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#ChicTribe I sincerely dislike the phrase “Plus Size” can you help me coin a new phrase? Until then I’m excited about all the [insert new phrase] I have coming to @shoprandomandchic! I will also bring doing a tutorial on how I styled this top🤗 [Thank you @thejessie.o for being my impromptu model]

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No matter who you are, there is no reason why you can’t own it — wear these beauties and be sure to turn heads. Handcrafted with quality materials and passionate attention to detail, our Astra Hoop Tassels Earrings are boho statement earrings that you need to have in your arsenal of showstopping jewelry. Wear them with your favorite everyday outfit or save them for a special occasion. No matter when you decide to rock these, we are sure that you will love the outcome. We want to see how you wear your DE BAWA fashion statement earrings — tag us @debawaofficial! We can’t wait to see your style! #fashionblog #fashiongram #instafashion #fashionist #styledaily #ootfashion #fashionbloger #fashioninsta #outfitdetails #Jewelrydesign #instajewelry #jewelryaddict #statementjewelry #jewelrydesigner #finejewelry #jewelrymsking #handmadejewelry #jewelrylover #earringlove #fashionkilla #earrings #newyorkblogger #nyfw #debawa

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::::Vist to TEC ART 2019 Rotterdam⚡️

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This weekend was so much fun. Today the hubby and I celebrated our Valentine’s Day date with @nyabryan and her husband. We had brunch at the Cheesecake Factory and went shopping at the mall 🙈🙊. How was your Sunday? Outfit details tagged • • • • • • • • • #fashion #fashionista #fashionkilla #styleblog #styleicon #fashiongram #whatiwore #Ig_fashion #sharemytargetstyle #outfitoftheday #fashionblog #MomBlog #BlackMom #AtlStylist #Stylist #personalshopper #Fashiondaily #Fashionaddict #Like4Like #styleinspiration #fashiongram #Fashionset #Styleinfluencer #outfitideas #stylediaries #Aboutalook #styleoftheday #whatiworetoday #Fashionbloggers #fashionblog #targetstyle

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💯🎖100% All purses are authentic grade/1:1 mirror image/ultra A quality ✅Ship direct from factory,Free shipping worldwide (DHL/EMS/Aramex). ✅Payment Wester Union bank wire ✅Any inquires pls contact us via whatsap, the number is show in the photos

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S T A Y F R E E ‼️Purchase on Amazon only ‼️

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Before I decided to only wear my hair curly from now on😏😂 fun stories at mamas up now! at Tribeca

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Can you BELIEVE that they are $5.00’s???? Message me before they are gone!!

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Be careful out in those shoes! They are on point @stevebooker

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Raquel Welch in Geoffrey Beene's ostrich-trimmed pajamas for Vogue, 1967 Photographed by David Bailey

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𝘧𝘢𝘴𝘩𝘪𝘰𝘯 𝘪𝘴 𝘸𝘩𝘢𝘵 𝘺𝘰𝘶 𝘣𝘶𝘺, 𝘴𝘵𝘺𝘭𝘦 𝘪𝘴 𝘸𝘩𝘢𝘵 𝘺𝘰𝘶 𝘥𝘰 𝘸𝘪𝘵𝘩 𝘪𝘵 . ——————————— by @jasonestrocio . . . #discoverportrait #collectivetrend #style #fashion #zara #art #filmportrait #moodygrams #moodyports #moody #forest #photooftheday #portrait #vintage #londonfashionweek #fitness #scoutme #runway #portraitphotography #instagood #tonekillers #fashiongram #fashionkilla #doports #film #uk_ports #depthoffield #portrait_shots #portrait_perfection #worldofportraits at Cardiff

