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Mini mcflurry while out clothes shopping with the kids 9 syns . . . Are you ready to take the first step join me at Newport Gateway Church, every Wednesday 8.30am and 10.30am or Underwood Baptist Church every Wednesday 5.30 & 7.30pm. . . . #NewportGatewayChurch  #slimmingworld #sw #extraeasy #ee  #foodoptimising #weightloss #loosingweight #livehappy #loveslimmingworld #freefood #swconsultant #slimmingworldconsultant #newport #newportslimmingworld #slimmingworldnewport #swwithleanne #slimmingworldwithleanne #swstjulians #slimmingworldstjulians #stjulians #newport #swmum #slimmingworldmum #Swmum #yesyoucanjan #yesucanjan #weightloss #Targetin2019 #mumlife #mumsoninsta #family #familylife

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നിമിഷ നേരത്തെ അവിവേകം... അറിയാതെ വീണുപോയ വാക്കുകൾ... അവിവേകം... തകർന്നടിയുന്ന ബന്ധങ്ങൾ... . . സർവ്വം ലഹരി മയം... . #muying_official #liquor #alcohol #againstalcohol #malayalam #malayalamtypography #malayalamquotes💔 #malayalamtypography#palakkad #kannur #kozhikode #kottayam #thiruvananthapuram #thrissur #kochi #gopinathmuthukad #addiction #family #familylife #fights #india #mattara #saynotodrugs #father #mothers #victim

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😎✌️🇺🇸 It’s a hot one today! Get out and enjoy the day no matter what that looks like to you. For us it’s escaping the hustle and bustle while we’re stationary for the van build. We pretend our little robot shark pool is a hot spring or a wild rushing river! I read that we’re not supposed to say Happy Memorial Day today but to instead reflect on our own and honor those that have fought and fallen since the Civil War. There is a national moment of silence at 3 pm though to put some national unity vibes out into our lives! at Tampa, Florida

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How does your family observe Memorial Day? We had a rare morning that coach was completely OFF so we went in to Burn Bootcamp FloMo before I go in to work and busted ours in remembrance of those who put theirs on the line ❤️ May we never take for granted the freedom we have to live, love and worship. Hope y’all have a wonderful day full with good food, fellowship and lots of love! #memorialday #memorialmurph #thankful #freedom #coachswife #coachingfam #coachesofinstagram #familylife #workout #hustleforthemuscle

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*aromatherapy* We had a little wander around the local shops today, I didnt buy much as I'm trying to be really mindful of what I'm spending money on these days, quality over quantity, I picked up this little book on aromatherapy, something I learned a lot about, all the way back in my early 20s! But I could do with brushing up on it all, I also got some insence sticks, again something I really enjoyed when I was younger. I think sometimes general life, other people influences & becoming a mother, can allow you to loose yourself, I'm working slowly but surely to get back in touch with "me" I'm in there somewhere! And being mindful of what I'm bringing in to my home and if it really does bring me joy is one way of doing that. #aromatherapy #insence #mindfulness #carefulspending #joy #findyourself #love #reallife #mumlife #instamum #boymum #mumofboys #familylife #instablog

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LADIES!!! If you want something or believe in something enough GO AND DO IT! YES you can achieve your dreams and turn them into reality. This pic was taken last November with Bea Johnson @zerowastehome and since then my world has exploded! Believe you can do it and you will. Super excided about the 3rd store opening... BUT i have something else to share tmrw EEEEEK 👭 #girlboss #motivation #mommy #dreams #wanderlust #fitmom #zerowaste #zerowastejourney #familylife #Bali #bulkisbeautiful #vrac #grateful #foodwinewoman at Bali

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Suns out bums out 🍑☀️ Only one more grid post left from the Santorini series (& potentially and IGTV) then it’s onto Dubai 1 series and (my fave) the Maldives 😆🏝 #vacationlife #santorini #boatlife at Caldera Yachting

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Spent some time down in Iowa this weekend with Paul's family remembering his grandpa Ray, who served in the 101st Airborne. Unfortunately, he passed away before any of the grandkids were able to know him but we learned so much from this visit. He was a hard-working man, who loves his family and did whatever he could for them; both for his immediate family and standing up for his younger brother while growing up. . . . I'm sorry to not have been able to know him but I feel privileged to see qualities of his characteristics through those that did and through the man my husband has become! . . . Please remember that this is not just a long weekend for a camping trip and a BBQ but a weekend to remember those that have their lives for our country's and for your safety and freedom. Grant those that have gone before, those currently serving and suffering, and those that will come a moment of silence and rememberance. Remember them but also their families who sacrifice their time with loved ones that we might live the way we do. . . . #memorialdayweekend #memorialday #inmemoriam #remember #rememberthefallen #fallenheros #militaryheroes #militarykids #militaryfamily #militarylife #DauClan #RaymondDau #101stairborne #familyman #hardworkinghusband #husband #father #brother #familylife #farmlife #wahm #sahm #momlife #passingonmemories #sharingmemories #lifewithlittles #reminiscing #iowa #algona #weekendadventures

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So you just got your starter kit - or maybe you’ve been on the fence about ordering one? Well here’s some ideas of how to use the oils included in the kit on your kiddos! Peppermint - diffuse it with Stress Away in the afternoon for some quiet, wind down time or in the morning with Lemon to give everyone an energy boost. Thieves - add in to your wellness roller or diffuse diffuse diffuse - this oil is key to preventing your kids from getting sick! Digize - add to a roller or rub directly (with a carrier oil) to little tummies to help with any tummy issues! Lavender - use this oil for everything! To calm, before bed to help with sleep, in the tub for a relaxing environment, apply to burns to help soothe the pain, make a linen spray to make sheets smell heavenly - the uses are countless with Lavender!! #starterkit #oiluses #cleanhome

