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Spring is coming! Here is a helpful #MantraMonday to start off your week and the new season with your best foot forward. Courtesy of The Power of Purpose: Sometimes it feels like if we remain stressed we are doing our best job. Society makes it seem like in order to be a success you must always be super busy. It’s not true! You can be a great boss, mom, or friend without being a micromanager. As you go through your day, notice where your stress response peaks. Is it worth it? Most likely not. Focus on this mantra and the little parts of your day that make living worth it. You deserve to slow down and take time for the small joys. #Mantra #Breathe #Stress #Calm #Enough #Focus

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“Because he was scared” 😂😂😂 This is the problem in a nutshell. HE was the police officer that 100% had a gun. He is supposed to be the ”trained” professional. IT’S THE OCCUPATION HE CHOSE. We can’t give these wack ass no training Police officers 👮 👮‍♀️ any more slack. Do your job better. If you get scared stick to being an un armed security guard.... We live in an age where people are legit afraid of police and do we get to shoot just bc we are scared?!?!?!? NO And before anyone tries to say “you don’t know what they go through” you are right, BECAUSE I DIDN’T SIGN UP TO BE A POLICE OFFICER! #police #brutality #training #notraining #scared #excuses #life #enough at United States

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Some days have seemed so crazy lately, it’s hard to catch your breath. And then somehow tonight I’m sitting on couch in my oldest #leggings and fuzzy slippers, listening to #jazz music and holding a sleeping angel baby. . . I’m learning not to feel guilty for the restful pauses. This is hard, because every time I sit still I think about all the laundry that needs folding, or the bathrooms that need cleaning, or the phone calls I could be making for work. Doing my 5 work-related contacts first thing in the morning has really helped with this, and I’m trying to learn that my mental health is more important than a clean toilet. I need daily reminders that my worth isn’t tied to my productivity, that I am loved for who I am and not what I can accomplish. I’m not good at this, but I am learning. And tonight, that is enough. ❤️ at Chattanooga, Tennessee

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(1/4)Students place messages to their Senators pleading for tougher gun laws in commemoration of the one year anniversary of the March For Our Lives outside of the U.S. Capitol in Washington, U.S. March 25, 2019. REUTERS/Michael A. McCoy . (2/4) David Hogg of Parkland High School and Washington DC area students participate in the S42 protest calling for stricter gun control in commemoration of the one-year anniversary of the March For Our Lives. . (3/4) Students place messages to their Senators pleading for tougher gun laws in commemoration of the one year anniversary of the March For Our Lives. . (4/4) David Hogg (L) and Emma Gonzalez (R) of Parkland High School participate in the S42 protest calling for stricter gun control in commemoration of the one year anniversary of the March For Our Lives. #photojournalist #onassignment #endgunviolence #michaelamccoyphotography at United States Capitol

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You are enough. Wherever you are at, I want you to know that you are enough! . . Regardless of what the world and your inner demons might have you believe, you are so much more than enough. . . Don't believe me? I get it. Really, I do. You’re so used to being you, that you can’t see yourself the way that me and the rest of the world sees you. Sometimes we have to take a step back and just believe those around us that know us and love us so we can learn to love ourselves again too. . . Still need some help believing it? Write these phrases on a sticky note and place on your bathroom mirror, then read them to yourself every morning or anytime you pass by them. The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. Keep it simple. You've got this! . . ▪I AM kind ▪I AM smart ▪I AM funny ▪I AM brave ▪I AM brilliant ▪I AM beautiful ▪I AM enough . . #enough #madeformore #simplify #believeinyourself #everythingsweetbyterra #Simplify #selflove #hope #mentalhealth #loveyourself #iamstatements #mondaymotivation #affirmationsoftheday #positiveaffirmations #affirmations #dailyaffirmations #selfworth #selfdevelopment #iam

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You are worthy because you were born, divinely uniquely designed by the higher intelligence of all Life. You matter because you exist. Your presence is valuable and necessary. Nothing can interfere with your divine inheritance of joy, goodness, abundance and love. Conditions and personalities have no power over you. As you forgive the past, there is nothing to atone for or run away from. You have dominion in your life. You are whole and complete. You are free. And so it is. Amen. #worthy #free #youareenough #consciousness #tothineownselfbetrue #overqualified #enough #amen #uniquelydesigned at Oakland, California

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*A DIFFERENT EVENT* At the Arapahoe Suicide Prevention Walk #JACKSTRONG will have their own team! It is on April 14th at Arapahoe High School with Registration and Check in’s starting at 12:15pm. If you need more information about the walk, you can email Melissa Hughes, Melissahughes32@yahoo.com . To get the link to register and donate to Team JackStrong please DM us as you wish! at Arapahoe High School

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Can’t wait for the days audiences sing my songs with me. #enough

3 hours ago

Lol who else is said that Instagram is only one minute. Oh well I guess this is just part one at Brampton, Ontario

3 hours ago

Does your partner… • ever snoop into your personal belongings or violate your privacy? • insult you, call you names, make you feel stupid or unworthy? • keep you from seeing your friends and family? • pretend he/she is doing you a favor by staying with you? • ever hit, slap, push, or kick you? • throw things at you? • break your personal belongings? • force you to have sex? If you answered yes to any of these, you may be in an abusive relationship. Visit us online to find local organizations that want to help you 👉 vccvr.org #eisforeveryone #evansvilleindiana #vanderburghcounty #abusesurvivor #enough #abusiverelationship #gethelp #findhelp #vccvr

