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They are the cutest, just handle it!☺ • #Elizfamily

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Hey Eliz❤❤I hope really really really much that you see this 💕💕🙏🙏🙏I want to thank everything what you do for me😍😍❤❤❤❤On Wednesday it's my birthday 💕💕💕I WOULD BE SO HAPPY IF YOU COULD FOLLOW ME, LOVE YOU QUEENS😍❤❤❤New😍💕(IZA LIKEEEEED WTFFF😭😭😍💕) • • • • • • • • Tags: @_izaandelle_ @_izaandelle_ @_izaandelle_ @_izaandelle_ @_izaandelle_ @_izaandelle_ @_izaandelle_ @_izaandelle_ @_izaandelle_ @_izaandelle_ @_izaandelle_ @_izaandelle_ @_izaandelle_ @_izaandelle_ @_izaandelle_ @_izaandelle_ @_izaandelle_ @_izaandelle_ @_izaandelle_ @_izaandelle_ @_izaandelle_ @_izaandelle_ @_izaandelle_ @_izaandelle_ @_izaandelle_ @iza_crysss @iza_crysss @iza_crysss @iza_crysss @iza_crysss @iza_crysss @iza_crysss @iza_crysss @iza_crysss @iza_crysss @iza_crysss @iza_crysss @iza_crysss @iza_crysss @iza_crysss @iza_crysss • • • • • • Hastags; #elizfamily #iza #elle #crysspower #iloveu #national #lyrics #edit #_izaandelle_ #tagthem #queens #angels • • • • • • • • Dt; for you all💗

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Day 49🥰 (Yes I know... this is the worst edit that I ever made, but I haven’t got time... I am really sorry! )~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Hi my angels! ❤️😘😘You are the best! 😇😍You are my everything... my idols, my fav TikTokers, my fav youtubers, and you are my life❤️😍😍 You are the best in EVERYTHING! 👍☺️😍I just a little fanpage, but I love you to the Moon and back! 🌛🔙🌍I am a small girl in the BIG world, 🌎but I have a very BIG heart💗💜 and my you are in my heart❤️🙏🙏 @_izaandelle_ Hope you like one of my posts🙏🙏If you like or follow me, I will be the HAPPYEST person in the WORLD❤️❤️❤️😭😍😍😭😭but I know it’s maybe impossible and I think it’s fair. Bc lots of fanpages are there for you! And you deserve more ofc, and I understand that you can’t follow all of us, and you have private life and it’s normal.❤️❤️And we are here for you always! 🥰🥰🥰And we try to give you lot of love every day💖💖💖And if you follow one more fanpage from #elizfamily the whole fandom is very happy😍😍 I think this family is the best! 😍😍🥰🥰🥰🥰 I am here since last January😍 and it’s EPIC🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 hope you’ll follow me one day😍🥰🥰 ❤️ hope you had a great day❤️❤️ loveyouuuuuu❤️❤️ ~ ~ ~ ~ #eliz365dayschallenge @_izaandelle_ @_izaandelle_ #iza #elle #izaandelle #izaandellefanforever #cryssanthanders #izaandellecryssanthander #izaandellecry #twin #twins #feature #featurethis #iloveyou #instagram #musically #tiktok #insta #instastyle #style #dance #lyrics @_izaandelle_ @_izaandelle_ @_izaandelle_ @_izaandelle_ @_izaandelle_ @_izaandelle_ @_izaandelle_ @_izaandelle_ @_izaandelle_ @_izaandelle_ @_izaandelle_ @_izaandelle_ @_izaandelle_ @_izaandelle_ @_izaandelle_ @_izaandelle_ @_izaandelle_ @_izaandelle_ @_izaandelle_ @_izaandelle_ @_izaandelle_ @_izaandelle_ @_izaandelle_ @_izaandelle_ @_izaandelle_ @_izaandelle_ @_izaandelle_ @_izaandelle_ #elizhungary ❤️