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2 days ago

That good pain 😋 Just kidding, it just fucking hurts 😖 but you bear the pain and then it’s over and you have something new and shiny on your body to take care of 😂 is this kinda like childbirth then?! I have 7 tattoos, how many do you have? If you haven’t gotten one, do you want to? Why or why not? at Everlasting Tattoo

7 days ago

Soooo close...one more session to tie the upper arm with existing forearm tattoos :) at Everlasting Tattoo

7 days ago

Hey there @iggyvanstattoos #takeover reboot.... Wasn't able to finish what I started the other day so I'm gonna make a couple more posts today... I worked @everlastingtattoo813 but in the original location 1939 McAllister st. which was also the original location of Primal Urge before Marcus & Aaron split. I was in my late 20s, '97- 2000 @timlehi arrived to work with us; it was a powerhouse shop, myself being the possible exception & Tim added a really powerful dynamic to the mix... I almost quit tattooing & thought about throwing my machines into the Pacific... I'm glad I didn't & I'm really grateful for the tattoos he did for me, this one being the first before my back... Double Demon Panther/ Skull cover- up. Just noticed that the pink in the tongue & gums seems to have gone fugitive. But, hey, this tattoo is old enough to drink in the US! #livedintattoo #iggyvanstattoos #timlehi #everlastingtattoo #dtme #lamf #2019 at Massachusetts's 7th Congressional District

9 days ago

Hey everyone I'm Iggy Vans & welcome to the @iggyvanstattoos #takeover ...I got my first tattoo in #sanfrancisco almost 30 years ago & it was love at first sting! I lived most of my adult life in the #sfbayarea but I am a native #masshole & I now live back in the Boston area... I am extremely proud of my backpiece, by the 1 & only @timlehi ...Tim & I worked together at the original #everlastingtattoo on McAllister street SF, before it moved, in '98-2000. 4 sessions; 1 short, 1 medium & 2 long... Last session was at the original #primalurge location at Geary Blvd & Masonic Ave. before it closed. Amazing & storied place, like many shops I have had the privilege & honor to work at, or be a customer...!!! I had a pretty awful scar that was the result of a wound I received during a terrible misadventure in #psychedelicresearch Can't see it now. The Tibetan deity depicted is The Destroyer of the Demon of One's Own Self at Graffiti Alley

9 days ago

" —————————————— •Tattoos del mes de Febrero: 〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️ —Lettering “Sempiterno”, en el costado. •[10 de Febrero de 2019]• . ——————————————— 💞💫 • -Sara Muñoz (Cuddlymouse) —————————————— 💉♥️ ********************** #letteringtattoo #lettering #lovertattoos #loveink #photooftheday #tattoo #eternitytattoo #everlastingtattoo #sempiternotattoo #tattoos #ink #letteringtattoo #lovetattoo #tattooartist #apprenticetattooist #sempiterno #everlasting #lovertattoos #watercolorillustration

10 days ago

One of the dangers with big work is that they may go unfinished. I’d love to finish this fun sleeve! Only one more session left! at Everlasting Tattoo

14 days ago

Super fun peacock backpiece from awhile back...I’d love to do more large birds please :) at Everlasting Tattoo

16 days ago

Start of a fun coverup incorporating an existing feather at Everlasting Tattoo

23 days ago

One of my favorite pieces of 2018 :) Vladimir Kush inspired leg at Everlasting Tattoo

1 month ago

What a Day 💥⭐️ Til trods for en alder på bare 5,5 mdr. har Merle i dag løbet sine første 5 km. i storm og regn, uden alt for meget piveri 🌪☔️🌧 DET SKAL FEJERS! med nyt tri ur til hende samt en medalje. Så nu er hun på vej til at blive en super løber! Hun går ikke ned på udstyret ihvertfald 😜🔥 Suzan er som altid den bedste pacer, på sin cykel, så hun var også med.😍❤️ Jeg er så glad og stolt ❣️😇 #mydaughter #family #run #runningmotivation #runner #baby #babyjogger #medal #happy #mylife #style #love #everlastingtattoo

2 months ago

Draw on filler. Last one of the year. Thank you to everyone who makes it possible for me to do this craft for a living! Thank you for your patience and trust. To all those who have supported me and continue to do so, I am forever grateful. Can't wait to see what 2019 has in store! Happy New Year! at Everlasting Tattoo

2 months ago

Thank you for all the fun projects in 2018! It’s been a great year :) at Everlasting Tattoo

2 months ago

Added more flowers and leaves to a little single pansy flower I did awhile back. at Everlasting Tattoo