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This is a Shanti mantra, an invocation of peace, from the Isha Upanishad. The meaning and vibrational energy of this mantra is one of wholeness. The individual parts represent the whole, just as the seed represents the whole. The teaching that the whole of creation constitutes one whole unit. If we truly live by this then we must take it a step further, we have a responsibility to recognize and challenge the ways this is not upheld and be more inclusive. Self-care, caring for the community, the environment, is all part of caring for the whole of who we are. #mantra #veda #music #song #singer #meditation #relax #goodmorning #yoga #uplift #uplifting #compassion #care #socialresponsibility #community #family #inclusive #environment #wholeness #enough

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”Failing structure (patriarchy)” Idag vaknade jag till ett Sverige i efterdyningar av dokumentären om Josefin. Och ett Sverige som känns mättat till halsmandlarna av Gubbslemmens herravälde. För det räcker fan nu. Alla män som tänker börja med sitt förbannade ”inte alla män” kan börja se till att det blir till ”inga män” istället. Hjälp oss att ändra istället för att stå i era inmålade hörn och visa er oskyldiga. Det är ju inte ens er vi syftar på så sluta tyck synd om er själva. Silkesvantarna är av nu. Bladet har tagits ur munnen. Vi tänker inte be snällt längre. Nu kommer vårt avgrundsvrål. Iförd klackar, tatueringar, silikonbröst, hängbröst, celluliter, söndertraskade converse, blondiner, brunetter, tjocka, smala, trötta, pigga, rädda, modiga, starka, underbara och allt däremellan. Vi har haft tålamod i åldrar av evigheten. Klivit åt sidan för att den här sjuka strukturen känts övermäktig. Men nu kommer vi. Och vi ska visa er att det finns en fungerande värld där det finns mest plats för kärlek och kunskap. Inte rädsla, våld och makt. Jag kan inte komma på en enda anledning till att världen ska behöva se ut såhär längre... #failingstructure #fuckthepatriarcy #nejnujävlar #nomorefuckstogive #feminism #nomore #no #sluta #bortgubbslem #nej #enough #nomeansno #krossapatriarkatet #brinnförjosefin

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Today we learned that we have lost a third person to suicide related to the trauma that follows a gun tragedy. Gun violence not only tears apart families and communities, but continues to do so for years later. And for the rest of the survivors who live, it’s something they carry around forever. We are begging people to vote for leaders that will make change to make sure none of these preventable tragedies ever happen again. Having heard the stories firsthand from survivors, it is now our life’s passion to carry on the mission for change. We have already lost too many lives to gun violence. Let’s be the change we seek, and lead by example. #SandyHook #Parkland #gunreformnow #enough #msdstrong

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Jak mi jeszcze raz ktoś kurwa powie, że studia to najlepszy czas w życiu człowieka i że studenci nic nie robią tylko balują to dostanie w ryj. 😡😡😡 #enough #studying📚

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🧡 If you need any #MondayMotivation today, here’s #TeamENOUGH leader @amosjacksoniii on #CapitolHill demanding action to end gun violence. This is just after we joined @marchforourlives and @mfoldc in delivering THOUSANDS of your letters calling for senators to pass #S42 for universal #backgroundchecks. —————————— #endgunviolence #teamenough #gunreform #gunreformnow #notonemore #TakeActionNotSides #youth #backgroundchecks #enough #enoughisenough #marchforourlives at United States Capitol

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Will you help me get my single “Me” into as many earbuds/hearts as possible? Share the song. Spread the message. With the release of my new album, #OutOfMyHands, COMING APRIL 26th (insert loud squealing 😜 🥳 !) I feel like so many need this message — the message that there’s only one person you were meant to be — the YOU that God created you to be. Let’s all remind the world that it’s OK to be “me”! Watch the full Lyric Video and Pre-Order my album at the link in bio!

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Your passion is what engages you so much that you lose track of time, you get so focused and obsessed that you shut out everything around you, it sets your soul on fire. That’s your passion. Don’t lose sight of it. Follow your passion. It will take you far... . . Motivation is just like fuels in life while going towards success ✍✍✍.... ____________ Fact! Motivation is something that we should do regularly, you can be the only person who believes in you, but that is enough.... . . _________ #millionairemindset #motivation #motivational #motivationalspeaker #motivationalquotes #successquotes #motivationquotes ,, #succeedquotes #successfulminds #succesmindset #succeed #success ,, #habits #neverstop #nevergiveup #hardworkpayoff ,, #motivates #motivated #experience #greatest #potential #engages #track #focused #obsessed #passion #lose #follow #enough #goes ,,

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RESPECT FIND OUT WHAT IT MEANS TO ME. THE QUEEN HAS SPOKEN!!!! Well with Aretha Franklin... The City of New Orleans... And this Krew... it’s 1 week later and I am still smiling and laughing 😂😆I LOVE NEW ORLEANS.. LET THE SPIRIT MOVE YOU! # #gratitude #cantstopwontstop #grace #evolve #knowthyself #selfcare #selfworth #women #enough #wisdom #444 #life #lifestyle #mentalstrength #selfvalidation #create #believeinyourself #believe #god #knowthyself #selfrespect #philly #philadelphia #nyc #la #miami #selfvalidation #newjersey #nola #neworleans 💃💃😆😆😆😆 at New Orleans, Louisiana