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For a minute there, I lost myself - Dex Hannon 2018 Acrylic on canvas 76cm X 76cm

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Name Of Hat ? Unknown . What lays beneath a hat if not thoughts interpreted as expression And Individualism fueled by this Relentless passion .... Hay Lover ... 🖋 #Expressionist - S.t.l

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The inter-webbing of our bodies Conducts the whispers of consciousness We are source Embodied Of this mysterious flow Submerging ourselves Into Full Body listening We catch wave Of the coursing currents And meandering messages Moved and breathed In unfathomable ways It just asks that we Get Out of The Way Weed the garden Of escape and collapse Re-member trust Even in the unknown Lean in Listen to All that you can hear But not with your ears 💥 • Leaning into full body listening and receiving and I are holding space for ~ Cacao and Sound - on the last full moon of the year 🌝 Limited spaces available now. We’d love to share with you - link in my bio 💛 at Sydney, Australia

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FROM my #webcomic “Red Terror” This is the untold true story of the #catholic martyrs #saints of the #SpanishCivilWar. At 11:30 pm July 24, 1936, 200 Marxist militiamen surround the Passionist monastery of Santo Cristo de la Luz. #Spain The religious brothers, seminarians and #priests of San Cristo de la Luz wore civilian clothes. The Anarchists Communists Socialists republicans would not allow them to wear their religious habits. Forced out of their rectory, the Clerics are homeless. They agree to split up. Father Niceforo lead his group to Manzanares near Madrid where they would meet up. The 32 men divided the priests - one per group. The Anarchists later killed 26 of them. #illustration #illustrations #makecomics #comicbookart #makingcomics #indiecomics #插图 #sketch #иллюстрация #ILUSTRACE #ILUSTRACIJA #drawing #図 #expressionism #artistsoninstagram #art #插圖 #artist #dibujos #expressionist #ILUSTRAÇÃO at Katy, Texas

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angel bb

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'Creation Song', completed March 16th, 2018,  is a powerful, dynamic original Mixed Media artwork created intuitively in my studio in the heart of the Peak District National Park in rural Derbyshire. This painting was created using acrylic paints, acrylic inks and gel pen on 9" x 9" Strathmore Acrylic paper. "Everything in Creation has a song. Literally, absolutely everything. From rocks and trees to the sky and the stars, everything makes music in grand and wondrous harmony. And where there is discord, the whole incorporates that, too, like jazz elements in an orchestral whole." - Jay Taylor The colours and movement in this piece really do remind me of the sights and sounds of the underlying reality I see when I enter a state of expanded awareness in nature - when I can hear the song of everything. Little creatures have spontaneously manifested and play their part. Can you see them? 'Creation Song' is available to collectors in my store on Etsy: . . . . #art #artoftheday #artist #original #abstract #splatter #drip #intuitive #inspired #expressionist #painting #arte #raw #artwithheart #inspiredbynature #artstagram

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Atticus,Looking to exceed his grasp