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14 hours ago

The next alien in this line from Playmates Toys is a Ferengi. The figure is kitted out in the bearskin uniform we saw in ‘The Last Outpost’ and ‘The Battle’ from the first season of TNG when the Ferengi were supposed to be the next big threat to the Federation (lol). This figure is supposed to be a generic Ferengi, but evidence points to it being based on Letek, the character played by Armin Shimmerman in ‘The Last Outpost’. Indeed it is his image on the back of the packaging. Shimmerman, playing one of the first Ferengi we ever see in Star Trek, of course goes on to play Quark in Deep Space Nine. The figure is relatively screen accurate, but the scale is completely wrong. He’s the same size as Gowron and bigger than the Romulan and Borg drone in this series. The Ferengi are famed for their diminutive stature so it’s a bit of blunder. I can only surmise that they wanted the figure to be an imposing threat when stood with the other characters in the line. This figure has two variations: one with black marks on the boots (pictured) and one without. The figure without is apparently rarer, but it’s not going to set you back much on bidding sites. In Germany the Ferengi in the small box packaging is apparently quite rare. It’s curious that Playmates chose to release this style of Ferengi uniform. Bearing in mind that this figure was released during the fifth season of TNG, it would have made more sense to have the intergalactic business suit we see from ’Peak Performance’ in the second season onwards into DS9. Oh well. The accessories are pretty decent but you can only really wield the whip as his hands are sculpted strangely and struggle to hold anything else effectively. You can have fun recreating the events of ‘The First Outpost’ though along with the TNG figures in their first season uniforms. Check out my custom clean-shaven Riker in these photos! #startrek #playmatestoys #startrektoys #startrekfigures #ferengi #willriker #geordilaforge #thelastoutpost #aliens #startrekthenextgeneration #sciencefiction #vintagetoys

17 hours ago

i said to myself that if/when this monstrosity of a Tag Yourself Meme i made reached a thousand notes on tumblr, i'd post it on other social media. made entirely on my phone while i was between laptops, bc i'm a fuckin' nerd. #startrek #ds9 #ferengi #deepspacenine

3 days ago

If you live in Nigeria, you've got to take care of your mind. Your environment will seek to squeeze the humanity & nobility out of you. You turn savage as you fight for existential rights. Yesterday, I reminded myself to focus on moments of joy. To find stuff that breaks the everyday tedium of fighting against poverty and dream killers. Little things bring me joy, like sci-fi - the wonder if it; the notion that there's an entire universe outside Nigeria. When I watch Star Trek, I find my alter ego in Commander Michael Burnham - a blend of reason & creativity; Human yet raised Vulcan. Nigerians remind me of the Kelpiens, before their evolution. Constantly afraid. Thinking themselves the prey and not the predator. Many of our politicians are of course the Ferengi - shameless profiteers. The point is, find moments of joy. Escape into that joy. You will need all of your strength to live well in Nigeria. #Nigeria #StarTrek #SciFi #StarTrekDiscovery #Kelpiens #Ferengi #Vulcans

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When your friend quotes one of the rules of acquisition and you know what number it is. #Ferengi #Star Trek #capitalist

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#Repost from @attentionbajoranworkers who constantly posts great #startrek content. Nog has one of the best character arcs I’ve ever seen in all of television. @aron_eisenberg is criminally underrated in the role and is right up there with Stewart or any of Trek’s other great actors. Don’t believe me? Go watch It’s only a Paper Moon, pally. 🖖🏼 - - - - - - Rule of acquisition # 16: A deal is a deal, until a better one comes along. 💰👂 #thegreatriver #thegreatmaterialcontinuum #shoalsfbankruptcy #windsofprosperity #worsttradedealever #yamoksauce #selfsealingstembolts #nog #aroneisenberg #ferengi #deepspacenine #deepspace9 #ds9 #attentionbajoranworkers #meme #memes #geek #nerd #startrek #startrekfan #startrekmemes #scifi #trekking #trekkie #trekkieforlife #treklife #thefinalfrontier . . . Submitted by @avedamac 🙏

