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9 minutes ago

The other night, some guy came up to me and was trying to impress me, telling me how he just bought an apartment and how much he has traveled and blah blah blah. Somehow Paris came up, and he leaned in and said “let me tell you something about Paris, it’s great, but it’s really not as romantic as people say..” And I stopped him right there and said, I love Paris because it’s full of art, culture, beautiful architecture and people and I’ve also been there 5 times so I know enough about it to form my own opinion. Don’t you hate it when people try to tell you how something is when they A) don’t know you and B) try to act like they know more than you. Let me tell you something, sir, thank you, next. ✌🏻 Also, Paris is always a good idea. ✨ #howKOdoesFrance at Paris, France

36 minutes ago

Flowers and art ✨

46 minutes ago

"Growth On My Mind" by @zachslavinart available at @gnpicture now. Shop online through our selection of Original Art by Artists from around the world. Link in bio. at GN Picture Mfg.

55 minutes ago

Lazy Days...

1 hour ago

Nel posto giusto con le persone giuste❤️ at Turin, Italy

1 hour ago

Muito alto astral ❤️ É incrível quando temos uma alta energia durante o ensaio! Foi o que aconteceu no ensaio da @milenepnunes_. Com muita alegria e diversão, conseguimos um resultado incrível. Me diz você, você gostou da foto ? Quero saber seu Feedback e seu ❤️ nessa foto épica at Canoas

1 hour ago

The fence is school and the flowers are summer... #itsametaphor

1 hour ago

Haven’t posted in a while, but here’s a shot of some light trails to make up for it. at ByTowne Cinema

1 hour ago

Blossom Queen

3 hours ago

💥ЧЁРНАЯ ПЯТНИЦА !!! РАСПРОДАЖА!!!💥СКИДКИ !!! ❤ЛАЙК на ФОТО, чтобы ИНСТАГРАМ показывал ВСЕ НАШИ ПОСТЫ ☝️ 🔷️РАЗМЕР: XS; S 🔸️Майка женская. Силуэт небольшая трапеция. Мягкий прочный soft-принт (не резиновый) с надписью (перевод "Мой город вдохновляет меня!"). Состав: 57%хлопок 38%полиэстер 5%эластан" #great #adventure #best #traveladdict #destination #ig_worldclub #instacool #amazing_pictures #beautiful #summer #picoftheday #worldplaces #worldunion #featuremeinstagood #greatday #amazing #passionpassport #theprettycities #worldingram #instago #nice #memories #nature #traveler #sky #traveller #worldcaptures #lifeandthyme #cool