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You know what’s a better way to celebrate your singleness? Add spice to your Valentine’s Day with @tokyotokyophilippines new dish, Spicy Sisig Ramen! It is the first Filipino-Japanese culinary fusion for ramen. • For only Php 210, you can enjoy Spicy Sisig Ramen, with ingredients of pulled pork sisig, crispy chicharon, Japanese nitamago egg, 24-hour cooked rich tonkotsu broth and fresh, daily made noodles! It is now available in all stores nationwide and delivery in selected areas. #TakeMeToTokyoTokyo #TakeMeToDelicious . . . . . . . . . #fashion #fashionblog #fashionblogger #fashiongram #fashiongrammer #fashionkilla #fashionista #fashionmodel #ootd #ootdph #ootdstyle #ootdfashion #lifestyle #lifestyleblog #lifestyleblogger #menswear #pinoy #streetstyle #style #model #modelo #influencer #Igersph #igmanila #igdaily #igvideo #stylefeedph

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#mystyles ♠️😉♠️Un guerriero non può abbassare la testa, altrimenti perde di vista l'orizzonte dei suoi sogni.😉💎😉

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Day 13: "Jian" . . . Outfit purchased in my hometown, Memphis, Tn. 🛍 . . . #w_ndermodels

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Day 12: "Each one, teach one." 👩🏽‍🏫 . . . Children are the world's toughest judges, and the most honest ones at that. 👧👦 . . . Having taught in Taiwan for two years I had to learn that truth the hard way. 👩🏽‍⚖️ . . . Picture this: after college 👩🏽‍🎓I decided that I would move to Taiwan to teach ESL at an after school program or buxiban as they are called in Taiwan 🇹🇼. . . . So I left at the tender age of 22. 🌎🛫🛬🌏 . . . After two weeks of training I was thrown, head first it seemed, into my classes. . . . . . It wasn't easy being the only female, black teacher at the school at the time and my managers seemed to give me the toughest classes of the all with some of the wildest students, but by the time I was ready to, leave my heart, and life had been changed forever. . . . Over those two years, I taught, fought with, and bonded with dozens and dozens of kids starting from the ages of 5 to 16(some adults included). While most of the kids loved me, others were a bit rougher around the edges and had their own points to prove. This often led to chaos in the classrooms, and my making some of them cry by expressing my discontent. After a while, all of my students loved me. . . . . I know the impact I had on my students changed them forever and two of my favorite students, sisters named Joyce and Jessie were not happy to see me go, but they decided gave me this dress as a token of their appreciation for the time I spent working with them. . . . Leaving was tough, but I knew I had to move on from my teaching there. Looking back at my experiences there, I can only hope that they get to see this picture and smile. 😊 . . . #w_ndermodels

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👑"Leon King."👑. . . . Day 11: I bought this oversized sleeve-less tee at a Kings of Leon concert in Bucharest last year. . . . In my college years they were one of my favorite bands and it was fun to get to see these Nashville locals all the way over the pond in my second overseas home. 🇹🇩. . . . The bracelet was a gift from my late father from his mission trip to Namibia. He was the first man I knew personally who had traveled overseas, and over a decade later I'm proud to be able to follow in his footsteps while holding on to this special souvenir he brought back for me. ♥️ . . . #w_ndermodels

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Day 10: 🏛"A wrinkle in time..."🏛 . . . Italy is one my favorite and most visited countries in the world and both of my trips there changed my life forever. . . . On a lighter note: I bought this dress/skirt(depending on my mood) with a group of people on my first trip to Rome in 2015 and I enjoy wearing it just about anywhere including to bed(notice the wrinkles). . . . The bracelet I bought at a beach in #Ostia on my second trip there last year. The Indian man who sold it to me swore it was authentic silver, and though I haven't checked it from other sources, it hasn't faded yet! 😂 . . . Italy is known for its food, fun and romance and I was fortunate enough to experience all three in this wonderful country. . . . #w_ndermodels

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Day 9: 🇹🇷"Turkish Delight." 🍡 . . . I'm unsure what the locals call this piece, but I've deemed it my "robe of many colors". . . . I bought this robe in Istanbul, Turkey in 2015 and while I have worn it on the streets on occasion, I like to lounge around the house in it as well. . . . I really loved visiting this city. The food and scenery were...well... delightful!. . . . #w_ndermodels

