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3 days ago

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10 days ago

I adore this child's love for life and appreciation of what is around her! ❀️that I quickly snapped this photo today when she wasn't looking! We woke up this morning with 2 extra bears ( #threebears is when Lady Sophia has Miss C and Miss K with her for the weekend) As a mother my heart melts at the love these three have for each other! (Which mirrors the love I have for Miss C and Miss K's mother ❀️ @ilidialove) The entire day they created and made their own fun - minus a few stickers and colouring to start the day with, the rest of the day was nature, creative play, chats and exploring! With the bonus of a few πŸ‹ #whales #sealions our weekend has been focused on #cruiseandrelax #friendship #exploringourbackyard with @yallingupcoffee #goodfood #wine #chats #beachbaby #sun #beach #ourbackyard #nature #kidsmodel #kidsootd @cottononkids @roxy @yallingupbeach @evanghammond

14 days ago

My lil captain.β›΄ We had a nice Labor Day weekend just the four of us. Hung out at home, did a little shopping, and was tourists in our city.πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘¦β€πŸ‘¦ How was your Labor Day weekend?