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Das Wandern ist des Valentins Lust ___________________________________ #montag Valentin liebt es an der frischen Luft zu sein egal bei welchem Wetter, heute hatten wir richtig Glück es war schön warm und wir sind 3 Stunden unterwegs gewesen. Dabei hat der kleine Mann viel entdeckt.. Vor allem Stöcke haben es ihn angetan. 😊 #wandern #bedürfnisorientiert #schönekindheit #instakids #instaboy #momofthree #lebenalsmama #kidsofinstagram #lebenmitkindern #mamiblog #mamablogger_de #blackmomsblog #blogger_de #bloggermom #instamom #instamama #bloggermama #instafamily #familyblogger #familenleben #familyfirst #familylove #familylife #mamiblogger #momblogger_de #toddler #toddlerlife #instagood #followmenow ________________________________

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Sat at the planetarium to watch Ted Adventure, the lights dim and little one has a meltdown, he absolutely hates it. To avoid ruining the show for every one sat there, we head to the cafe, where Louis eats his way through a cheese and ham roll, crisps, pastrami and an apple juice. Think someone was hungry or should we say hangry. 😀😂😡 It’s gonna be one of those dates 🙈 at Peter Harrison Planetarium

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Sou família! Somos família!! Você acredita que sua família é um plano lindo de Deus?! Você acredita que vcs precisam de um milagre?! Você acredita que pode viver melhor em família?! Eu acredito!! Declaro hoje que a sua família e a minha família vamos viver o milagre de Deus em todas as áreas!! Declaro que nossas família sempre serão uma benção de Deus!! Declaro que haverá paz!!! Declaro que haverá provisão!! Declaro que haverá sustento! Declaro que haverá perdão! Declaro que haverá compaixão! Declaro que haverá cura! Declaro que haverá comunhão! Declaro que haverá Vida e Vida em abundância!!! Uma semana cheia de Deus pra vocês!!! 🌻 #familiaprojetodedeus🙏 #familiapapaimamaetitia #familylife #deusamaafamilia

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Yes or No? Leave your reply below ? 🙂 . “Showing my kids the world, and live on tropical locations” ... 🌴🌎🌴 . It was “just” a dream 5 years ago. My dream. And Dirk’s. And look where our dream brought my little family ? Dirk, Sem and Nick and myself... . Costa Rica today, since 9 months. . This afternoon Nick and I and the dog did a beach hike. Right after school. . Having all the time to listen to his stories 🙌 . We found shelves and cool looking stones. And of course the view ! 🤗🌞!! . Just saying this all not to brag, but to show you that Anything Is possible for you. As long as you dare to take the same leaps we took. . You want a life living abroad ? ✈️ Travel more ? Quit your soul sucking job ? Digitalize your brick and mortar business ? Replace time sucking activities with digital connections with your clients?? Attract wealth to you in stead of sorrow? . Fill in the blank .... 😊 . It’s possible ! . What matters is that you HAVE a dream and you know exactly what it is. . Then you need a mentor and formula and a strategy to accomplish it. It requires work and investment in resources ... I assure you that! . Money won’t fall out of the sky when you don’t know what you’re doing or where you’re going. . Stop wondering around. Define your ultimate definition of freedom and => Find a mentor who can show you how. ▶️ Click my bio and get started to today! We have an advisor waiting for you to help you get moving with the first steps. And I will mentoring you along your way. Count on that. . The internet is not the future, it’s the now. You can pay online - you can earn online. Digital entrepreneurship Rules!!! . If you are brand new you don’t need to have a product yet ... don’t you worry ! Before we created our own brand and products ... We started simple!! With affiliate marketing using Instagram. . ▶️ Learn how behind my bio 🙂 . Abundance is around you. So as the life you always wanted.✨💫 . Trust the Universe and follow your gut. Always. Fear is a good sign.

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Our fun day or to Greenwich didn’t get much better. 7 mins into journey and little one gets travel sick! 🤮 Quick change of clothes then back on the road!

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As you might have noticed the beauty industry is all about the pursuit of glow. But with a hectic lifestyle as most of us have, between work life and mommy life, It can be difficult to find an hour to get a nice facial treatment or facial massage or even just get enough sleep at night. Even though coffee is amazing after a long night or before an even longer day, it sure doesn't give you a glow. ☕️🤷🏽‍♀️ As a thirty-something woman, I know this is the time in my life where I need to make sure that I'm taking good care of my skin. Therefore I decided to do some research to find tips on how to achieve a glowing face at home in just few minutes. Because we all know time is crucial and selfcare is not always a priority. I hope that these tips are useful for you and easy to fit into your life and routine. I’ll try to ’keep you glowing’ as often as possible and share all the tips with you on the way, under the highligh ‘glowing face’. And I will ask fellow mommies how they keep the glow in their lives too. ✨Stay glowing ✨

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My little family yesterday!!!! The prince is missing! Love them soo much 😍😍😍! at Margate, Florida

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When Monday hits you hard! 🙌😁 . Here’s hoping your week is off to a great start💯🙏 . #dadlife #mondaymood #dogslife