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Good night every one #feeling sick tho #

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"It’s okay to be shaky, to not know anymore, and to allow your #heart to break. To fall to the ground and bear witness to the reality that life was never going to turn out the way you thought it would. It’s just too wild, too creative, and too devastatingly magic for all that. Rather than spin from the death as if it were a defeat, with your breath as your guide, travel inside. There are #jewels hidden there, filled with meaning, with pure #feeling, and with relentless outrageousness of #love as it erupts into the world of time and space. You will never find your life’s purpose by way of a frantic, urgent, exhausting search. Your life’s purpose is to live. Fully. To participate, to take a risk, to slow down and see the signs, to commune with the colors, the songs of the birds, and to listen to the intelligence of the stars. The forms that love take are by nature arising and dissolving in each moment, for this is the way of form. But love itself is that which never comes and goes. You never know what form love will choose to take in the future, for there is no love in the future. Love is only now. You will never be able to resolve or pin down the movement of love as it is infinitely creative and at all times unfolding into greater wholeness. If you become too fused with a specific form you believe you need love to take, your heart will inevitably break when love obliterates that form for something new, which it always will. This shattering is the great gift of form. This dissolving and reorganization is a special kind of grace that the mind cannot know. But the heart knows. The body knows. Before you seek to “heal” your heartbreak via spiritual process, turn to your heart and ask if it truly wishes to be mended. For this breaking is sacred, sent here so that new forms may emerge. Be grateful for the forms of love while they appear, but allow them their own journey of death and rebirth. Seek refuge not in love’s forms, but in the field of love itself, that which never comes and goes. For this is what you are. Today may not be the day where answers will come, but to let your heart break open to the vastness of the question." #goodmorning #friends #instagrammer

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Una delle cose che amo di piu' del teatro, sono i piccoli spettatori che lo frequentano. Durante lo spettacolo ti fissano come se in ogni tuo gesto ci fosse qualcosa di magico e ridono, sempre sguaiatamente di ogni tua battuta. Ma la parte piu' bella e' alla fine della commedia, quando ti aspettano tra gli spalti, per vedere chi sei davvero, fuori dal personaggio. Sono quasi spesso desiderosi di volerti abbracciare, ma troppo timidi per avvicinarsi. Io ringrazio questo piccolo fan, Giorgio, a distanza di repliche non ho mai scordato nessuna piega del suo sorriso, che in questa foto cerca nasconde.❤ #me #drama #teatro #theatre #time #show #comedy #actors #actor #actress #in #to #the #wild #live #life #laught #happiness #love #pic #picoftheday #feeling #blesseed #shooting #photo #photography

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Donating blood #feeling proud #

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Yes Bye Bye.... Wash the pain and shit away.. Bring the sun and happiness

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Away from Doha #Sun and Sea Water # #Feeling Sexy🥜

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