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One day while on my ‘18 trip, I had to write a paper all day about my experience in Rwanda. However, I was able to take a drive around the Island of Anglesey and caught the sunset while close to Cemaes. It was beautiful. #Wales #Anglesey #UK #Cemaes #sunset #beach #shore #iphoneX #iphoneXphoto #wanderlust #explore #explorer #exploremore #exploretheworld #worldexplorer #travel #travelmore #travelaspoliticalact #travelasapoliticalact #travelawesome #experiencelife #photography #worldphotography #photographeroflife #stayandwander #iamtb at Cemaes, Isle Of Anglesey, United Kingdom

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Post full of hearts (post valentine) coz...why not? Everyday should be a day to celebrate love. 😜 at La Mer Dubai

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REST......It’s part of the PROCESS

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Welcome, Mastermind Member #3 of 28, Chris Harder. ... There is nothing that I feel uncomfortable sharing with him. Nothing. He listens hard and loves hard but takes no shit when he knows you're capable of more. ... There have been some really confusing and often dark days in my life over the last 3 years but he's always been right there when I need him to gain clarity and make me laugh. ... He's taught me how to lead, believe in myself and not take so much time on my hair. Yes, he's handsome, smart, giving and really funny, but he'll also punch you in the balls when you least expect it. ... I am beyond excited to introduce him to my new Work Hard Play Hard Master Mind Family. ... If you think this mastermind may be a good fit for you -take the leap and APPLY NOW. ... Go to: WorkHardPlayHardMastermind.com ... The deadline for our Boston Mastermind is Feb 28th. Click the link in the Bio and fill out an application immediately if you want to experience the world with us.

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Inside there is a lace fairy but today I wanted to #camoflague myself in #marimari . Ready for action? Today I’n full of #pussypower as my friend told me 😂😂 #ohmygoodness #scary Actually I’m full with yoga bliss and coffee, love and transparency. I think the funniest thing in life is that people think that honesty is hiding your true feelings and words 😂. It’s a NO for me! I am 100% honest and transparent what comes in life and love in general and so are my dearest and nearest, I’m in a happy place with my friends. No need to press down anything, keep it coming! Shitty day?? Keep it coming, I can take it! 😂😂😂😇. #feelings #extrovert introvert #fullonfeeling #feelingsarenotnegativereactionsare #experiencelife #exploreyourself @miia_heikkila 🤔🔥🤩💫💫💫💫🎀🎁🎈🔮🔫💎⏳☎️🎯🎧🏆🧘‍♀️🍒🍇☄️🌪🐙🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊

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Я беспредельно благодарна судьбе за людей, которые появляются в моей жизни в последние годы. Со своей индивидуальностью, своими мечтами, амбициями и даже безупречно гармонирующими недостатками. Острый ум, глубокое мышление, тонкое чувство юмора, внутренний крепкий стержень, умение радоваться всем сердцем - у каждого своя ярко выраженная отличительная черта. Порой чувствую себя маленькой девочкой, для которой подобрали лучших "учителей жизни". И словно по не писанному закону - нужный человек в нужное время. Это удивительно. И я счастлива, что снова могу замечать всё это. ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ Фото 1/2? Жми на ответ в стори😛💕

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What is the first thing popping up into your mind while thinking about South Africa? 🇿🇦 . In my case it is its incredible wildlife and its absolutely unique animals, as the Boulders Penguins 🐧 in this picture. . I went on a couple of safari and visited a few national parks when I was there. So I can say that I encountered many of the animals that European people generally see only in pictures or on television. . And this is one of the things making traveling so exciting. You can see a picture or a video of one thing a thousand times. But finding yourself in front of this “thing” physically is something almost impossible to describe. You have to experience it in order to understand it! . Well, a bit like everything in life! 😉 . Experiences are what makes life so exciting! 🤩 . . . . . . . . #MissLufty_CapeTown at Boulders Beach Simonstown

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A few kilometres off the sleepy town of Udupi (famous for its yummy cuisine, eateries and cooks 😄), lies Kapu beach. A pristine beach that very few know about. And fewer know about the dive sites that are less than half an hour away into the sea. While the visibility is not great here but on a good day one can get 10 m. For the low visibility the dive sites compensates with the high quality and richness of the marine life here (we even spotted dolphins 🐬). For me the highlight of our dive was exploring an old ship wreck recently discovered by the Divemaster there and eponymously named Jason’s wreck. . . #kapubeach #scubadiving #shipwreck #exploring #learning #traveling #incredibleindia #karnatakatourism #rustiktravel #experiencelife at Kapu. Beach