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Day 8: 👹"Run BKK(Bangkok)"👺 . . . I bought this on one of the wildest trips I've ever taken--Thailand! I met up with some friends there and travelled several cities, including one of the islands. 🏝 . . . If I wrote every activity that happened there I'd probably get myself arrested(ask me about it). Either way, I have this souvenir in Bangkok and it still sparks a bit of those crazy, fun memories every time I put it on. . . . A little vape plume to many more adventures to come. 🌬🗺

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Day 7: "She got Seoul." . . . One of my favorite shirts ever! I purchased this Navy-striped jewel in an underground mall in Seoul, South Korea almost 3 years ago. . . . I love wearing it even though my awkwardly long arms leave the elbow patches a bit too high! 😂 . . . Summer or winter, I've worn this shit out of this shirt it's about time to upgrade it so I'm waiting for #seoul shopping part two! 🛍 . . . A purchase also inspired by my navy-stripe faze.(see day 2).

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Day 6: My most dramatic pairs of pants to date! . . . I picked up these Asian-inspired pants, guess where... Yes, in Asia. . . . I used to constantly frequent night markets during my stay in Taiwan and I found the floral patterns of this comfortable pair worth bagging! 🛍. . . . . I really do miss those markets! . . . #w_ndermodels

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Day 5: "If you wanna walk a mile in my shoes, you'll have to have flown 75 thousand first." 🛩 . . . These are without a doubt my favorite boots. . . . I purchased them from a tiny shop on a hilly road in Istanbul, Turkey and they have become one of my most cherished purchases. . . . With the #taksimsquare trolley painted on them these boots have kept me stylishly comfortable throughout the seasons and it'll be a tough sell to get me to give them up! 🙅🏽 . . . If you believe every season is boot season tap that heart! ♥️

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Day 4: It took a while to narrow down exactly what city I bought this baby doll dress in and, so far, I'm pretty sure I bought this one in #bucharest at the H&M in #unirii . 🛍 . . . This navy dress with tiny white flowers is one of my favorite summertime pieces as the fabric is breathable and the each side of the dress let's in a bit of air even though the top of this dress is quite fitted! . . . I've worn this dress all over the world and it'll be hard to replace it though it's about time! 😭 . . . #w_ndermodels

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Day 2: 🌀"Is that some kind of optical illusion?"🌀. . . . That was a question I got about this dress at a party recently and though I didn't buy it to hypnotize people, the navy and white stripes sure did satiate my taste when I was going through a faze with this pattern! . . . I bought this dress at a Zara near #shibuya crossing in Tokyo on my tour through Asia and my only discontent with this dress has been that my #macfoundation broke in my suitcase and made some awkwardly visible stains on it! 😩😭. . . . I really enjoyed shopping in Tokyo and because I traveled there alone, there was little to stop my from taking my time and getting exactly what I wanted from its diverse fashion scene. . . . It's been almost 3 years since I moved on from Asia and I'm happy to have this dress as a memory from my travels. . . . . The shoes are Nine West and I bought them on sale before I even graduated college. I haven't had many occasions to wear them since then, so they are still in great shape! 🎓☺️. . . . #w_ndermodels

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I've literally been wearing the same clothes for years now, and it's almost time for me to let some of my favorites go to make room for new ones. . . Before I do that, I've challenged myself to take pics wearing some of my favorite outfits everyday for the rest of the month along with a short story of where and why I bought each piece. . . . Day 1: This outfit may seem a bit inspired by #bey and her #Coachella performance, but I actually bought this sweater in Zara while living in Taiwan over 3 years ago. I remember my friend there having to convince me to buy it because it seemed way too bright for my normal taste, but here I am still wearing it! . . . I also bought the shorts there as short shorts are a total norm there in everyday fashion! . . . #w_ndermodels

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“To make this journey, we'll need imagination but imagination alone is not enough because the reality of nature is far more wondrous than anything we can imagine." . . . - #neildegrassetyson #runnethover at Mississippi River

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"Bigger than my body gives me credit for." at Overton Park

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If sometimes life feels like you're scuba diving in an ocean of scary and big critters... . . . . Always remember that if you need a change in scenery, you've always got your tank on... . . . 👩🏽‍🚀🌊🦈🐡🐟🦑🦐🐋 . . . . #w_nderquotes #scubagear #safewater at Memphis Zoo