Electricfencefail Photos & Videos

27 days ago

Bear is a #germanshepherd that ran out of his #electricfence and waa hit by a car. He fractured his hip and needed surgery to repair it. He has #anxietyissues when left in a crate and he can open doors in his home so his dad works from home in the morning and then I come to stay with him and care for him in the afternoon until his mom gets home from work. Bear is getting a little #cabinfever, so to speak, from not being allowed to be active during his recovery so I brought puzzles for him so he can use him brain and tire him mentally since we can't do that physically with him. #electricfencefail #postsurgicalrecovery #vettechskillscomeinhandy #nplhpetsitterpgh #petsitterpgh #pittsburghpetsitter #pittsburghdogs #dogsofpittsburgh #lovefurkids #petparents

3 months ago

Let this be a lesson to all you rebels- the grass may seem greener on the other side, but your law abiding buddies may not follow you to criminal land. That green grass is far less delicious when you’re alone.

12 months ago

Seemed appropriate for today. Got up at a ridiculous time to feed/chore while the ground was frozen #farmlife . Discovered a new "clunk" in a front wheel on the pickup .... Worked an entirely fruitless twelve hours in town #worklife ... Had several post work messages about wandering heifers #electricfencefail ... Did not have a message that hay was loaded and ready for me to haul home. Split enough wood for today and tomorrow, by hand #overit ... With the chainsaw, cut a steer #withthementalcapacityofadoorstop out of a wooden hay feeder. He then walked off looking annoyed... Made it in to my disheveled dwelling, looked around shrugged #fuckit #imgoingtobed #moonlightingasafarmer #thisiswhyimsingle #atleastthedogsmissedme

2 years ago

Finally!!! After setting up the electric fence in this heat, dumping out the stock waterer and hauling it down to the new pasture, filling it up and bringing Rosie and the calves down the hill to the new grass, we found out that the fencer didn't work! So we chased the critters back , dumped out the stock waterer and took it back up the hill. I went to town and bought a new solar electric fencer and we did it all over again. It didn't work either. After pouring a lot of water on the dry ground, we finally got a strong enough current to keep the cow and calves inside the pen. Both calves tested it a couple times before they gave up and resigned themselves to the fact that they have a new address! No more whippersnipping the grass between the rows of caraganas and no more chasing critters around in this heat! #electricfencefail #iheartmycow #stayput at Pincher Creek

4 years ago

What does the fox say? "Mmm. Duck." RIP Harris. Now Marsha has no mate. 😒 #electricfencefail

6 years ago