Fabulachia Photos & Videos

8 months ago

STAY Project is celebrating pride yโ€™all! For many of us, showing up as our full selves in our communities is not always possible -but that donโ€™t mean we ainโ€™t here. When- as STAY alum Rachel Garringer said, โ€œthe places we love donโ€™t always love us backโ€ -leaving can be a necessary act of self-preservation just as staying can be an act of resistance. Being young and LGBTQIA+ in these mountains can be isolating and that we donโ€™t always have access to Pride festivals or queer spaces. STAY has always been a space for young queer folx to connect and align in the struggle for queer liberation for all people. Additionally, the STAY Project believes that queerness in Appalachia is not a singular experience or aesthetic, rather that #Fabulachia is a multitude of experiences. So if you are willing and able to share we want to hear from yโ€™all this pride month about what makes you #ProudtoSTAY?

2 years ago

Reflecting on the day that y'all confirmed for us that we should be on stage together. From now on this is about you...our fans, the ones who believe in us. Now is the beginning. #dhds #fabulachia #dhdstakethestage #downhomedivas