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14 minutes ago

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1 hour ago

Boxer Gervonta just had a baby, im a fan of his work so I was watching his IG story. Bruh, i just cried real tears when i noticed this mans feet!!!! What in the world..man this ol Here Comes The Men in Black, Horse shoe hoof, Chronicles of Narnia, Siamese twin, 2 for 1, Double toe, 1 toenail, dinosaur claw, baby Nephilm foot, Alien vs predator, square toe, sci fi shit am i seeing right now?!? #FeetJustaToeUp #WhatAreThooooseee #AllYoLifeUhadToFight #gervonta #theshaderoom @theshaderoom @balleralert @_teatenders__ @yeslivcan @worldstar @jesshilarious @dcyoung_flyy @takemyvcard #Boxing #worldstar #toes #feet @cloneseverywhere 😂 @rfg_chosen1

7 hours ago

make my day better, losers