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2 months ago

Our Cinnamon & Brown Sugar butter is the perfect addition to make anything just a little sweeter. Whether it’s toast, a sweet potato, or candied bacon, Bennett’s Butter Cinnamon & Brown Sugar butter will surely elevate your food! at Westport, Connecticut

3 months ago

The starling migration is here. These birds pass through twice a year and this Fall’s edition is the most populous yet. There have to be at least 100,000 birds swarming the farm and our neighbors’s trees. Every tree on our farm is full and the fields are undulating waves of chirping birds. And then, they are gone. I love these natural motions that mark the passing of the seasons and mark time in such tangible yet imprecise ways. . . . Not kidding @audubonsociety, mark us down for 100,000. #fallonthefarm #birdwatching #christmasbirdcount #ohiofarm #rurallife

4 months ago

Growing up on a farm would seem like an ideal situation. This is my middle child at about 6 months old in 2012. She was ecstatic about selling our farm, getting it listed and getting a for sale sign on our house. FYI, our farm and house is no longer on the real estate market and we had to make a new plan. More info coming soon.

4 months ago

These pumpkins that were given to us by our friend Jess @twohearts_and_ahome are almost too pretty too eat! But luckily for the chickens, they are starting to rot, so they are about to become the perfect overcast Sunday treat 🐓🙌🏻. No big plans for us here today, just doing usual chores and hoping the forecasted rain holds off until this evening 🌥. Happy Sunday, friends! . . #freerangechickens #futurecompost #sundayactivities #fallonthefarm #pumpkins #lifebegetslife #raisingchickens #backyardflock #hobbyfarm #lifeouthere #wastenothing #sustainability #backyardpoultrymag

4 months ago

“If two people just alike get married, one of you is unnecessary.” My husband quoted this to me just this week from a @daveramsey book. I can’t get it out of my head because so many times I try to get him to be more like me. 😬 What good would that be for our marriage? My hope is that we’ve actually only become more like Jesus as He has brought us through so many joys, laughter, and trials together. Happy Anniversary @arepolles! Our love and how God brought us together is one for the storybooks. I’m so glad we get to keep writing our story together. #11yearstoday 📷 @adawnwarren at Millbrook, Alabama

4 months ago

I've been making some of the wonderful things that @halfbakedharvest creates at my home in Texas. . . . This is my rendition of her cranberry brie tart... very modified with what I currently had on hand. . . . My Edits: I made orange, vanilla, candied cranberries first because I didn't have brown sugar... over the top... maybe. I substituted fillo for puff pastry. (I know the thyme was for looks, but I actually spinkled some dry thyme on these and it was delicious!)I mixed salted butter with honey to glaze the tops of the pastry. Finally, I used my #yl orange essential oil because I don't have orange extract. . . . Hope ya'll enjoy! #foodie #cranberries #fallonthefarm at Blue Ridge, Texas

4 months ago

I don’t love how forsythias look in winter, when they’re bare, but these autumnal cold-kissed leaves they display just before the bareness rival the beauty of those golden spring blooms. I sometimes wish they could look this way forever. ✨

4 months ago

Any guesses when this picture was taken?! Sharing for @iamcountryside’s theme of the week #countryroads. This is our favourite road on the farm- because the only traffic is goats and sheep! . . . The foliage may give it away- but this was YESTERDAY 😲🤩 we’ve been loving the sunny fall. Today is a slightly different story... but there is sunshine in the forecast! I’ll post a pic from today next. . . . #countryliving #farmlife #tourismnanaimo #sunnyfall #fallonthefarm #goatwalk #yellowpointfarms

4 months ago

The chickens are out and about enjoying the last little bit of green grass while it lasts 🐓🌿. The water troughs and feeders had a layer of ice on them this morning, and we are supposed to see our coldest temps of the season overnight tonight, so I’m sure the few remaining green patches will be gone in a few days time. Fear not though, it’s going to be 70 degrees this weekend 🤦🏼‍♀️. The crazy North Carolina weather continues! . . #freerangechickens #fallactivities #fallonthefarm #farmsweetfarm #hobbyfarm #freeranging #layinghens #raisingchickens #backyardchickens #hensofinstagram #henstagram #backyardpoultrymag

