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17 seconds ago

Day 1 We decided to stop cycling and leave our Bike's on the side of the Road and climb up on those sharp Rocks which is totally wild and dangerous if we'd fall. We need to be very careful but for the View it's worth it. The Best spot to take a Break and Enjoy the amazing View! Those People driving pass by with a Car they are all going to miss this great View honestly because you can't see this on the road. #holiday #journey #adventure #adventuretravel #travel #traveling #instatravel #travelmates #boyfriend #explore #discover #destination #montenegro #skadarlake #cycling #nature #mountain #bike #landscape #landscapephotography #view at Skadar Lake, Montenegro

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via @hawaiislimey 💝™️ !! —♡— omf, we hit 1k. how?! i’d like to thank everyone that follows me tysm for even in the hard times being a reason to smile and be happy you have no idea how greatful i am for you and tysm @tropical_.slimey for being here literally since the beginning ilysfm<3

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we drove to mammoth’s lakes and our first stop was this gorgeous beauty. this lake lies in a forest and there are a few lodges / campground there that you can stay at! • • • “Shoot it and get it done. Move on.” – Jasmine Star • • • taken with ~ canon rebel sl1 lens ~ canon efs 18-55mm is stm aperture ~ f/8 shutter speed ~ 1/60 iso ~ 100 focal length ~ 18mm • • • at Twin Lakes, California

42 seconds ago

لايك قبل ما تقرا ربي يحقق الي ببالك ❤️❤️ . #اكسبلور؟ فولو حسابي قصص حلوه تعجبك بس خذ فرره وشوف 😍🔥@swalf6 . زوجتي أعاني معاها معاناه كبيييرره هي تحب تتسلط بكل شي وتحب انها تخلي الناس كلهم تحت سلطتها ويمشون بكلامها وياويلهم اذا عكسوا كلامها وأوامرها بدايه كانت مع الناس واهلها اهلها ممشيتهم على السراط مستحيل يرفضون لها طلب حتى وهي مو ببيتهم تأمرهم وتأمر على خدمهم تتصل سوو كذا حطو كذا اخوانها زوجتهم كلهم على ذوقها مو ذوقهم حتى خواتها وأمها ما اختاروا لهم لااا هي تبي فلانه وفلانه لإخوانها خلاص ياويل الي يسوي عكس هالشي حتى شهر العسل هي حجزت وكل شي على مزاجها تلعب برأس ابوها وإخوانها لا تروحون الديره الفلانيه مافيها أمان وتجي تسولف لي عن اوامرها وكيف اهلها طبقوها ولو طنشوها بشي كبير تزعل وتدخل بشبه اكتأب وما تكلمهم يعني تحب تكون السلطه بيدها الحين تحاول تتسلط علي وعلى اهلي تحب السُلطه بدأت تتحكم بحياتي وشغلي وحتى اتفه الأمور تفرح اذا احد سمع كلامها لكن مو ملقي لها بال بعرف هل هالشي ممكن يكون شي نفسي ان المراءه تكون تحب تتسلط وتتأمر وشي ممكن ان الزوج يحلها ؟

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You had it, then you lost it!! 😴🌪 #explore #explore #explorepage #explorepage (yesss on the two last videos I have no makeup Ik I look different but guess what I do give a fuck tahaha)

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Kereta itu cepat tapi tak lebih cepat dari kehidupan ini Karena satu hari di akhirat sama dengan seribu hari di dunia. Sebagaimana yang Allah Ta’ala sebutkan, “Sesungguhnya sehari disisi Tuhanmu adalah seperti seribu tahun menurut perhitunganmu.” (QS. Al Hajj: 47) . . . . . #awesomeearth #modernoutdoors #explored #greatnorthcollective #exploreindonesia #mobilemag #aov #explore #beautifuibc #AGameofTones #Way2ill #captureabandon #illgrammers #CreateCommune #FatalFrames #pursuitofpotraits #folkcreative #ftwotw #potraits #StreetDreamsMag #UrbanRomantix #portraitkillers #moodygrams #portraitsnyc #portraitmood #whoiteam #foundlost #8visual at Special Region of Yogyakarta

2 minutes ago

Saturday’s are for collared shirts & lipstick. 7th heaven bar in Norway didn’t know what hit it with this gang 😍

6 hours ago

Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.

1 day ago

Only the weak are cruel... Gentleness can only be expected from the strong. #DoGoodMeanGood🌿✨

2 days ago

Don't sit and complain, stand and act.

7 days ago

This world is so beautiful. I realize it more each and every day. You can choose to look at the dark side in this life and be miserable or you can choose to look at the bright side and find bliss & peace. This life is all about choices, your actions and your thoughts must always be carefully chosen and expressed. Remember that you are in control, so just be happy and smile... 🌞🍃

12 days ago

Don't be afraid to get lost, you could end up finding something worth while..🍂🌲 at Orlando, Florida

15 days ago

The goal isn't to be perfect, it is to simply be better than you were yesterday... #DayByDay🍂⚡️

3 years ago

Take off!

3 years ago

A friend took me flying today so I could get some aerial shots!

3 years ago

Blue-fronted Amazon Parrot

3 years ago

I went to the Butterfly House to take pictures of butterflies, but ended up with this.

3 years ago

When you had a bad day and your friend sends you flowers :)

3 years ago

Another heron on the gulf coast!