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Silent Disco...if you've never been.GO! It's where everyone is a singer and nobody knows just how bad you are. 😂😂 As you can see 3 different DJs playing 3 different songs. Depending on the channel you decide to listen to dictates what you hear...and sing. The DJs compete, sorta, to get you to change the channel. As you look and see what color everyone is listening to, you can change the channel. From the video you can when everyone belts it out...or you're the lone singer in a sea of Bon Jovi...lol. So much fun!! . . ❤❤ Follow @SmileysTravelSpots ❤❤ . . #smileystravelspots #smileyspots #experiencelife #seesingapore #singapore #traveltheglobe #silentdisco #travelthrumyeyes #travelblogger #travelgram #disco #funinsingapore #funtimes #bonjovi #livingonaprayer #djs #missingsingapore #lovesingapore #seetheworld #experiencesingapore #travelholic #travel #vacation #lovesingapore #dance #goodtimes at Singapore

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This is the face of utter happiness and fulfillment ❤️ I just wanted to say thank you so much for all the love and support that I received when I announced I was auditioning for “The Voice” Nashville and also the incredible love that I received today as I was anxiously waiting for 5+ hours to take a chance on something I am so fiercely passionate about: singing 😻 I am so blessed to have such supportive loving humans in my life 😭 I met some of the most incredible talented singers from different parts of the country, not to mention just beautiful souls-who were in this together. It was such an amazing experience to be in that type of environment- in a room filled with encouraging new friends- trumps all the nerves, intense practicing for this moment and stress that this type of experience can ensue. Although I didn’t make it to round 2 I feel elated knowing I tried and that this is just the beginning 💕 @ella828 I love you so much girl 😭 You are not just a friend that I am blessed with but a sister. 🤗 Your words of encouragement, not to mention belief in my ability is so heartwarming. Thank you so much for being there for me today and in general- let’s crush it next year manager ❤️🙌🏻 #thevoice #audition #nashville #tennessee #blessed #winning #nevergiveup #bliss #exhausted #february #experiencelife #love #selfie #02162019 #thevoiceshow #singer #nexttime 💋 at Nashville, Tennessee

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Weekends should be like weekdays - fun filled with lots of laughs. Don't you agree? #onlyinbaja we went 🐳 whale watching for 250 pesos (13USD) per person! We caught a couple of them breaching like clockwork for 1.5 hours. #timewellspent #whalewatching #adolfolopezmateos #bajamexico #blueskies #whatjoylookslike #sightseeing #naturesresetbutton #chooseadventure #travel #experiencelife #marriedlife #adventuretogether #worktoplay #thankful at Adolfo López Mateos, Baja California Sur, Mexico

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Home Sweet Home!! We really enjoyed our Anniversary/Valentine's vacation in Thailand.....although we are overly exhausted!!!! We had an amazing time and memorable vacation, we opened our minds, stretched our boundaries and traveled with Awe, Wonder and Gratitude!!!! Thanks to our personal tour guides that made sure we was picked up from the airport as soon as we arrived picked us up from our rooms, guided us to our tours, suggested good restaurants, and made sure we returned back to the airport for departure on time. Samart Tassanaaree who took care of us in Bangkok and Adam Phuket Tour who took care of us in Phuket!! You guys are great!! Thanks to all our friends and family that wished us a Happy Anniversary.. we cherish all the heartfelt blessings that came our way!!!😘 TravelingIsOurTherapy #8thyearweddinganniversary #Livelovelaugh #traveltheworld #learnnewculters #livewithoutfear #experiencelife #creatememoriesnotthings

