이나 사물을 담은 필름사진이 좋아. #초르바크르 #초원 #부하라 #ブハラ #우즈베키스탄 #ウズベキスタン #중앙아시아 . . . #jimmiifilmphoto #jimmiiinCentralAsia . #Buxoro #lomographyfinecolor100 #로모그래피파인컬러100 #필름사진 #フィルム写真 #filmphotography #filmisnotdead #believeinfilm #canonsureshota1 #캐논슈어샷A1 #필름카메라 #filmcamera at Чорбакр Мовароуннахр

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Day 15 R H Y T H M MO When babies are babies, they are not capable of doing anything but yet they are so loved and taken care of. So many times in the kingdom we try to grow away from needing God, but we don’t realize that God actually rejoices in us when he takes care of us. Just like a fathers love to a son, greater is his love to his children. . . . I got to shoot a little mini photoshoot for baby Mo. This is one of the first pictures from the session. He is too cute. at Austin, Texas

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I hear a symphony playing fom a far, as we dance to the song that is played this night at Japan

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Jadi, begini ceritanya kak.. . Saya jual kamera Nikon FM2n (Black) dengan kondisi sebagai berikut.. . * Fisik 9/10 - Secara keseluruhan masih mulus banget, no dent, ada sedikit brassing di bagian bawah body . * Fungsi 10/10 - LM masih nyala dan akurat (tested), Self-timer normal, Shutter speed akurat B-1/4000, DOF preview normal, Film Counter normal, Kokang normal, ISO setting normal, gak ada minus yah . * Viewfinder bersih, Prisma sehat tanpa penyakit . * Kelengkapan - Body kamera, Body cap, Soft shutter button, Sync cap . * Jika ada hal lain yang mau ditanyakan, bisa lewat DM atau WA (fast response) . * HARGA? DM/WA aja kak, biar mesra.. 😊 . Transaksi : * COD Kota Jogja * Transfer langsung ke BCA saya * Bukalapak (link akan diberikan setelah ada deal harga) . Matur tengkyu... 🙏 . . . #indo35mm #nikon #nikonfm2 #nikkor #kameraanalog #kamerafilm #jualkameraanalog #jualkamerafilm #jualrollfilm #jualfilmroll #juallensa #lensamanual #juallensamanual #jual35mm #jualroll35mm #jogja #yogyakarta #kameraanalogjogja #kameraanalogjogjakarta #filmisnotdead at Special Region of Yogyakarta

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Còn bạn nào chưa check-in ở góc mới này của Tiệm hông 😆 . Repost from @truongthanhtam892000 💕 . . . Tiệm Cafe Saigon Retro 📮 55 Trần Quốc Toản Street, Ward 8, District 3. 1st floor, Vinmart upstair 👆🏼👆🏼👆🏼 🚧 Parking lot : Khai Minh Building (72/8 Trần Quốc Toản Street). ⏰Open 8am - Closed 10:30pm

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“He who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead; his eyes are closed.” ~Albert Einstein ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #nikonf2 #nikon #slidefilm #kodachrome #35mmslides #architecturephotography #architektur #landscape #ocean #minimalism #grainisgood #grain #lensculture #kodak #kodakfilm #35mmfilm #35mmcamera #filmfeed #filmcommunity #filmisnotdead #filmisalive #filmisbetter #analog #analogvibes #analogfilm #believeinfilm #istillshootfilm #burnmagazine

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„In fondo, e in sintesi estrema, è per sfuggire alla morte che ci siamo inventati il linguaggio, l'arte, la filosofia, la politica.“ at Piazza delle Erbe (Padova)

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I had the time of my life last week shooting at Bridal Fashion Week and attending The Knot Gala! I love the magic of NYC and seeing so many people I love, and making new friends. I had a moment last week walking the streets when I ran into a parade, it was overwhelming how joyful it was, I also just got off a really exciting and important phone call, it was just surreal. I may or may not have shed a tear or two of gratefulness and happiness. Thankful for an unforgettable trip with @chicandprettyevents @thebridaltheory and for a city that inspired me and lights up my soul! I mean Alicia was right, let’s hear it for New York! at New York, New York

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"Disparaître" by @lodie.peartree, continuing this #manipulationmonday #onatuesday 💕🐦💕 I'm pretty sure we are all agreed that we love this photo enough to marry it, yeah? So emotive, symbolic, explosive, perfect. If I was grading papers (good Lord, help anyone that ever has to call me their teacher), I would give this photo an A+ and put it on display with a sign that says, "this is how you do it." But I would be lying. THIS is how the magnificent @lodie.peartree does it. And it isn't just this rare specimen of altered beauty; her gallery is full of photos she has transformed into multi media works of genius. . . . If you have instant photos manipulated by hand and would like to be included in #manipulationmonday or whatever day, please use the tag #polwvoidmm so I can find your creations! . . . A Grimm Tale 📖🔮📖 by @britt.grimm 😘

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And I do crazy things...

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Dan & Taylor & Jake & I. at Bushwick

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HEY! Hit that sound then give this a read. • I get it, there aren’t many people outside of my bro @some.say.kc and @whitnerd86 who take a lot of interest in me diving back into rapping and producing beats, but the thing of it is, I am having so much with this and I legitimately believe in my abilities with a pen and with composing music that I’m going to keep going with this and going hard at that. • It was easy to quit living back in little ol’ Joplin, Missouri, but here? It just feels different. It doesn’t feel futile even if I don’t have a lot of active support and people think it’s corny. I am proud of this stuff and I know exactly what I’m capable of when I choose to stick with something. • Between this and @perfectworldnyc, my musical heart hasn’t been this full in YEARS. It’s a good place to be. And this beat? I am beyond stoked on it. I can tell I’m getting better every new day with each bit of effort excerpted on any new piece of material. And that’s a great feeling. • This page is, of course, meant to be a place that focuses on my personal photography outside or @aaronandwhitneyphoto, but from time to time, I will be plugging my rap/production shit just like I plug @perfectworldnyc. And, hey, if you support me making music, rapping my ass off, etc, then go follow @stoneynewton AND @perfectworldnyc. If you support me, thank you, I appreciate you more than than you know. ❤️ at New York, New York

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MOTHER - Kodak Trix 400 - Olympus Mju.

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- 視覺廢物攝影集現在在網路上也買得到囉!!!!! 連結在這,個人簡介也有喔 錯過展場機會的朋友趕快進去逛逛ㄅ - 必須感謝 @r8studio_taipei 除了帶我的書 參加進日舉辦的沖繩那霸藝術書節 還讓我在蝦皮買作品兒 覺得感動

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Her insan klişeleri sever, kışı özler. / Şubat'18 #analog

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