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2 years ago

#zoombie #evilanddarkness #belightandshine #draining #energyvampires #innocent #ignoranceisbliss #thoughtoftheday💭 #quotes #quoteoftheday✏️ #inspiration #happyfriday Hello <3 I'm aware this drawing isn't very appealing and believe me i felt the same while drawing . Lol.. I would like you all to stare at this pic for few seconds - what does this picture mean ?? What message do u receive ? I'm sharing upon a topic as i have dealt with this for quite some time until i knew how to actually not fall in trap of this anymore .  Did you ever feel as if in someone's company - your being drained?  Talking ill non stop , life is all about complaints , gossip gossip ,Bitching behind back ,  focus on weakness of people instead of seeing their goodness  Life feels heavy  never seeing the better side, nothing can satisfy them as their mind works on emotional drama, self pity only wishing to talk about themselves, speak their mind loud - no concern or observing  how others feel, Envy how others dress up , bullying people , they are happy to be sad all the time , creating small issues as life is all about  crying , cribbing , blaming, criticizing , not willing to see perceptions of others , dis empowering others & themselves, putting up false charm praising while you can feel they so very much hate you, -  carrying such powerless low vibrations yet feeling  powerful  immature individuals are called  Energy  vampire !!! Such exploitation could also come from non stop - using phones, watching T. v serials, movies or we our-self creating  low self interest in us.  How do we handle such approaches?  Tips to shield & protect from further being drained :  1. LEARN TO SAY A " HAPPY NO " - yes it could be one of our very dear family members, or friend whom we can't refuse but what ever we do it should be in complete  harmony with our thoughts, words and actions . 2. EXPRESS YOUR TRUE FEELINGS: Be assertive in your approach , lets not run away though we know how  high price we pay to be around them, be careful with the communication don't use any generalized statements.

4 years ago

#tbt The Day I Lost My Life, @brixton Broadcast SXSW Showcase last March in Austin... Looking forward to getting back out on the road starting the end of Aug. Check the link for show dates!

4 years ago

"And I was in the darkness, So darkness I became." -Florence and The Machine. Had time between clients to sketch this dark hooded sorrow filled woman heart design. I have a few spots open this week till the weekend if you'd like to set up an appointment. #currentmood #darkheart #evilanddarkness #crying #tears #ladyhead #girlhead #pencilsmudge #paintingonskin #sketch #hattiesburg #mississippi #artist #artislife #hoodedfigure #scary #sadface #woman #inkcompanytattoos #anthonyinkco #anthonywashingtonart