4 months ago

I’m seeing some new faces around here lately (welcome) and some loyal friends, too (thanks). For any of you who’d like to know me better, here goes my *All About Me—Autumn Edition*: Fall is easily my most favourite season because it’s cozy and I get to be at home more. Despite dropping temperatures I can always look forward to fall for the following 3 reasons seeing all of this year’s calf crop together, family time during the evenings and looking out the window everyday at cows! And there you have it! Now what about fall makes you, YOU? at British Columbia

4 months ago

Grey skies and wet (albeit green!) grass... the norm for our west coast winters. It’s been pretty cold and dreary but we can’t complain. Gets dark around 4:30pm so less time outdoors for everyone too. Goats have been going on dates, piglets have been growing like weeds, and sheep should all be pregnant and are starting to look quite roly poly. . . In the fields, the blueberries have been shedding their last leaves and we are waiting until they go dormant to prune. Garlic is all tucked in for the winter under their blanket of leaves. We are still getting fresh tomatoes, lettuce, kale, carrots, beets and herbs from our greenhouse! If you are still reading this, thank you for following along! Sorry for the lack of posts, we were away for Justin’s brother’s destination wedding and then we were playing catch up. Will post some updates in stories and on here now that we are back from vacation and back into the swing of things. 💚 . . . #greyskies #fallonthefarm #winteriscoming #pnw #goats #nigeriandwarfgoats #goatsofinstagram #goatjournal #iamcountryside #yellowpointfarms #farmlife at Yellow Point Farms

4 months ago

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!🍁🦃🍽 . We can’t tell you just how thankful we are for all of you who have supported us as our little business grows! Whether you just recently found us or you’ve been following along since the beginning, we are extremely grateful for you! We didn’t quite expect to already have a full fledged business, but because of y’all, we do! We are so excited for what this next year will bring for us and can’t wait to share all that we’ve got planned! Thank you so much for being here! We hope you have a wonderful day with your loved ones! . . 📷Photo cred: @alliezphoto . 🖋Hand lettering: @jz_biblelettering . . . . . . . . . #thankful #thanksgiving🦃 #thanksgiving2018 #thankfulthursday #thanksgivingonthefarm #fallonthefarm #gratefulthankfulblessed #thankfulforourcustomers #leaf #handletter #handletters #handlettered #pumpkinvinecreekfarm #pumpkinvinecreeksoapco #wegoatyourback #soapmaker #goatmilksoap at Dallas, Georgia

4 months ago

Sadness is somehow diminished in the click of my shutter. I can hold the fleeting beauty a little longer. What is it about beauty that creates such longing? #fallonthefarm

4 months ago

The path behind the barn is alive with color and glory right now. #fallonthefarm

4 months ago

Still hanging on to a few fall colors here in Georgia. 🍁 I must say I am jealous of all of the gorgeous snowy landscapes I am seeing on some of your Instagram pages. ❄️ . This southern girl loves snow and still gets *so* excited at the chance of it. Even 1/2 an inch. 😆 The area we live in Georgia gets snow sometimes but usually not more than a few inches once a year. ⛄️ . . . #fallingeorgia #fallonthefarm #chickenfarm #urbanflock #birdsinthecity #petchickens #georgiafarm #keepingchickens #countryfall #southernliving #flowerybranch

4 months ago

Another glimpse of fall on the farm. Anyone else marvel at how the light changes during the different seasons? #fallonthefarm

4 months ago

Sometimes I feel like I'm the only person on IG who hasn't started decorating for Christmas. I'm just trying to enjoy Fall a little longer, after such a hot summer. So thankful I got all the chrysanthemums planted. Stay tuned for a Cabin Christmas in the weeks to come. ♡