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💥10th Anniversary💥 . . . 🎬'Black Dynamite' . . . 💥Trivia: Michael Jai White has stated he was not just playing Black Dynamite, but also the actor playing Black Dynamite. The actor, Ferrante Jones, was a running back for the Baltimore Colts whose career ended due to a broken neck. If you pay attention you'll notice that Black Dynamite has a hard time turning his neck to one side. This is because of Jones' neck injury. . . . 💥Trivia: Oscar winner Ruth E. Carter was the costume designer for the movie. . . . ✔My Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆ out of ☆☆☆☆☆ . . . . . . . . . #michaeljaiwhite #10thanniversary #blaxploitation #parody #spoof #underrated #cinephilecommunity #cinephile #cinema #moviegeek #filmcommunity #blackdynamite #2009 #sigmon7cinema #moviebuff

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El Camino

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A new study has found that high caffeine use, combined with stress, can cause people to exhibit psychotic symptoms such as hallucinations and delusions... I agree

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horse power vs horsepower

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“In the Water” . . . . Hey guys, I hope you have a great night! Here’s my last post for the day, and I’ll toss a short poem your way too, since I’m feeling festive :) . October Night Timber rattles, The Wind blows through. The moon is overhead, Shedding her light on those who would watch. She shines bright in the night, And her glow carries the smell of snow and promise. Her Wind is that of life, Of promise, of Love. . . . . #art #artphotography #photography #fineartphotography #film #filmphotography #stilllife #stilllifephotography #poetry #freeverse #freeversepoetry #studiophotography #35mmphotography #35mm #35mmfilm #bnw #bnwphotography #bnwfilm #bnwlas #vintagefilm #vintagephotography #analogphotography #analog #shootfilm #staybrokeshootfilm #buyfilmnotmegapixels #shootaesthetics #filmcommunity #thefilmcommunity #lancanalogclub @analogue_people @negativefb @film.wave @analogue_people @film_commune @shootitwithfilm @catnipmagazine @35mm_notebook @activecapturecurated @_filmcom_ @that_gallery at Millersville University

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Terrible news for anyone who thought I wasn’t going to post a million pics 😈😈😈 at Paris, France

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good fortune Olympus Pen FT + Fujicolor 200 at New Hampshire

20 minutes ago

This was kind of a milestone for me. It was the first time (and only so far) that I’ve ever asked a stranger if I can take their picture. I love candid street photography but in this case I was already having a conversation with this man while we watched the Troutdale fire department extinguish a fire in an old Volkswagen bus. I also learned a valuable lesson from this picture, next time I take someones portrait I’m going to write their name down and offer to send them a copy. at Sandy River

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Mistuh Chow say do dis do dat at China

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내가 미안해 이 말 한마디 어려워서 우린 끝까지 가 내 성격이 더러워서 at Tokyo ,Japan

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Shoulder strap giveaway! Tag 1 friend in the comment section below for a chance to win our moss green 43” paracord shoulder strap 📸. 1 winner will be announced Friday evening via our ig story. Good luck. #strapsbyelroobs at Los Angeles, California

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Abandoned, for our short film les trois citrons. April 2019, Fuji 400 35mm at Kew, Victoria

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I recently got 35 rolls of film developed from the past year so I’m bouta spam the gram... #35mm at Palm Desert, California

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just breath - pearl jam 🍃 quiero viajar, irme de aquí, trabajar y seguir aprendiendo de lo que me gusta. #35mm

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