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02/16/2019 You find inspiration when you least expect it. It was just another Stagecoach weekend, when our bikes kept falling into the spot next door so I talked to the neighbor, who was a guy I had seen pushing around his pregnant wife in a wheelchair. We talked on and off the rest of the weekend and exchanged numbers. The next Stagecoach came around and Tuan called us to see about camping together again and we were in for sure. We had shared the same desire for having a goodtime, both young fathers, and both with the desire to help people when we can. Fast forward to current, Tuan and I have combined our energy and determination to start a small t-shirt company to give back to local veteran groups, collect a trailer full of Hurricane Harvey donations to drive out to Houston, distribute and help a neighborhood demo their houses, and raise thousands of dollars for a Vegas shooting victim. He's dedicated himself to helping a child with brain cancer live out his dream of building his own Jeep. Tuan is one of the most selfless guys I know and he is always putting his head down, hustling away to provide for the next opportunity. . . . . . #familyadventures #selfaware #getoutdoors #dadlife #experiencelife #getoutside #levelup #adventurewithkids #familytrip #feelingblessed #hoag #familylife #inspiration #inspired #blackandwhite #blackandwhitephotography #blackandwhitephoto #portraitphotography #Photography #photo #photooftheday #hurricaneharvey #route91 #hustle #noonecaresworkharder at Katy, Texas

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Only 15 hours into her weeklong break, and she woke up at 6am and departed for the ranch. Her happy place. Her second family. Where she freely rides her Charlie and works all day doing #ranchlife tasks that make me exhausted just thinking about. Maleah is 14 years old and wants to be a horse trainer. How does she know at such a young age where her heart lies? No screens to distract her. How did she choose a ranch? No screens to distract them. Seems like a far away place for a city girl to find an obsession, but it’s actually quite the opposite; a country girl at heart who is stuck in a big city. I miss my girl when she chooses her entire nine day vacation to be on a ranch instead of on vacation with us, but I am thrilled that my teenager is so welcome by her ranch family and eagerly hosts her every time she has a break from school ✅What’s it all for? This is what following your dreams looks like. This is what making sacrifices looks like. My very athletic teen has chosen to pass on public high school, friends, and sports next year and has chosen to homeschool where she can live, work, and learn at her happy place. She is making life happen instead of letting it pass her by. She is making choices today that will change her tomorrow. @barszranch #hardwork #workhard #everydamnday #horsemanship #charliethehorse at Bar SZ Ranch

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What does it mean to be alive? To me, it’s to experience life as your real self. Without external influences, imposed beliefs and far-fetched limitations. To me, it’s to live through experiences and appreciate the depth of my ability to feel, see, sense and hear. It’s to feel joy, love, greatness, gratitude, as well as notice beauty, and appreciate simple moments that will never come back. To me it’s the gratitude I feel for my ability to deeply experience, understand, create meaning, make conclusions, apply concepts and know how I relate to all of it. It’s to hear or see something that resonates with my inner world and find a place for it there. To me, it’s to share the moments with people and find connections with them through those moments. It’s the ability to be compassionate and empathetic. It’s also to realize that I’m understood and that someone else is interested in how and what I’m experiencing because they can relate to it. To me, it’s to feel rewarded for connecting on a deep level. We, as humans, are given a gift of self-reflection, unlike other species on our planet. However, we don’t always use it to the fullest. A part of being alive as a human is to find a meaning to your existence and know what you are here for and where you are going. Of course, all of us experience struggle, but it’s temporary as long as we don't turn it into suffering. Everything will pass, be grateful for being alive in the present moment and learn to truly feel it through.

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It will remain a dream not a goal if you dont get started. People always aspired of something bigger than themselves yet failed to even initiate the work process. . . . #photooftheday #photography #travelvibes #traveler #travelling #worldtraveler #explore #learn #beaware #culturalawareness #informyourself #experiencelife #travelmood #investinyourself #appreciateculture #newyork #throwback #nyc #newyorkcity #statueofliberty #ladyliberty #manhattan at Statue of Liberty National Monument

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I'll never ever get tired of going to this spot. It's one of those places for me that blows me away every time I'm there . (last night was super windy, so I made sure to not get too close to the edge, cuz I didn't literally want to get blown away) . . . #liveyouradventure #localadventures #liveinthemoment #soloadventure #nps #iamgj #sharegj #sharewhatyoulove #greatview #colorado #coloradoinstagram #coloradonationalmonument #coloradolife #coloradolove #coloradogram #coloradogrammers #colorado_fame #coloradoadventures #gofruita #explorecolorado #experiencelife #exploremore #sameplacedifferentday #selfie #adventureawaits #westslopebestslope at Colorado National Monument