10 days ago

That little detox was pretty wonderful, but it’s back to reality tomorrow. In the meantime, I’ll be dreaming of this crazy thing that happened over the weekend! We will be taking our first big family vacation jn July/August to the huge Star Trek convention in Las Vegas (with a couple days for other fun stuff, too). Our kids are just as excited to make costumes and cosplay as we are, haha. Clark wants to be a ferengi, so that’s going to be a fun journey into plaster and latex molding since there doesn’t seem to be anything on the market. And, of course, I’m going to be Tilly (@morywise) and Janeway, duh. @startrek @startrekcbs @creationent #stlv #stlv19 #stlv2019 #silly4tilly #janeway #ferengi

12 days ago

it's so hard to get a good picture of my pencil drawings, jeez anyway 😭😂😭😂 WHY CAN'T I STOP DRAWING FERENGI i've been drawing a lot of #cousingaila lately. idk wtf it is with me and characters that show up twice or less but hey, that's life. still kinda mad about how much i enjoy this guy. or maybe i just wish i was mad. i don't even know anymore man #sketchbook #startrek #ds9 #ferengi

16 days ago

Micro Monday! Carrying over from Friday, Playmates' lack of love for actor Jeffrey Combs manifested itself in a shortage of Combs characters as action figures, but we did get just one teeny tiny figure: Brunt, a scheming Ferengi and temporary Nagus, who only achieved his position once the former Nagus Zek was deposed for offering women equal rights. Because Ferengis are really messed up. Brunt wore a bar of latinum around his neck, which is kinda like the pooka shell necklace of deep space. Just don't do it. #startrek #scifi #90sTV #stds9 #actionfigures #toyphotography #90stoys #playmates #jeffreycombs #ferengi #deepspacenine #minifigures #microfigures

20 days ago

This has been one of my #passions for many years a #livingwage for all #citizens of the #USA. Of course the #Ferengi never understand. A living wage is a right and a necessity for #survival in #capitalism. The #Constitution provides for the general welfare and peace of mind for all citizens We need #universalbasicincome, living wages, #universalhealthcare, #universaleducation, #guaranteedjobsprogram and of course taking #money out of #politics and eventually out of #society entirely. We are trying to establish nothing less than the beloved #Federation on #Earth. We are Humanists, We are Progressives, We are you. Repost: @repocasiocortez

23 days ago

Micro Monday! It might seem unlikely that a dishonest barkeep like Quark would hold any status among Klingon society, but there was a brief period when Quark was actually married to a Klingon woman named Grilka, mostly for Klingon political reasons. Quark managed to save Grilka's house from financial ruin, and even managed to win Grilka's geniune affection, with the begrudging help of Worf. Tiny Klingon-garbed Quark can be found in the Ferengi Commerce Team Strike Force figure set. Rule of Acquisition #192 : "Never cheat a Klingon... unless you're sure you can get away with it." #startrek #scifi #ds9 #deepspacenine #ferengi #quark #minifigures #microfigures #klingon #90stoys #toyphotography

24 days ago

Production Title: The Battle ▪️▪️▪️ Synopsis: The C̶h̶i̶n̶e̶s̶e̶* Ferengi show up again, and they “give” Picard his old ship, the Stargazer. Oh, and Picard is starting to get crippling headaches. These two things are unrelated. He spends the rest of the episode tripping down memory lane, and it turns out that the Chinese* captain, Bok, is trying to control him using a beach ball. After Picard uses a phaser to destroy the beach ball, Bok is fired for not turning a profit, and Picard decides to move on with his life. ▪️▪️▪️ Memorable Quotes: Wesley: “You’re welcome ladies… ” (Troi and Crusher exit) “… adults…” ▪️▪️▪️ Fun Fact: Wil Wheaton cites this episode as the point when Wesley turned from “mildly annoying to a vehemently hated character”. ▪️▪️▪️ #sttng #thenextgeneration #thepicardmaneuver #ferengi #mindgames #shutupwesley #socialmetaphor ▪️▪️▪️ *The authors of this post are Chinese, so it's okay. Also, there is a very profound geopolitical metaphor in the Star Trek universe. at Stargazer

26 days ago

How ironic. Rom couldn't fix a bent straw? How is he with self-replicating cloaking mines? #Ferengi #logic